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S€x. S€x + the €x. Forbidden. And hidden, The desire runs bold. . Do we go it. Bestow it. The beau it, We hold. . We crave it. We taste it. We want it. We fold. . Spiraling outward. Twisted around. Wild like lightening. Electric + gold. . Gazed at the ceiling. Intwined are our souls. Confused about meaning Wondering what’s told. . Left with the aftermath, Not sure of what’s next. What was Glitter, now ash. Brittle + cold. . We cut our own loses. No hope for a future. Knowing that patterns, Will multiply tenfold. . . #TheMonthOfHealingHeartBreak #LoveIsMyTeacher . . Have YOU ever had sex with an ex? What was your experience? Mine pulled me back into those dances we danced. It all got real...old. . . So what if instead of turning back to them as a source of your sexual pleasure + fulfillment, you decided to build up your own? Ladies I’ve got opportunities for you to do just this. To expand into your fullest expression of your wild,passionate, open, self. Un.done was designed with our hearts + bodies in mind. Join us for a re-wilding experience in the Mayan jungle at our Tulum Retreat in Nov or one of our monthly Yoga + Breathwork journeys. Tickets + schedule on UndoneYoga.com . . Photo by @marmurokph #wildwoman #sexwithmyex #sexloveyoga_sex #healing #heartbreak #lettinggo #empower #mindfulness #insight #whatareyoudoing #selflove #bodylove #nostringsattached #dontlietoyourself

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S€x. We make a declaration to the self. Channeling our choice and our love back to us. Choosing ourselves most powerfully. As thoughts of longing for that other channel directly back to our purpose, Our pleasure, Our needs, Our wants. We call back in our S€xual energy. Self-pleasuring only to the single focus on our skin. Writing over the fantasy of the former lover. Our own bodily sensations. Our own breath cool across our lips. Our own hand trace along our skin. Permission is ours to explore what we’ve always wanted to. Curious as to what that could be. Realizing our potential is infinite. We make a habit out of turning inward: ‘Is this still what I want?’ As our voice actively participates in our S€xual unfoldment. Whomever + whatever has the fortune to be graced with our share. . I am my own beloved. I am the one of my dreams. . . #TheMonthofHealingHeartBreak #Loveismyteacher . . Reclaiming our sexual sovereignty after a breakup can be intense + painful + fighting resistance to. We may have made them the source of our pleasure, forgetting that the pleasure comes from within. And maybe sex was one of the major factors contributing to the end. What do we do now that we are individual? Maybe it’s time we acknowledged the opportunity to expand who we are as sexual beings. Don’t you remember, Our potential is infinite. For our women, you can start with joining me in LOVE.body online. A program + community for women to better understand their bodies + sexuality Or if you’re in LA, come for our monthly Sex Salon—next one is July 30, topic: creating your erotic map— or Un.done Yoga—next one is July 22 theme: Instinct. Events Calendar link in bio. See you there! . Photo @vcboudoir #sexloveyoga_sex #selflove #bodylove #pleasure #passion #healing #heartbreak #expression

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SEX. The meaning of our sexual engagements. The carbon footprint of our default attachment conditioning. . Status and power. Ensuring my value. I want to see if I can. But when intimacy enters the mix, I lose my erection. I lose my spontaneity. Rigid goes my body. I’m out of creative ideas. Matters not, You cannot meet my needs Thus I begin to look elsewhere. Before you find out I hold a deep shame, A deep sadness. A deep fear to be truly seen. Thus never letting go. . Closeness over pleasure. Hold my body close, that I may be calmed by your heartbeat. Spontaneous and epic in their skills to start. Tracking what you need, But disconnected to their own. For your pleasure only. As my pleasure is insignificant. My faked orgasm as currency. To keep you satisfied. Trouble with syncing, Disembodied and tight. A deep fear that you’ll leave them. Leaving them to regulate alone . Disorganized. Dysregulated. Frozen. Fear in exploration. Insurmountable fear. . Pleasure over pleasure over satisfying pleasure. We deserve to feel satiated. I’ll stay with you til you climax. Our sex the expression of love. Our sex the declaration of trust. I surrender. Melted. Blissed. Emotional. Connective. Embodied. Rejuvenating. Whole. No pulling energy from me. Only satisfying faces. . . Even in sex we can see how our default attachment conditioning can manifest itself. To self-inquire what sex means to us or the underlying motivating factor can reveal a lot to us. How do we choose more secure strategies—even when our nervous system alarms to favor other? By beginning curious about ourselves as sexual beings. By getting into the ‘what feels pleasure for me?’ By resolving any past trauma. By building trust. By regulating the nervous system with breathing, grounding. By connecting through the eyes. By communicating what you want or want to try. By communicating fears around intimacy. By communicating fears in general. Remember: Secure behaviors do not mean we are absent of the internal activations (contin below 👇🏽 ) 📸 @marmurokph

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SEX. Pure presence from a partner is the sexiest action we can partake in. Throw our old magazine how-tos out and expand our sexual potential through our own senses. Be in our body. Holding her with our attention. That she may feel our presence and desire for her through our fingertips. Make love to the space in between our lips. Breathe him in. Hover the tips of our fingers to lightly brush the tops of the hairs on her arm. Taste the salt of his skin. Sexuality can exist without sensuality. But why would we do that? Slow down. Tune in. Breathe. Relax. And our body and mind will open to an incredible world that exists just at the edge of our sensation threshold. . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . One more day left of this theme for the month of May. It’s been fun for me to uplevel the intention of love to my body more than ever. A lot of slowing down. A lot of permission to not maintain high level of productivity as I transitioned from all the travels and took care. A lot of kind words and appreciation said in the mirror. A lot of dancing. A LOT of dancing 😜 If you’re new, each month This year I’ve set a new theme to focus daily Inspo. Check it out: #TheMonthOfVocalActivation #TheMonthOfRomancingMyShadow #TheMonthOfKisses . Tomorrow starts a new theme, a new intention. This is going to be Fucking. Great. 🤩 Forplay teaser: it will help you evolve the patterning of relationship you find yourself defaulting to…😏 Rawr. . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography #sexloveyoga_sex #presence #iloveyou #sexy #mindfulness #orgasmic #pleasure #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #relationship #couple #touch #sensual

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SEX. We have been given cultural permission to criticise ourselves, Pick apart what we look like, Downplay compliments, Not dress too ‘extra’, And yet we are punished if we praise ourselves, State we think we’re hot, Dress showing more skin than others, Be a sensual woman/man. And it’s messing with our pleasure, Our authentic expressions, Our orgasms, Our relationships, Our desire, Our sexual satisfaction, Our joy. All the while shaming ourselves for having the insecurities and not being able to let it ‘not bother us.’ Clusterfuck I know. . The judgement we place on that other man/woman is our own rejection of that part in us. What if instead, we allowed her embodiment to be a permission slip for us to step forward and do the same? To dress daring. To playfully flirt with all the boys & girls. To primp in the mirror. To slink across the dance floor. To let the fuck go into ecstasy... Allowance. Acceptance. Attention. Affection. All human needs you have a right to. To fuck with all the cultural conditioning. I choose pleasure and feelin ma self. Who’s in? 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏽‍♂️ 👑 . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo by the epic @yaelm #sexloveyoga_sex #pleasure #selflove #authentic #iloveyou #bodylove #selfcare #yoga #fuckthis #unfuckwithable #embody #orgasmic

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SEX. What if we played a sexy Dora the Explorer game to discover all your body’s pleasure buttons? 😏 Play: a universal language and most powerful medium through which we learn lasting lessons. Full presence. Release of goal oriented action. Flow state. Absence or reduction of self-conscious judgement. Creativity. Personal interest and enjoyment. Wonderment. Fun. Loss of time. Discovery. When we can designate a time spent in this intention, we can expand our sexual potential. Sometimes when we introduce new bedroom things during the time of intimate sex, we can get in our head and personalize the outcome. We feel bad if it doesn’t work or is received. Same same with personal pleasure time. Make an intention to try new things and ‘play’ with the intention of discovering something new and not necessarily an ‘O’. . . Happy trailblazing! #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography . . #sexloveyoga_sex #discover #play #passion #intimate #couplegoals #couple #relationshipgoals #relationship #iloveyou

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SEX. Arousal. Takes. Time. Are you giving it the space and time to unfold? Or do you throw in the towel after a few minutes of trying? Or do you avoid it completely for fear that you will not get there? ‘I am too tired. I am not in the mood. I take too long.’ For many of us, especially women, our desire for sex or self-pleasure occurs only after we are already physiologically aroused. Yet we can fall into the trap of pressuring ourselves that we must be in a sexy mindset or mood or higher energy state before we can initiate or accept an invitation for erotic play. And this could be self sabotaging our sex lives and that of our team. Sex is not phenomenal every time. It can be sensual. Erotic touching. Playful silliness. Dramatic. It can be slow. It can be charged. It can be experimental. It can be words. Sex can be ‘good enough’. If we let it. Where there is so much permission for us to enjoy exactly what is, without the pressure of performance or getting ourselves supercharged for a marathon theatrical performance. Maybe we decide not to wait for there to be ‘free time’. Maybe we decide not to wait for our body and mind to be rearing to go first. Maybe we just choose pleasure— Communicating we have the energy for touching but not the full sha-bang this time. Maybe we start the pleasure of ourselves, bringing forward to our partner a kitten already feeling juicy. Mmmm. . . . #themonthofbodylove #bodypositive #bodycelebration . . Have you been following our monthly themes? This month we reclaim & up-level the relationship we have with our bodies. For past months Check out: #themonthofromancingmyshadow #themonthofkisses #themonthofvocalactivation For tips and inspiration on the very topics. Photo by @intimatelensstudio . . . #sexloveyoga_sex #iloveyou #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #bodylove #relationship #couple #passion #orgasmic #lesbiancouple #lgbt

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SEX. Research has shown that women who respond with more sexual ease in practices that are based in sensation focus (mindfulness) possess 3 unique factors: 🖤They touched a partner for their own experience, not for their partner’s 🖤They focused on the sensations associated with touching rather than on a wish to arouse their partner 🖤When distracted they would continually redirect their attention back to the sensations of touch. AKA non-demand touching. The goal is not to elicit pleasurable feelings but rather to observe any feelings that arise. So how can we strengthen this? By building what’s called interoceptive awareness, which refers to our ability to detect our own internal bodily sensations. We can practice by anchoring into the body’s sensation throughout the day or whenever you’re about to make a decision, or whenever you’re having a difficult conversation with someone. What are you physically feeling and where? We call this ‘tracking’ sensation. Body scans, mindfully practiced yoga, mindful self-massage, mindful eating, and tracking are all skills we can practice to uplevel our game here. The body holds its own intelligence. Improving so much of our sex, love, and life... when we invite him/her/them in. . Real talk: the quality and enjoyment of my sex life goes up when practicing yoga. I notice a difference of feeling, embodiment, less inflammation, greater connection and getting in sync with my partner, more groundedness in my being. Can anyone else attest to this? . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #sexloveyoga_sex

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SEX. Stress and anxiety are major killers of sex drive. So many of us have little to no desire for sex. Why is that? For starters we can look at daily lifestyle, where we may discover that it’s so overworked and overstressed and as a result, our sex lives and relationships are hurting because of it. When our body is constantly in overdrive and running on the stress response cycle, we are wearing out the adrenal system that produces our sex hormones. Not to mention, we probably are not absorbing enough nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including those that support a happy, healthy libido. First thought to ponder, ‘where can I reduce some of my ‘doings’ to create space for me again?’ Relaxation regenerates the body and the mind. We know this, yet even in our times of relaxation, we can still hold stress, busy minds, pressure to be doing. Now, this is different than checking out in front of the television which can actually continue to fatigue our senses. Conscious relaxation requires us to check into our body parts, be present to deeper layers of release, emotional processes that arise, physical sensations that move through. Consistent practice allows us to become more vibrant, sensitive, and receptive, which in turns heightens our sexual experience in the bedroom (or whatever room 🤪). So I am suggesting us to slow down through the process of relaxation, be aware of the body as both parts and a whole, reduce the amount of physical “doings”, and practice releasing the attachment of the chattering mind. With each drop into a deeper layer of relaxation, there is a corresponding expansion of awareness into more subtle sensation and vibration in the body. And more expansion into juiciness. Yum. Today I am going to practice #BodyLove & full relaxation as I curl up on my couch drinking tea and being fully present to my self and the moment. Hell, think I’ll start right now. 😸 What will YOU Do/be? . . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo @chasing.dreams.photography #couplegoals #sexloveyoga_sex #relationshipgoals #mindfulness #relax

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SEX. Sound vibration is medicine to our body. Releasing tension, Activating pleasure, Shifting stagnancy, Creating freedom. And yet many of us keep quiet, Inhibit our voice. Muffle our sound. Tell our partner to ‘shhhh’ 🤫 If we only knew the orgasmic potential we are capping when we do.😲 There exists a connection of the larynx through the heart to the cervix, through what’s called the Vagus Nerve. This nerve is long branching throughout our body and innervating the voicebox, the throat, the upper palate, the heart, the lungs and portions of the digestive system, as well as connecting down to the cervix and uterus. When we open and let out our growls, purrs, song, moans, mantras, deep breathing, FUCK YESES, laughter...we are stimulating the vagus nerve. Opening the body. Stimulating our cervix. Bringing us into greater orgasmic potential and body pleasure. Mmmmm... In the same line, when we have someone tell us to be quiet, we can contract in the body creating greater tension, rigidity over time, impacting the quality of our orgasmic experience. Ugh. Public service announcement: Don’t ever tell her/him to quiet down. Let it roll, babe 😜 . . Back to #China for round 2 of retreats around sexuality and sensuality for women. Practicing tantric principles of breath, sound, movement to help embody greater pleasure and embodiment. The sounds reverberating the halls are such pleasure!!!! 🤪🤪🤪 . . . #TheMonthOfVocalActivation #BetterCommunication . Photo by @takeapick.fotograf #communication #lovers #vulnerability #romance #orgasm #orgasmic #pleasure #sexloveyoga_sex #sound #vibration #passion

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SEX. ‘I have something I want to talk with you about first.’ 😐 These words are guaranteed to put your partner or potential lover into deer-in-the-headlights expression. 😳 And may influence how they receive your words— Even if your words are actually not a big deal. Conversations around sex, before sex, are important to have. They allow for safety and consent. Everyone involved knows where everyone stands and has the power of choice in consent to move forward or not. Everyone knows I have an IUD and I use condoms. They allow for knowing what each of us like for optimal pleasure. Everyone involved learns that I have a kinky streak and what this means. Everyone involved learns that I don’t like to be eaten out but I do like to go down. They allow for vulnerability. Everyone involved knows I’ve never slept with someone before. Everyone involved knows that I’ve had sexual trauma in my past and how it does/does not continue to influence me in the bedroom. Think you’re not ready or wanting to have these conversations? Then what are you about to do here? You’re not honoring yourself or this other person by hiding or avoiding anything. and the avoiding will only tense the body creating more rigidity in sex anyway. I want lovers who receive me wholly. I want lovers who will be raw and open with me, too. I want lovers I can share my insecurities and be free from and flowing with. Ugh. Open communication is the sexiest... . I know these conversations can be difficult. 😣 So I’ve made you an ebook. 🤩 Download it in the link on my bio 😘 . . . #TheMonthofVocalActivation #BetterCommunication . . Photo by @takeapick.fotograf #sexloveyoga_sex #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #lovers #romance #communication #vulnerability #sensual

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SEX. The language of seduction. Some words pass our lips and feel like satin, slithery, charged gold. We caress our lover with each syllable. With each breath. With each vibration of the annunciation. It heats us up. And yet… Our partner goes rigid. How is this possible? How is our partner not gushing? Fear not, for you did nothing wrong. Sometimes the art of our seduction becomes lost in translation. For we all speak our own erotic language and to expect another entity to fluently speak the same can get us into trouble. Pussy. Yoni. Vulva. Flower. Cock. Penis. Lingham. Dick. Love-making. Fuck. Bang. Ravish. Lover. Daddy. Sir. Baby. Bite me. Caress me. Slay me. Cosmic blast me. How do the words feel in your body to say? How do the words feel in your body to receive? Words are like spells. If used correctly they can ignite passion. But we must learn which words unlock which people. So we can co-create a script that works together. And remove our own value of self when certain words backfire. . . . #TheMonthOfVocalActivation where we will explore the power of our voice and the complexities of communication. We can all struggle with finding the right expression of our internal experience to those in our external, and yet, such a necessary element for connection. Whether we are learning to speak up for ourselves, resolving conflict effectively, or making sound to expand our pleasure and orgasmic potential, our throat chakra will be buzzing in activation. #BetterCommunication #Sexloveyoga_sex Photo by @marmurokph . . #Couplegoals #romance #lovers #vulnerability #iloveyou #relationshipgoals #kiss #communication ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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SEX. We have thoughts and feelings and desires that flow through our mind. And yet we don't speak it. The conflicted sexual ethos. The inner drama between our truth and the parts that oppose. The yes/no, good/evil, proper/perverted. We fear the shame of what this means about us. We fear what other people may perceive. We fear she will leave us. We believe we cannot have what we want. We believe we do not deserve. We believe our body is not attractive. We believe that the fulfillment of these desires are for other people who are not us. The power of these mental processes manifest in the body, Showing up in corresponding muscular tensions working to suppress the expression, verbally and physically. We don’t speak. We don’t ask. We don’t show. And the muscles engaged to keep hold of control create rigidity into our being. We feel disconnected, stiff, robotic in our moving. We ALL have desires and curiosities yet we are the ones who clip our own wings or limit our potential. Be mindful, my loves. Whether we’ve imagined multiple partners, male-to-male intimacy, gender fluid activity, open relationships, single partner intimacy, BDSM, Tantric Soul union, anal sex, girl-to-girl intimacy...allow the curiosity. Entertain the idea of bringing into conversation, And what we could do to create safety in the space. Sometimes we don’t even need to act it out. Your sexual truth will not go quiet until you do. Desires exist among many of us. The shame, fear, and judgement kill our chances for authentic relating, And physically bring us down with it. . . . This is the last week of #TheMonthOfShadow where we have been on a journey to really look at these parts of ourselves that we don’t really like, but are there for us to reclaim and show love in order to reach new heights in our evolution and ability to love. Check out all these past posts that are dark photoed for more. Then check out ep39 of #EatPlaySex podcast with Galen Fous about Decoding your eroticism and #kink #noshame #RomancingMyShadow #Sexloveyoga_sex Photo by @marmurokph #couplegoals #romance #lovers #relationshipgoals #mindfulness #bodylove #orgasmic #passion #pleasure #sexualhealth #podcast

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