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Share your rating ⭐️/5 with me in the comments! . 2-min #INSTAREVIEW Rogue One ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rogue One is simply one of the best Star Wars movies to date. I absolutely love it. 🤩 It is everything I hoped for from the new Disney SW universe. It fills in a unexplored corner of the saga universe masterfully. The opening crawl to A New Hope comes alive with R1. It boldly widens the SW universe without revisiting our primary heroes to do it. R1 is the most mature in tone and story of all the SW films. It has some of the most powerful and beautiful scenes in SW. Without being heavy on the Skywalker saga, it is magical in its own right. 🧑🏻 Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Krennick, Galen Erso, K-2S0, Chirrut Imwe were all massive wins for me! I love that R1 boldly created new characters and even more boldly ends all of their character archs in R1. Each character embodies a different corner of the SW universe I want more of from Disney’s EU. The Mandalorian picks up with this strategy and is working just as well as R1! Both explore new corners with new people and places while they have little touch points with the familiar in SW and it fits seamlessly. 🌅 Not only do we spend nearly all our time with new faces, we go to amazing new places. The Ancient Jedi world of Jedha was wondrous, a home for the Guardian of the Whils like Imwe and a beautiful landscape of massive fallen Jedi statues made of rock. So much history there! It was like Jerusalem mixed with Lord of the Rings but wholly SW. Other stops in the adventure didn’t disappoint either like Mustafar or Scarif. 👀 The movie ends on an epic note as we get to see Vader in all his glory for the first time really as he terrorizes his way through a hall of rebel soldiers. It was magnificent! 🥰 Rogue One is a truly new adventure in the SW world and fits perfectly within the SW saga expanding the the canon and characters without being forgettable like Solo or outright scaring it like TLJ. I love every second of it and want more SW stuff like it. The Mandalorian is moving this concept forward with new adventures boldly within the SW world we love.

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carlaccsays. Michelle McManus' Winter Wonderland with the Soundsational Community C

Michelle McManus' Winter Wonderland with the Soundsational Community Choir has been returning for a few years and has nestled its way in as a festive firm favourite. Moving from the Fruit Market to Mitchell Theatre had no impact on the audience turnout or the atmosphere. The festive mix of Jingle Bells, Sleigh Ride as well as the spine tingling Carol of the Bells is interspersed with hilarious anecdotes in between. Michelle's rendition of Joni Mitchell's River as well as the duet with choir master Tommy Chambers' Fairytale of New York has the audience engrossed. Alongside the endearing and hilarious Fairy Bampot (Cat Harvey) this unique blend of comedy, music and a touch of panto makes this a show to remember. You'll laugh, cry, sing and if you're lucky you might catch Nicola the crowd surfing reindeer (get along next year to find out more). This year also sees the release of The Winter Wonderland album available for download on Spotify, Amazon and Apple. #instareview #music #michellemcmanus #soundsationalchoir @ladym_mcmanus @soundsationalmusic @misscatharvey

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smellyvision. A really nice organic oud oil from @alshareefoudh ..... this one is fr

A really nice organic oud oil from @alshareefoudh ..... this one is from the region of Borneo and has an almost uplifting menthol like quality to it..... I present to you Fajr.

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pratikbasu. #6Underground
Basically, Michael Bay’s Joe Carnahan movie🤣!
2+ ho

#6Underground • Basically, Michael Bay’s Joe Carnahan movie🤣! • 2+ hours of Bay TURNED UP TO 11!…with some dialogue? story? exposition? character development...nah, let’s not go too far? thrown in from time to time. • #Deadpool can do this sorta thing in his sleep, but it’s fun to see Laurent, Maadi, Raz having so much of it. And how about Hardy’s Parkour!?👏 • I wonder if this is the apotheosis of action cinema in the #Netflix age? Where they can’t have you look away, not even for a nanosecond or the algorithm freaks out, so it’s ALL ACTION *ALL* THE TIME! Basically, chaos cinema as that one kid said in that awesome video from years ago. Also, what exactly does apotheosis mean🤔? . . . . . . [Spoiler Alert!] So, this was only Mission 1, right? Netflix, we’re getting 8 more of these, right? Right?! Unleash the BCU!!!!!!!!!!

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geitweibooks. B O O K R E V I E W
[ photo by @briannethebookworm . Link in bio for f

B O O K R E V I E W [ photo by @briannethebookworm . Link in bio for full review ☝🏾] It's not often that I find a book that I cannot put down - even more unusual for it to be nonfiction. Someone tagged this memoir a "mother-daughter thriller," and I have to say, they weren't wrong. What a ride! . . 👨‍🌾 . . One night in the summer of the year when Adrienne (Rennie) turned 14, her mother came to her room to shake her awake. "Ben Souther kissed me," she said, and from then on, Rennie became confidante and co-conspirator, smack in the middle of the affair between her mother and her step father's best friend. • • Fairy tales and superhero movies kinda teach us to box people into "bad or good" categories, but as we grow, we come to understand that people are much too complex for that. The Joker has a story too; he isn't just the villain in Batman's. This book brings a lot to mind for deep consideration. Like boundaries in relationships, dysfunctional families/dynamics and the trauma that attends them, and the fact that for some of us, our journey to healing may not be one with a tidy little happy ending. The book is a recounting of a long, difficult journey, but it is also a story of rebirth and courage, of the strength it takes to begin again. .. 👨‍🌾 .. Also, Adrienne Brodeur's storytelling is top-notch. This is one of my stand-out reads of the year. 👌🏾 **Thanks to the publisher @hmhbooks and @netgalley for the galley!

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hlcbooks. Book Review! 💵
“Saving money isn’t about depriving yourself. It’s a

Book Review! 💵 . “Saving money isn’t about depriving yourself. It’s about deciding you love Future You as much as you love Today You.” . Let’s talk money y’all! I’ve been working for the last 12 years (I started my first job at Chickfila when I was 14) and I feel like I STILL have no idea about how to handle my finances. I’m not bad with money but I know I can do better. I absolutely loved this book! I have been watching The Financial Diet YouTube channel for over a year and was so excited to get my hands on Chelsea’s book. This book has everything guys! There are chapters on budgeting, investing, cooking, home, and so much more. I also very much enjoyed Chelsea’s writing style and felt like I was gaining advice from an older sister. It is very easy to read and digest and even has a glossary in the back to further explain some of the terms mentioned. I think this is a great read for anyone looking to take some baby steps into trying to get better with money! . What are you guys currently reading? 💙 . #igbooks #bookstagram #igreads #bookblogger #productive #bookobsessed #bookish #bookishfeatures #bookreview #instareview #bookworm #bibliophile #booksofinstagram #📖 #bookinbuds #chelseafagan #thefinancialdiet #tfd

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salomevail. HAPPY #selfcaresunday Beauties!💓

HAPPY #selfcaresunday Beauties!💓 GLAMUP NOURISHING ACAIBERRY MASK REVIEW:🍇🍇🍇 🍇Açaíberry extract tightens and firms the skin. . This mask is made with 3 layered sheet allowing deep moisture grip.It is a little thick but adheres well on the skin.The essence is watery with a pleasant scent.The fit is OK.The mask is well soaked with enough essence.Left it on for 30 minutes.Absorbs fast without leaving any stickiness behind.Left my skin very hydrated,smooth,soft and matte finish. I love that they have different mask that target every skin concerns. They are cruelty free and eco friendly.No sulphates,Parabens & Alcohol.🙌🏾 . I received these masks from @goselly_beauty campaign,via @0.8l_usa in exchange for my honest opinion. . I really enjoyed this mask and with this winter dry weather it is great to have these at handy as you get to choose from a variety accordingly. . Retails for 16.80$(USD) . . . . . . #goselly #gosellybeauty #goglamup #kbeauty #abcommunity #facialmask #sheetmask #glamup #skincarecommunity #08liter #08l #instareview #instablogger #kbeautyblogger #melaninfriendly #literite #topshelfskincare #koreanskincareproduct #brownbeauty #maskaddict #crueltyfree #acaiberrymask #antiaging #gosellyskincare #ecobeauty #skincareregimen #skincareritual #dailyskincare #koreanskincareroutine

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ladyandminifurie. OMG...
So Mrs Woolie @wooliebutton very lovingly (she does love me) se

OMG... So Mrs Woolie @wooliebutton very lovingly (she does love me) sent me a @spacemasks spacemask to use. Decided to try it out whilst having a chill out in the bath cause I've had a sore head for 3 days. My hair needed washing so bad that BP were considering fracking for oil on my head, but my head really hurts, the thought of touching the right side of my head just wasn't doing it for me. (You know when you have a fresh bruise that's sore to touch? Well that's what my fivehead and scalp feels like) I'm used to putting cooling eyemasks on so putting something on that heats up seemed strange, it heats up so quick though. I did start to wonder if I'd have any eyelids left, but once you get used to it, it is amazing. I'm not saying it's a miracle cure but the heat has definitely eased the soreness in my fivehead and my eyes actually feel alert. Definitely recommend trying these out.

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swatisni. This book deals with social issues in India in 2030 which as we all kn

This book deals with social issues in India in 2030 which as we all know are relatable today as well.. Issues like rape, corruption, murder, acid attacks etc are depicted with a different perspective of eradicating these vices and making India "developed" in its true sense.. I found the book to be average.. The book never really got me hooked.. It is lengthy and did not keep my interest piqued... Still a commendable attempt by the author to weave the different aspects together... The drawings and caricatures in the chapters is definitely a draw in.. @mirrroatweirdwayward @flippingpages.official @anmoljauher #mylatestread #socialvices #makingindiaproud #suspense #thriller #instareview #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #books #readersofinstagram #bookreader #bibliophile

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galaxie_beauty_shoes_addict. 🎅 Too Faced 🎄🎄 Hello les filles, avez-vous vu cette beauté ??

🎅 Too Faced 🎄🎄 Hello les filles, avez-vous vu cette beauté ?? J'attendais avec impatience la sortie de cette palette, la "Gingerbread Extra Spicy" de chez @toofaced qui est la palette de la collection de Noël et la petite sœur de la palette "Gingerbread" sortie l'année dernière pour Noël également. L'harmonie de cette palette me fais fondre, ce sont des teintes aux nuances chaudes que j'aime beaucoup porter. Cette palette contient 18 fards vraiment bien pigmentés, la texture est crémeuse et facile d'application. Seul petit bémol le fard bleu de la palette qui ne ressort pas pareil une fois appliqué sur les yeux mais bon c'est pardonné car le reste est sublime. C'est une très belle palette pour cet automne hiver. Et cerise sur le gâteau, les fards sont parfumés au doux parfum de pain d'épice, une odeur que j'aime tellement! Et ce packaging les filles vous avez vu? n'est-il pas trop mignon? Vraiment je suis fan du packaging. C'est une palette en édition limitée alors n'hésitez plus si elle vous fait de l'oeil. Certains disent qu'elle ressemble à la Gingergread mais personnellement je ne trouve pas, c'est mon âme de collectionneuse et de #makeupaddict qui vous le dis😉 Qui a craqué pour cette palette gourmande??? Belle soirée les filles 🌠🥰 @sephorafrance #sephorafrance #toofaced #gingerbread #extraspicy #palette #noel2019 #paindepices #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #instabeauty #instagood #instareview #instapic #beauty #beautylover #beautyaddicted #beautybloggers #bloggeuse #beauté #yeux #addict #beauteaddict #bloggerlifestyle

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ettoredallazannaa. #CineReview - #448 - 2019
The famous serial killer Jack Frost was fi

#CineReview - #448 - 2019 . The famous serial killer Jack Frost was finally captured after leaving almost forty deaths in five different US states. While being transported by the police to the place where the execution will take place, during a cold and snowy December, the vehicle has an accident and collides with a container that carries a mysterious concoction based on genetic material. The impact frees Jack from his prison on wheels but, while this is about to escape, the acid contained in the container melts his body, melting it with snow. In the form of a snowman, Jack Frost returns to kill. When the killer snowman is present, the movie reaches delirious peaks of comedy-horror ignorance. The problem is that, in the first hour of the movie, these appearances are little flashes in the midst of a thousand speeches, small talk between uninteresting and badly interpreted characters. The movie doesn't want to take itself seriously, it wants to be cheesy, stupidly funny. It succeeds in part (many jokes about ice are not very effective) and in a few murders (the most memorable and terribly comical is the one in the bathtub). The final half hour, however, raises the movie to an absurd final showdown, with heavy metal and rock rearrangements of Christmas tunes as soundtrack and with Jack Frost increasingly rendered as a blob that as a snowman. Not enough to revive a mediocre movie but nevertheless a hilarious way to conclude a delirious subject who deserved much more care. . #jackfrost #slasher #comedy #cinema #review #recensione #instacinema #instareview #instarecensione #instagood #instalike #instalove #like #good #love

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swatisni. 7 vows of marriage
Devika Das

An idiom is that marriages are made in

7 vows of marriage Devika Das An idiom is that marriages are made in heaven. But whether it lasts or not is left upto the couple.. This book starts with the Hindu traditions of the seven pheras and the related vows. This is followed by certain short stories of couples who have arranged marriages and live marriages... Some just go on and others don’t make it because of a lot of reasons and sometimes no reason at all.. Only some can withstand the test of time and ups and downs of lives.. All this is determined by the couple involved and there are no set rules that can be “one rule fits all” This is a sincere attempt by the author to showcase the realities of life and marriages. @authordevika @anmoljauher @bookreviewersclub #marriages #willitlast #marriagestories #lifestories #life #couplegoals #love #instareview #mylatestread #bookreader #bibliophile #readersofinstagram #books #bookstgram #bookstagrammer

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ettoredallazannaa. #CineReview - #447 - 2019
One girl, Chelsea Deardon, is accused of t

#CineReview - #447 - 2019 . One girl, Chelsea Deardon, is accused of theft of paintings: these are those of her father, a famous painter who died eighteen years earlier in the fire of her house. The girl is defended by the enterprising Laura Kelly, who is joined by a legend among lawyers, Tom Logan. Delicious transversal comedy from the eighties that mixes romantic comedy and giallo with balance without ever overflowing one another. In the central part, the script is a bit cumbersome in the narrative development, but its great strength lies not in the mystery (simple but not trivial) but in guessing any character, any blow and response between them. The movie, in this factor, is also supported by a valid cast, by a sublime Robert Redford in the charisma that manages to instill in Tom Logan, in a Debra Winger in a pleasant and intelligent role of female lawyer who tries to make space in the courts, passing for a sexy Daryl Hannah's character who in a Freudian way inserts her demons of the past and her latent psychopathy in her artistic installations. Not forgetting the pleasant non-protagonist roles for Terence Stamp and Brian Dennehy. A very pleasant trial comedy directed by Ivan Reitman in an evident and absolute state of grace after the success of Ghostbusters. . #legaleagles #robertredford #debrawinger #darylhannah #terencestamp #briandennehy #cinema #review #recensione #instacinema #instareview #instarecensione #instagood #instalike #instalove #like #good #love #amazing #awesome #instacool

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Hari Ni ala rock Satu Kali ...Lacoste/puma/polo/bodyglove/channel/Levi's/fos/hamers..this is original ayienazyie...@su_estilo #ootd #travel #streetfashion #chill #expensive #open #original #malemodeling

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netreviewsuk. ⭐️5/5: yasss 🙏🏽 Disney+ smashed it with this Star Wars tv series. I

⭐️5/5: yasss 🙏🏽 Disney+ smashed it with this Star Wars tv series. I look forward to every episode simply for my weekly dose of Baby Yoda. I don’t even feel ashamed. #themandalorian #babyyoda #starwars #disney #disneyplus #scifi #tv #tvshow #instagood #instagram #review #instareview #weekend #sunday #awesome #notashamed

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netreviewsuk. ⭐️ 1/5: Predictable storyline and poor acting. The usual tale about we

⭐️ 1/5: Predictable storyline and poor acting. The usual tale about well off orphaned children and their guardians with sinister motives. Not one I’d recommend. #netflix #thriller #crime #film #movie #america #teen #theglasshouse #hollywood #instagram #instafilm #instareview #reviews #geek

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suresh_govinda. 74. 6 Underground (2019)

If you like your Michael Bay movies with a s

74. 6 Underground (2019) If you like your Michael Bay movies with a strong dose of steroids, 6 Underground delivers. The first 15 minutes feature explosions, random sexy women, a poop joke, gore, a car chase, a bullet wound operation (while in the car of said car chase), parkour, insestant overlapping yelling all the while set to euro thrash techno music. The sheer ridiculousness is bound to put a smile on your face or give you a side-splitting headache. The story is nonsensical, script atrocious and the always likable Ryan Reynolds seems rather annoying here. However the saving grace is the over the top action, if you can tolerate the epilepsy inducing editing. You wanted bayhem, you get bayhem. Rating: 6/10 #2019inmovies #cinemab72 #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #action #michaelbay #6underground #Netflix #ryanreynolds #filmreview #instamovie #instareview #film #cinema #movies

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beautyreviews.arg. 💝TERMINADOS💝
Holaaa. En este posteo les muestro dos productos qu

💝TERMINADOS💝 . . Holaaa. En este posteo les muestro dos productos que terminé hace pocos días. Una es la base True Match de Loreal. Y el otro producto es un labial líquido de Baolishi, en tono 06. La base la amé y tengo otra de repuesto, porque sin duda es mi favorita hasta ahora. En su momento le hice una review. El labial me gustó el tono. Es un nude amarronado hermoso. Lo que noté es que tenía acabado matte, pero su duración no era buena. Es la primera vez que termino un labial liquido. Así que estoy contenta por eso. Llegó a estar un project pan. Así que me alegra haberlo terminado. . . . . #empties #terminados #productosterminados #projectpan #projectpanargentina #projectpanner #beauty #review #instareview #argentina #blogger #beautyblogger #loreal #baolishi #panning #panningcommunity

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An indie brand, @11huesday has been a favorite of mine since @unityjackson introduced me to it! === ⭐Claims: ELEVEN HUESDAY PHA REFINING V. CERAMIDE is aesthetic night care cream with whitening & anti-wrinkle functions that gently removes dead skin cells on skin surface by PHA 2% and provides moisture into the skin containing by natural ceramide. ✨Skin Type & Condition: 1. Dull and uneven skin caused by lack of exfoliation. 2. Dry and sensitive skin be prone to have dead skin cell (Except extremely sensitive skin) 3. Troubled skin caused by imbalance of water and oil 4. Oily or combination skin that has imbalance of sebum production ✨ Key Ingredients: 🌙Gluconolactone (PHA) : It helps to leave the skin smooth by exfoliating gently. PHA has simillar action with AHA but it has bigger molecular structure so it can minimize skin irritation to remove dead skin cell. 🌙Natural Ceramide by fermented yeast : It enhances skin barrier and form moisture film to avoid lossing moisture in the skin. 🌙Propolis extract : It helps to soothe the irritated and stressed skin caused by external environment. It revitalizes the tired and aged skin. 🌙Herb Complex & Centella Asiatica Extract : The herb complex is extracted from 6 kinds of herb to delay skin oxidation and helps to relieve skin inflammation. Madecassic acid which is main agent in centella asiatica makes the skin soothed and revitalized. 🌙Squalane : It is natural moisturizing factor to keep the skin moisturized by forming skin barrier. It leaves the skin healthy and revitalized by preventing skin oxidation. It helps to gives soothing effect and skin elasticity. === ⭐My experience: It was a wonderful night cream. I have only had good experiences with this brand! More info abt this product in the comments! === #11huesday #kbeauty #kbeautyexpo #skincarecommunity #ABcommunity #abreview #instabeauty #instareview #productreview #ABskincare #11huesdayglobal #kintex #kbeauty #asianbeauty #instablogger #igblogger #koreanbeauty #skincarekorea #koreaskincare #koreacosmetics #koreacosmetic #koreanskincare #kskincare #koreanbeauty #asianskincare #seoulody #igers_korea #seoul_korea #kbeautymadeeasy

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SELFIE SUNDAY 💙 CLIENT EDITION Honestly❗️ Could my clients be more stunning ?🔥 Grateful to have earned the trust of treasured clients like @kendranicholas 💫 💫 #instamakeup #hairloss #loveyourface #powderbrows #ombre #microblading #pmubrows #pmu #eyebrows #beauty #browshaping #browsonpoint #makeup #tattoo #browtattoo #browgoals #microneedling #microchanelling #tattooremoval #review #instareview #skin #collagen

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travelandmakeuplovers. 💙💙💙Планери за заети момичета💙💙💙
Изобщо не се славя като на

💙💙💙Планери за заети момичета💙💙💙 . . . Изобщо не се славя като най-подреденото момиче,което прави всичко по план 😂. Ако погледнете едно мое пътуване ще видите ,че е пълен хаос и нито един планер не може да ми погне за това 🎄. Като става дума обаче за университет и работа се налага да бъда много точна и всичко трябва да бъде много добре планирано . На помощ идва @plannersboutique с този уникален планер. Вътре може да намерите всичко ,което ви трябва . Най-много ми харесва,че може да си измислите сами 30дневно предизвикателство и мисля ,че това е един много добър стимул. Началото на всяка седмица вписвам задачите за университета и задачите на работа ,за да бъда сигурна ,че няма да изпусна нещо и ще успея да си разпределя времето правилно🎄. Не винаги всичко върви по план,но е хубаво човек да си има един планер който да му напомня за целите и задачите 💙🎄. Избягвам да записвам дългосрочни идеи дори ден за ден ми е най-добре 😂🎄. Ако и вие сте заето момиче като мен то тогава ви съветвам да си набавите един планер 💙🎄. . Само да добавя , че свещта на @nuxebulgaria ухае уникално 🎄! . . . Имате ли си планер 💙? . . . #instareview #instablog #instablogger #planneraddict #planner #planning #christmasmoodon #nuxebulgaria #philipscurlpower #christmasdecor #travellover #travelandmakeuplovers

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bookstraordinary_world. I survived the first half and enjoyed the second half of the novel 3.5

I survived the first half and enjoyed the second half of the novel 3.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐🐣 / Tõepoolest väga hea tõlge. Samas pole ma päris kindel, et sellest piisab, et jõuaksin millalgi uuesti Houllebecqi rajale. Positiivne oli see, et pärast pool raamatut kestnud ootust kujunes sellest midagi, mida suutsin lõpuks jälgida ja nautida (kui nii kõlbab öelda teksti kohta, mis kirjeldab süvenevat depressiooni kogenud insaideri moel, andes mõista, et inimene teab, millest räägib). Camus' Võõras on üks mu lemmikromaane ühes mitme muu sarnase eksistentsialistliku võõrandumislooga. Seda vist veidi siit otsisin ja eks ka leidsin. Samas ei köida mind isiklikult autori/narraatori põllumajandusele ja seksuaalperverssustele suunatud fookus. Aga küllap on neilgi liinidel oma austajad. #michelhouellebecq #frenchliterature #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookphotography #booklover #bookworm #bibliophile #tõlkesleitud #intoestonian #translated #varrak #lugemine #raamat #raamatud #bookreview #instareview #bookstrareview #frenchliterature #booksof2019 #2019books #kirjastusvarrak

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Set of 4 lipsticks perfect shades of winter for both morning and evening looks. From light rose taupe to dark maroon shade. . Got these set for AED. 99/- from @mikyajy . Though these are not long lasting, but if topped with a good lip liner these stay put. . . #winterlook #winterlipsticks #lipstick #beautybloggers #wintertones #flatlay #lipsticklove #affordablemakeup #mikyajy #makeup #makeuplover #review #instareview #flatlaystyle #

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