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🦌 🌲 ❄️ Ready for the winter season. Credits: @alftown. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌊 + 🔥 = 👌 Audio on for this one. 🔊🔥 One of the beautiful things about camping on the coast here in Washington. Credits: @michaelmatti. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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⛪️ The Shrine of the Corona is a place of silence and meditation, extended between heaven and earth, hidden in the heart of the Baldo rocks - A holy tradition dates the birth of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Corona to the 1522, the year when the sculpture venerated here was miraculously transported through angelic intervention from the island of Rhodes. In 1625 works began on the construction of a new and more spacious church 4 metres above the previous one which was incorporated beneath the new presbytery. In 1974, the church was partly demolished and reconstructed. Credits: @moners. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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A cozy cabin bedroom in Massachussetts on a crisp Autumn day. Imagine spending the weekend here. Credits: @cfunk44. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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If you’re too afraid to die, you’ll never live a day in your life. What’s holding you back from living your dreams? Fear. Which is just an emotion that can be looked at objectively. Credits: @trevorjacob. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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So beautiful that it almost looks unreal. 🏠 Would you spend a night here? Credits: @cenkdemirguc. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Crushing through the Redwoods, one of those magical spots in California that’s seems straight out of a fairy tale. Credits: @erubes1. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌿🏠 Grass roofed houses and the rain just goes hand in hand in the Faroe Islands. Credits: @ananya.ray. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🍂 The colors of autumn always leave us speechless. Discover the road to paradise here, in New Hampshire! Credits: @craigsbeds. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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💦🌿The majestic Pololū Valley. Have you been to the Big Island? Credits: @nathanleeallen. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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thegreatplanet. Dreamworld. ☁️ Life isn’t always cheerful and rainbows, but above the

Dreamworld. ☁️ Life isn’t always cheerful and rainbows, but above the clouds how could you not be at peace for a moment. Credits: @frauki. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Making dreams into realities. Credits: @lostleblanc. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🏡 A piece of heaven in Oregon. 🌲 Nature therapy at its finest! Credits: @bdorts. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌴 Probably it’s the best view to take a nap between the green. Credits: @ericdamier. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🍂❄️ When two seasons can’t agree who’s in charge. Credits: @ryanresatka. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲🐶 Photo of the Day: Did someone order a little bark? Credits: @nckstagram. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐳 Special guests at Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge. (🔊 Sound on) Tag someone who should see this! Credits: @khutzlodge. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌿 Under this huge deep pit. Hide the long-lost ancient station, put down your alert and enjoy the beauty of nature. Credits: @yiran_ding. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🇫🇮🌲❄️ Magical evenings at Myllykoski, Finland. Credits: @andrewbazanov. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🇳🇴 Cafe goals. Who’d you share this moment with? Credits: @adventures.road. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🦁 Sigiriya Rock (or lion rock) is one of the most jaw dropping locations in Sri Lanka. It was built in 477 AC as a capitol for the King, used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Credits: @errincasa. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲❄️ The ultimate spa getaway, in winters paradise, Canada. Credits: @aayahe. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐑 Enjoying a beautiful sunset in Switzerland with a couple of friends. Credits: @ananya.ray. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲❄️ Cabin in the woods. Would you feel comfortable in this quiet solitude or would you feel scared to stay here? Credits: @oskarbakke. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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