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emilybrynphotography. I can’t wait to post more from @clamb802’s stunning mountain top weddi

I can’t wait to post more from @clamb802’s stunning mountain top wedding!

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Julukan arsitek adalah bukti kepiawaiannya dalam merancang, sekaligus mengeksekusi keinginan pemilik hunian. Menuangkan wujud rancangan dalam lembar-lembar kertas bukanlah kebiasaannya. Teater imajinya sudah cukup kaya untuk memandu padu padan bahan bangunan menjadi rumah hunian. ‘Gambar bergerak’, sebutnya untuk desain yang ada dalam imajinya. Tanpa gambar pasti, tapi gambar dinamis yang selalu menyesuaikan kondisi nyatanya. Sempat suatu ketika, adu argumen tak terelakkan dengan seorang arsitek, tentang gambar teknik yang hendak dikerjakannya. Ternyata, ada kecenderungan para arsitek ingin menonjolkan nilai estetika hingga lupa sisi eksekusi. Bahwa merancang tak semata soal estetika, tapi juga realitas pengerjaannya. Dalam rancang bangunnya memang indah dan memesona mata. Namun mereka yang mewujudkannya kepayahan ketika beradu dengan realita. Filosofi ‘gambar bergerak’ ini turut membantunya ketika dipertemukan dengan pemilik rumah yang memiliki pandangan tak lazim. Ketika keinginan sering berubah, tingkat improviasi tinggi wajib dimiliki. Dalam komandonya, 2 orang pun cukup untuk bahu-membahu menegakkan rusuk-rusuk kayu dan menganyam sulur-sulur beton jadi bakal rumah hunian. Foto dan cerita: @anggertimur #FotoSeriPenceritaFoto 3

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Give me a hug!!! The yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris) photographed at @capitolreefnps. these mammals, also known as the rock chuck, is a large, stout-bodied ground squirrel in the marmot genus. It is one of fourteen species of marmots, and is native to mountainous regions of southwestern Canada and western United States,  The fur is mainly brown, with a dark bushy tail, yellow chest and white patch between the eyes,. They live in burrows in colonies of up to twenty individuals with a single dominant male. They are diurnal and feed on plant material, insects, and bird eggs. They hibernate for approximately eight months starting in September and lasting through the winter. ============================ Gear: 🔶@nikonusa D500 🔶@nikonusa 200-500mm Lens. 🔶@vanguardworld tripod 🔶@affinitybyserif software. ============================= www.imma.photo Newsletter http://eepurl.com/djgg-f MW Book https://www.blurb.com/b/9491892-the-stars-the-moon-and-the-sun Prints available ============================== #capitolreefnationalpark #ru_wildlife_19 #madeinaffinity

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unique_photo_hub. Chai | चाय
📷PICTURE BY |🔹@ashiqul_haque_

Chai | चाय . ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📷PICTURE BY |🔹@ashiqul_haque_🔹 #_coi #nustaharamkhor #cntravellerindia #MyIncredibleStory #natgeoyourshot #whpcolorpop #indianphotography #indiaphotoproject #natgeoinspires  #indiaphotoproject #mumbaibizarre #tealovers #chailovers

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A little rain never hurt anyone 🌾✨ #linadayphotography

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ulises8k. Con la pequeña gigante del arte y la creatividad @wallc y los @ratatri

Con la pequeña gigante del arte y la creatividad @wallc y los @ratatrip especialistas en viajes, aca dejamos una posible ultima pieza de lo que fue el viaje al sur . . . . . . . . #surf 🏄🏽 #travel ✈️ #food 🍉 #amazingdestination #tourtheplanet #livingonearth #colors_of_day #traveltoearth #wonderfulworld #earthfocus #earthpics #travellingthroughtheworld #NatGeoInspires #hallazgosemanal #sunset #passionpassport #summer #bariloche #snowboard #winter #rionegro #visitargentina #visitbariloche #hacelatuya

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🔥 Maris & Sam's first look!  I love this part! 😍 The big reveal!

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s_beheshti. ///
بالی از پرواز می خواهد دلم
 آسمانی باز می خواهد دلم
در سکون بی سرا

/// بالی از پرواز می خواهد دلم آسمانی باز می خواهد دلم در سکون بی سرانجامی هنوز جنبش آغاز می خواهد دلم مشفق كاشاني #sombrescapes #moodygrams #vesco #tehran #Click_Vision #folksouls #natgeo #summer #nature #bevisuallyinspired #natgeoinspires #alifealive

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I know I’ve posted a lot about the launch of my new site and I’m so stoked on it. So so stoked on it. But I would be lying if I didn’t say there wasn’t something about it that is also bittersweet. . . You see, I got started on this whole photography journey a lot in part due to my dad. He was a photographer too and a constant advocate for my work, always encouraging me to do something with my photos (which I waved away as him wearing dad goggles). But showing my dad my photos was honestly one of my favorite things. Guessing beforehand which ones would be his favorite, the ones he would like. It always made me feel so proud. . . And then two years ago my dad died, on father’s day, and that event pushed me forward to actually go after this dream I had. I remember sitting on my couch the day after his funeral, feeling so hollow, listening to the sounds of an improbable and impromptu wedding reception happening in the basement below me, scrolling through instagram just... searching for beauty. And through the strange rabbit hole that is social media I stumbled upon a photographer who described themselves as an Adventure Wedding and Elopement photographer. "I wish I could do that," I thought. . No. . "I'm *going* to do that." . So I did. Starting the next day, with laser focus and total clarity I went after it. For my dad, because he believed in me, for myself because holy hell, I wanted it so bad. And the launch of my new site is a culmination of a lot of work. And oh man, I wish I could show him. I wish I could see his reaction. Lot’s of people have said to me “he sees it” which is a lovely sentiment but is really not the same as sitting next to him and flipping open my computer and watching him smile and say, “oh look at that!” I miss him a lot. Man. I just wish I could show him.

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Uruguay, 2019.

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|| T E T O N • T U E S D A Y || • • • Tag us in all of your Teton adventures! || Great shot by @themitchellphotocollection 📸

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Panorama ocean view.

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nikhilkapur. Angels sending their best wishes to my happy couple tonight ❤ #pranalp
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3/3 - Great to be back for a few days in my favorite city in Asia. . Wanchai, Hong Kong- circa mid 90’s Copyright © Alain Schneuwly . . #travelphotography #wanderlust #asia #natgeo #natgeoinspires #streetofhongkong #central #contrast #shop #cart #spi_travel #hk #hongkong #china

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