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Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and most important respect your journey... ________________________________________ Wearing - top by @zara Lip shade - @trysugar My necklace is from new market Kolkatta Did my hair using the @dysonhair _________________________________________ #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #silverjewelry #silverjewelery #zaratop #loveskincare #lovehairstyle #selflovequotes #anudhpune #juhumumbai #loveforstyle #fashionblogger #styleaddict #styleblogger #makeupblogger #eyemakeupideas

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livelove828. Self love 💗 #selflovequotes  #spirituality

Self love 💗 #selflovequotes #spirituality

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When someone does or says something to you that emotionally triggers you don’t pay attention to the exact words they’re saying - pay attention to how it makes you feel • • However it makes you feel is a telling sign that you are making yourself feel the same way in some area of your life. • • We aren’t ever actually upset with the person saying it to us we are upset with how it makes us feel. • • I used to get so upset being judged or criticized by other people because I criticized myself so much and already judged myself enough so when someone else did it I would get extremely upset. But I was only getting upset because I was already doing it to myself first. • • We can learn from the person or situation that is emotionally triggering us and we can use that to dive into how we feel about ourselves and then we can switch our perception in our own life. Healing ourselves of that emotional trigger so it no longer bothers us • • #changeyourperception #powerofnow #nothingispersonal #selflovequotes

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So I feel in love right... I stayed thinking that something had to be wrong.. No fighting Discussions not arguments Him being invested in not only my career but my wellbeing And the list continued... I knew this fraud wouldn't last but it kept steady and grew stronger. Me so used to betrayal, hurt , pain and arguments, tried hard to turn this relationship in to the shit I was used too. Then I woke up.. I got tired of fighting, forgave myself and had to admit.. This is a healthy relationship #tch! Let this man love on you.. See when you expect the worst, you actually manifest it to happen. Sounds crazy right? But you do it too. Why when shit is good you question it. When things go left you expect it? Why? We are so used to chaos, that peace is too damn quiet. We expect the worst and prepare for it. We say we are healing and surviving but half the shit we do, well we do it to ourselves through expectations or self fulfilling prophecy.. Learn to trust shit again Forgive yourself And let love in Get used to and claim and expect the calmness peace brings.. You deserve it! You deserve pleasure! You deserve love! Make these your daily affirmations. Change the way you think and your language and behavior will all become aligned! #healing #healingjourney #HealthyRelationships #selflovejourney #selfdiscovery #selfawareness #selflovequotes #Ideserve #therapyisselfcare #blackgirlmagic #selflovejourney #blacksextherapistarizona #infideityrecoverycoach #infidelityexpert #healingjourney #relationshipgoals #couplesgoals #couplestherapy #selfgoals #relationshipcoach #marriagsaver #relationshiptips #relationshipexpert #recoverytips #dating101 #healingwhiledating

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↳ 20.11.2019 ⋆ 12.00 Untuk siapapun yang sedang membaca tulisan ini.. Kamu boleh jatuh,tapi harus bangkit lagi. Jangan pernah putus asa! Segitu banyaknya orang sukses dan aku yakin mereka juga pernah jatuh di masa lalunya. Jangan membuat suatu kesalahan mengganggu masa depan kamu. Kamu bisa coba lagi, lagi, dan lagi, sampai berhasil. Pasti capek, ya? Gapapa, Istirahat aja dulu. I know it’s hard. But please don’t give up. Udah jauh loh, yakin mau nyerah? You’re okay.. you’re doing okay. You’re almost there. Allah hears every cry, He knows how hard you try.. jadi semangat terus ya! 🌈✨❤️🐥🌸

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THE STRUGGLE IS REAL ☔️ Somewhere along your path you will struggle. Even the smallest struggles can be devastating. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone in your struggle. Let me tell you, you can be happy, successful, and thriving in all aspects of your life...and still struggle. Struggling is something many of us experience. It’s a part of life. It’s what jolts us and gets our attention. It’s what ignites our desire for change. Know that this season of your life will pass soon. Your current circumstance will be a distant memory. So just keep going and keep striving for purpose + clarity. If you find it difficult to get started and stay motivated then I want to kindly recommend my 21-Day Devotional “HER Life Redesigned. Release date is November 24th! but you can pre-order your e-book copy now by clicking the link in my profile! ✨📚

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thestylesunday. Just some words that describes you ✨💞 happy midweek 🙌🏼
Follow @th

Just some words that describes you ✨💞 happy midweek 🙌🏼 • Follow @thestylesunday for more inspirational quotes & be updated when we launch our first collection 🌟💜

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Throwback to an intensive weekend. Stay tuned for more on Cards For Women

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friends_withmyself. So, let’s learn to understand that the risks of setting up fences are

So, let’s learn to understand that the risks of setting up fences are worth it for our relationships. . . #FriendsWithMyself #FromMyMessToMyBest #boundarysetting

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innerpower_. There is no such thing as perfect. Nothing. But that’s the beauty of i

There is no such thing as perfect. Nothing. But that’s the beauty of it. Our flaws and imperfections are what make us each unique, special, and beautiful. Listen to the Japanese and embrace all those little flaws Reposted from @arspoetica.us . . • #selflovequotes #selflovefirst #selflovewarrior #radicalselflove #soulgrowth #selfactualization #selfmastery #innergrowth #bemindful #mindbodysoul #gratitudeattitude #affirmations #dailyaffirmations #positiveaffirmations #positiveselftalk #quotestoliveby #quotestoliveby #quotesilove #quoteslover #quotestoinspire #quoteoftheday #lifequotes #chakras #alignment #loveandlight #anxietysupport #mentalhealthmatters #selfcarequotes

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dearfelicity.co. Word. — @lavernecox

Word. — @lavernecox

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