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This Wednesday 9/18 we have a great jazz lineup of @shinsakaino, @godwinloue, and @leefishmusic . 8pm. Free w dinner / drink..

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Tnt. @ryandugre on guitar. 8pm. Everything is eshi.

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Tmrw / Wed. 8pm #UnderTheGrassRoof. Coming in all the way from the great land of across the street, @RyanDugre pops into @BunnaCafe for a night of solo improvised song cycles. Always free with dinner/drink. Everything is eshi.

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Tnt! 8pm, #UnderTheGrassRoof. The Amos Rose Ensemble comes to Bunna, with a full repertoire of Brazilian music... Bossa Nova, Tropicalia, Samba Rock - Music of Jobim, Veloso, Ben, Mutantes, Gil, and more in Portuguese and English, and featuring Amos on guitar, vocals, and perhaps flute. Encontre nossa barraca. Starts at 8. Free with purchase. Everything is eshi. @amosrosemusic ------------------- Music at Bunna Cafe: / Under The Grass Roof \

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Tmrw, we're flo'in! @mikeflo_official. B R U N C H 🇪🇹 @bunnacafe #BunnaCafe #PlantBased #Ethiopian Sat :: 8/24 :: 1-4p #mikeflo #W2TL #repost #share #tag

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Sounds that complement the insanity of a busy Wednesday. Much appreciated! Wed night was Tomchess (@birdoffire7) Keita Ogawa (@keita_percussion) Dan Kurfirst (@lateefbeats) And Everything continues to be Eshi... 8/21/19

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Tomchess (@birdoffire7) and his Oud are back tomorrow, 8pm, #UnderTheGrassRoof. With Keita Ogawa (@keita_percussion) on Tabla. Middle Eastern-inspired transcendental music. Starts at 8. Free with purchase. Everything is eshi. #oud #livemusic #vegan #nycvegan #bushwick #freestuff

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underthegrassroof. Tomorrow, Wed, 8pm.
/ Under The Grass Roof \

@BrianLazarus leads @Cum

Tomorrow, Wed, 8pm. / Under The Grass Roof \ @BrianLazarus leads @Cumbiagra—a Brooklyn based alt-Cumbia group—and @MictheRobot, a funk-disco outfit. Always a good time. He is currently on a bi-monthly residency at Bunna. Starts at 8pm. Free with purchase. Everything is eshi. #cumbia #livemusic #bushwick #free #ethiopia #vegan #plantbased #UnderTheGrassRoof #everythingiseshi #ethiopianfood #nycvegan #latinmusic - #regrann

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flo's back. Brunch is delighted. Hold court at 1084 Flushing this Saturday from 1 to 4 -- plant based Bunna brunch is on as always, but we have bonus vibes from @mikeflo_official . Music for all six of those wacky senses we've been blessed with. Come n getit, @bunnacafe. Everything is eshi.

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Tomorrow, 8/7, we get Salieu Suso back, with a new lineup of talented musicians. Salieu Suso (@msalieu.ss) is a Jali #Griot) from #Gambia, part of a prolific musician family whose ancestor invented and mastered the #Kora instrument. We have been very happy to have him on as a regular performer at Bunna Cafe. He joins us once again, with bass player Khona Kasu and Cheeck Barry on guitar. Tomorrow, 8/7, at 8pm, #UnderTheGrassRoof.

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Fun night! @ran_liv. @oranetkin. @eranfinkdrums. They'll be back. @underthegrassroof

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Tomorrow/Wednesday, Bassist Ran Livneh (@ranlivneh) brings a special edition of the Brooklyn based instrumental group The Underground Spiritual Game, playing a new interpretation of the music by Fela Kuti, Count Ossie, Ahmed Abdul Malik and more. With @oranetkin and @eranfinkdrums. 8pm. Free with dinner/drink. Everything is eshi.

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This Wednesday is a very special #UnderTheGrassRoof. Xiomara Laugart is “The Voice of Cuba”. She has been representing her country and her people, performing at venues around the globe for over 30 years and with the greatest of international talents. She is a living legend in her native Cuba where she has recorded more than 15 albums. Xiomara was leading vocalist in Yerba Buena, a New York collective with a brilliant mix of rhythms. Their first album, “President Alien” (2003) was nominated for a Grammy. Tracks from this first album have been used in Pepsi commercials, and in movies, such as Havana Nights. In 2005, Yerba Buena celebrated the release of their second album “Island Life,” to which Xiomara adds her African and Caribbean legacy. She joins us as a trio with her son Axel Laugart, a rising pianist in the New York jazz scene, for a night of Cuban sounds. Join us! 8pm. Free with dinner/drink. Everything is eshi.

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underthegrassroof. The Bernard Linnette Quartet is back tonight, 7/17, at 8pm. The classi

The Bernard Linnette Quartet is back tonight, 7/17, at 8pm. The classiest of classic jazz. Make you smile. Everything is eshi. @ErenaTerakubo - Alto Sax. @Mamiko.Watanabe - Piano Frank Lacy - Trombone, Flügelhorn Kevin Smith - Bass @aimeemarieallen - Vocals @BernardLinnette - Percussion

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If you get a chance to see @oddisee live, take it. Next level words and sounds.

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Ain't nothing like a Wednesday, @underthegrassroof Music: @shinsakaino @michelindrums @leandro.pellegrino.guitar. Vibe: Bunna. Everything: Eshi. @bunnacafe

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Throw back to last June 2018, @official_teddyyoo with words, beats and a stage. Ethio hip-hop. W @sirakavich and @lij_yared . Blessed! 🎥 by Gawi.

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Tonight we have @hotclubofbushwick featuring Olli Soekkeli on guitar. Gipsy jazz, bossa nova. Dinnertime. 8pm. Free w your meal. Everything is eshi. / UnderTheGrassRoof \

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