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🌸Sunday Math & #FriyayFaves for @the__glow__girl plus #mabstrawberriesandcream @madaboutbeautyuk 🌸 - Re @Drunkelephant Babyfacial*: - •🌸2% Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) unclogs pores •🌸25% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) get rid of dead cells and spend up cell turnover •🌸20 MINUTES! Rinse the mask off after no more than 20 minutes.. - 🌸HOW I USE BABYFACIAL🌸Most people will wash their face before using a mask like this. I put Babyfacial on top of all the moisturizers, serums and sunscreens from my day to “buffer” the effects. I leave it on 5-10 minutes depending on my skin’s tolerance. When it comes to the rinsing step I use Slaii Cleansing Balm with water to make sure I get every trace of the mask off. Then I use a dropper-full of Marula Oil followed by 2 pumps of Lala and 1 pump B-Hydra. I may top it off with some squalane or a thick layer of purified lanolin, both excellent occlusives that hold the moisture in.. - My #friyayfaves💗 •💗Drunkelephantbabyfacial •💗MountLai Mini Rose Quartz Roller •💗Ofra PillowTalk Highlighter •💗Angela Caglia Mask Spatula. This really is her spatula. The lettering wore off quite easily after 2 weeks of using it in photos.. - #drunkelephant #drunkelephantflatlay #babyfacialsunday #skincaresunday #pinksunday #babyfacialpink #skincaretips *gifted

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✨ G L O W • T O • G O ✨ . I couldn’t resist sharing another cute little #BagSpill shot for this lovely Saturday after such a busy day yesterday! It’s not like me to miss out on a #FriyayFaves post with @The__Glow__Girl but I had so much to do that the day just completely got away from me. Better late than never right? 💕 . Today I’m sharing a few of my other favorites from @StilaCosmetics since I’ve been featuring their incredible illuminating primer on my page so much! I haven’t had much luck with liquid shadows until I tried Stila’s line of gorgeous shimmers & glitters and I got completely HOOKED on their supreme formula 🔮 Let me know if you would like to see swatches of any of the shades below: . 🎀 #ShimmerAndGlow liquid eyeshadow in shades Sea Siren, Into The Blue, Vivid Garnet, Bohème, & Freedom 🎀 #LingerieSoufflé skin perfecting primer in #SheerIllumination 🎀 #GlitterAndGlow liquid highlighter in shades Queen & Admiral 🎀 #VividAndVibrant eyeshadow duo in shades Jade, Sapphire, & Amethyst . #fridayfaves #makeupbag #stila #glow #stilacosmetics #soniakashuk #glitter #glowgirl #makeup #liquideyeshadow #stilaliquideyeshadow #stilaprimer #stilaeyeshadow #stilaglitterandglow #stilahighlighter #liquidhighlighter #stilalingeriesouffle #skincaresaturday #theglowgirl #stilaglitter #glittereyeshadow #whatsinmybag @sephora @target @sephoracanada @targetstyle @stilacanada

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your_kbeautyaddict. My face is feeling pleasantly plump and prepared to face the ravages t

My face is feeling pleasantly plump and prepared to face the ravages that is recycled airplane air, dewy skin's nemesis. Presenting you with a pile 'o skincare that went on my face last night. I really should have sheet masked but forgot 🙈 . @klairs.global Supple Preparation Unscented Toner @cosrx Snail Essence @dear_klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum @goodal_official Waterest Fine Mist @cosrx Oil Free Ultra-moisturizing Lotion . Pray 4 me as this is my first international trip and I am nervous..!! . . #beautytrend #newbeauty #koreanskincareproducts #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreanskincareroutine #10stepkoreanskincare #abbeatthealgorithm #asianskincareproducts #asianskincare #beautyobsessed #skincareobsessed #skincaretips #skincareenthusiasts #skincarelover #iloveskincare #ilovebeauty #skincaredaily #beautycommunity #beautyfeed #beautygram #beautyjunkies #friyayfaves #cosrx #klairs #dewyskin #dewy #winterskincare

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On this fine #samplesaturday , a girl is presenting samples my friend @loveyourskin_randf sent me from Ireland 🇮🇪 as @rodanandfields is not yet available in the UK 🇬🇧. And I’m very excited about my upcoming #pamperingsession using the REDEFINE line (clay mask, lip and face serums), followed by the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex and the Active Hydration Serum 🤗. Now, this serum is really talking to me as it raises skin’s hydration level by 200% after just one use and maintains continuous hydration for eight hours 😍. I’ve got a few days worth of this bad boy so stay tuned to see if this cult serum from #rodanandfields makes the cut on Friday when I’ll be posting my #fridayfaves aka #friyayfaves @the_glow_girl 🤗. . . . #beatthealgorithm #skincaretip #instaskincarecommunity #instaskin #kbeautyskincare #skincareroutines #skincareessentials #skincaregoals #skincareenthusiast #skincare101 #skincarelovers #skincareguru #daycreamspf #comboskin #blackheadsolutions #hyperpigmentationtreatment #cysticacnesucks #crystalclearskin #skincareproducts #skincareblogger #iloveskincare #skincareregimen #skincaredaily #skincarethread

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itskaylinmcgee. Favorite things, hair edition 🥳

1. This Pureology conditioner is ser

Favorite things, hair edition 🥳 1. This Pureology conditioner is seriously the BEST I've ever used. Sad this bottle is almost empty😭 2. I got this OUAI leave in conditioner in a FFF box and oh my god you guys, it seriously smells ahhhmazing 🤩 like perfume for your hair! 3. Pantene Rose Water shampoo. I recently started using drugstore shampoo & conditioner again (I went years without because I had so many professional hair stylists tell me how bad it was on your hair) and I'm really liking this sulfate free one 🙌 4. I've been using these Scunci octopus clips for literally 10 years or more. They're the only ones I've found that actually hold all my hair up. 5. This curling wand stand is my new favorite hair tool accessory! 6. L'ange Glaze, OH.MY.GOSHHH. This stuff smells amazing and give me a little extra volume! 7. I've used a lot of purifying shampoos o er the years over the years but this L'ange Dreamy is probably my favorite. My hair is SO soft after I use it and I really feel like I does a good job of de-gunking all the built up product. 8. Newly obsessed with spiral/cord style ponytail holders. Love them! 9. This Amika Vandal volumizing powder is so good 🙌 10. I try to work this Pantene Nourishing Oil through my ends (which have been dryer than ever since having babies) everytime I wash my hair. . . . #fridayfaves #oopsitssaturday #sorrynotsorry #fridayfavorites #favoritethings #hairstuff #hairproducts #favorites #hairthings #amika #pantene #lange #pureology #scunci #ouai #conditioner #volumizingpowder #longhair #healthyhair #softhair #blondehair #afewofmyfavoritethings #friyayfaves #beautyjunkie #saturdaymood #saturdaymorning #saturday #weekendmood #hairproductjunkie #hairproductsthatwork

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glowingminimalist. FIRSTLY, thank you to @thelipstickfairy aka my ACTUAL TWIN, WE'RE BORN

FIRSTLY, thank you to @thelipstickfairy aka my ACTUAL TWIN, WE'RE BORN ON THE SAME DAY, HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! (ps if u wanna buy us presents, it's January 14th - pop that in ur calendar) She did the spectacular artwerk for me because I am creatively challenged! Let's all swoon over her cute AF handwriting! Today, I had the most amazing day with her! We had THE most delicious lunch, did a little shopping and sipped on some Thai ice tea. I feel like I've been blessed with meeting such an angel. She's so sweet, kind and HILARIOUS. We share so much in common and have a similar outlook in so many topics; it wasn't long after we met that we were cracking jokes and talking about what's going on in our lives as though we had known each other for years. #skincarecommunity COME THRU!!!! I had a fabulous day, and I'm so happy that Ive had the pleasure of meeting ya! Anyway, thank you Lil Fish for ur creative generosity :) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ && ofc thank you so much to @summerbalmer_ for kindly gifting me these beautiful tinted balms. I am totally in love.😘 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Swatches from Summer Balmer: 🌖Morning 🌞Midday 🌤Afternoon 🌒Evening 🌚Night ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ They're so pretty! Which shades are your favourite? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #texturetuesday #friyayfaves #yesimlate #swatch #swatches #skincareroutine #makeupoftheday #whatsonmyface #boldlip #nudelipstick #nomakeupmakeup #lipbalm #nudestix #budgetskincare #intothegloss #discoverunder5k #MOTD #lipstick #skincarereview #skincare101 #iloveskincare #tintedbalm #thatmakeuplife #makeupcrazy

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Some #FriyayFaves coming in strong! Thank you to the wonderful Jo of @the__glow__girl for bringing us all together with this hashtag 💕 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I spoiled myself hard last month. I think with moving and feeling emotionally drained from leaving the hood that I will always call home led me to splurge on myself. ⁣ ⁣ Shopping therapy, amirite? ⁣ ⁣ But, they were ALL things I really wanted and some have been on my wishlist for ages. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Like @summerfriday’s Overtime Mask. I’m such a sucker for an exfoliating mask and I’m an even bigger sucker for a pumpkin one. I needed to slam through some half empty ones before I picked this up and I’m so happy I finally have it in rotation. ⁣ ⁣ @iliabeauty’s Liquid Light* is pure perfection. The silkiest looking highlight... liquid gold 😍 I’m in love! ⁣ ⁣ I bought myself two @fentybeauty products: a gloss bomb and the bronzer that everyone wanted to see the colour of this week 🙈 I just loved the name so much that I wanted to take a picture of the bottom, I guess haha⁣ ⁣ Finally, my best purchase is Si Fiori from @armanibeauty. I actually didn’t spend any dollars on it as I traded in points I accumulated at Shoppers to pick it up. ⁣ ⁣ It’s a mature version of a sweet floral perfume with a long lingering warm vanilla base. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ What is the last thing you treated yourself to? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ *gifted

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makeupkpoper. Not gifted | #FriyayFaves by @the__glow__girl 🌠
Hola, espero que teng

Not gifted | #FriyayFaves by @the__glow__girl 🌠 Hola, espero que tengan un fin de semana lleno de mucha diversión o al menos puedan descansar un poco 💖. Este ácido hialuronico de @elizavecca_ me gusta mucho porque deja la piel hidratada, jugosa y con un glow muy bonito, además de que se consigue por un precio relativamente económico que lo hace muy llamativo 😊 Ya les he contado que me encanta la navidad? Quiero visitar algunos sitios antes de que quiten toda la decoración, pues el tiempo ha pasado rápido y ya estamos a mitad de mes! Cuéntenme que tienen preparado para este fin de semana? . . Hello, I hope you have a weekend full of lots of fun or at least you can rest a little 💖. I like this hyaluronic acid from @elizavecca_ because it leaves the skin hydrated, juicy and with a very beautiful glow, in addition to that it is achieved for a relatively cheap price that makes it very striking 😊 Have I told you that I love Christmas? I want to visit some sites before they remove all the decoration, because time has passed quickly and we are halfway through the month! Tell me what have you prepared for this weekend? . . . . .

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It’s the best day! #friyayfaves by the angelic Jo @the__glow__girl! - I went with a pinky vibe as that’s how I am feeling! I have been using all week as it has been so cold here and these products have been life savers! - I like the @volitionbeauty mist. Packaging is pretty amazing actually. Produces such a fine mist. However, I’ve looked into the blue light thing and I’m not too sure I buy it. Yes, 100% it has an impact on sleep but as for it being terrible for eyes etc. I’m not sure. I would probably stick with my @yunamisskincare spritz! Both are hydrating (and I always follow with moisturizer) so I shall keep them around :) - Have you tried the Volition? What are your thoughts? 👓 . . . . . . #friyayfaves #glowgirl #bowsforlife #sparkles #pinkvibes #fridayvibes #skincarechatgroup #skincare #skincaretips #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #igskincarecommunity #igtopshelfie #discoverunder5k #skinstagram #skinfluencer #topshelflife #shelfielife #nottoshelfie #skincareessentials #pinkskincare #girlythings #skinfirst

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Happy #friyayfaves with @the__glow__girl Hope you’re having a beautiful day! It’s gorgeous here and I’m sending you all some ☀️sunshine☀️and Aloha🌺 🌈 Happily started Christmas shopping and hubby and I just put up the cutest little tree. It’s the smallest one I’ve ever had but I absolutely love it! He did a great job🎄 ☃️ So I’ve completely revamped my body regimen about a month ago which includes supplements, weights, a work out schedule complements of @pelefitness (LOVE IT)and some skin care. *Some items gifted* ☃️ ✨@herbivorebotanicals coconut 🥥 ultra hydrating body oil smells heavenly! I love applying this, makes my legs shine and my elbows moisturized. ☃️ ✨@cheekyphysique *Sublime Bust*(please go back to post for full review) I’ve been using for over a month and I honestly love it!! Although it’s not “making me grow” I feel like it’s smoothing out my skin and hydrating! Really great product🌟 ☃️ ✨@medactiveusa *Buttocks Up Gel* tones, forms, and moisturizes with mineral oil, coffee arabica, Shea butter and more. It’s a lightweight cream with a minty fresh scent. I’ve been using for about a month now and feel like it’s helping my skin tone up a little quicker than normal😀I apply it after the shower and on my inner thighs too, it absorbs quickly and honestly doesn’t feel like I have anything on. ☃️ ✨@marineandvine is a new company with this divine *Tahitian Oil* a Radiant Monoi Body Oil. It’s a nourishing and potent blend of tropical ingredients that just take you to a tropical paradise once it hits your skin. I especially LOVE it’s a spray application bottle! So convenient and easy to apply anywhere ☃️ ✨@mioskincare Skin Tight Body Serum has been going on my buttocks as well to aid my skin and to tone up. It’s made to exfoliate, intensely hydrate, & improve the appearance of skin with facial peel technology. ☃️ As for results I’m already seeing them and I am determined. I am so grateful to have products to help me on my journey! ☃️ Do you do something special for your body? 🌈 #bodycare #islandskin808 #aloha💋 #skincare #skinlove🌺

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a quick snap of my #friyayfaves inspired by @the__glow__girl ✨ i moved to vancouver this week so i’m trying to figure out my setups and get adjusted to my work schedule!! i’m so excited to be working 😍 i hope everyone had a good week!! ✨

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xgracex98. Late post, happy #friyayfaves everyone!🥰 @the__glow__girl 
Sorry I ha

Late post, happy #friyayfaves everyone!🥰 @the__glow__girl Sorry I haven't posted much this week I just recently started a new job and I've been dealing with terrible allergies and wisdom teeth pain all week😩🤒. Also this is my 200th post on here yay😁🎉 so with that being said here's a lovely family photo of my beautiful DE collection🐘💜. #xgracex98

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greenbeautybff. After shipping off a huge box of empties today, I’m excited to open so

After shipping off a huge box of empties today, I’m excited to open some new boxes of old faves, and share them for this #friyayfaves with the beautiful @the__glow__girl Jo. ⠀⠀ Two cleansers which I have finished bottles of before, the Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, which always comes with a cloth 😍, and the Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk. Coincidentally two of the first green beauty products I ever tried. ⠀⠀ Two of the most common skin complaints, especially this time of year, are dryness and sensitivity. Everyone wants some miracle serum or cream, but often the solution is much simpler than that. Protect your skin barrier, always! Acne prone skin? You should be concerned about your skin barrier. Aging skin? You should be concerned about your skin barrier. It’s simple, cleanse gently and don’t over exfoliate. Simple, but not easy with all of the beautiful enzyme cleansers, facial scrubs and resurfacing masks that promise glowing skin, instantly. And they are great products... in moderation! The products in this picture are exactly the type of products you DO want in your daily routine, so you don’t have to worry about stripping your skin. Then your skin will be strong and healthy enough to reap the benefits of a good exfoliation without becoming sensitized, red, and more prone to acne, sun spots and premature aging. ⠀⠀ How often do you exfoliate? Do you think your skin is sensitive (or sensitized)?

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platinumskin23. Happy #friyay everyone. Here's a #friyayfaves of my favorite perfume r

Happy #friyay everyone. Here's a #friyayfaves of my favorite perfume right now. I had been using the Prada Candy roller for awhile now but my heart belongs to rose scents ❤️. My dad gifted me the @ralphlauren new Romance 3-Pc set that includes the Romance, Romance Rose and Beyond Romance Eau de Parfums! #bestdadever So far the Rosé is my favorite but they're all perfect for me! I used to love the Women's pink Polo #2 but it's been discontinued as far as I can tell. If someone knows what they rebranded it as let me know!! What's your favorite scent to wear this season? #beauty #beautyful #beautyblogger #beautybloggers #beautycommunity #beautygram #instabeauty #scent #rose #parfum #fragrance #ralphlauren #eaudeparfum #beyond #tgif

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glowithjor. My attempt at a #rainbowshelfie 🌈 Spot any faves? Swipe to see everyt

My attempt at a #rainbowshelfie 🌈 Spot any faves? Swipe to see everything up close 🥰 • • ~Some items kindly gifted 💕 • • • #rainbow #shelfie #skincareshelfie #fridayfaves #friyayfaves #skincareobsessed #skincare #skinfluencer #skincarejunkie #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarelover #beauty #beautylover #beautyaddict #selfcare

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skintimate_love. Black Friday haul part 1 😙 ⠀
@kravebeauty was 15% off, so I had to

Black Friday haul part 1 😙 ⠀ — @kravebeauty was 15% off, so I had to restock on my absolute favorites. I picked up 2 backups of Great Barrier Relief & 2 backups of The Beet Shield. Great Barrier Relief is my most dependable serum, always helps soothe & heal my skin whenever I experience any sensitivities or reactions, and works to protect my skin barrier. The Beet Shield is the least sunscreen-y sunscreen I’ve ever used; no SPF scent, not greasy, no white cast. Just a beautiful, lightweight, silky, dewy cream that melts right into my skin! Always have to have these 2 on hand. ⠀ — @deciem’s 23% off sale went on for the entire month of November, and I literally spent the majority of the month tinkering around with my cart & deciding what to order. I’ve never tried anything from DECIEM but have been eyeing @niod products for a while. Every single NIOD product sounds so unique & innovative, I want to eventually try the whole line! But I had to be selective this go around & just choose my top few picks since their prices are steep. ⠀ ⠀ 🧪Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 (CAIS2): I had to get their CAIS2 serum, which is definitely the NIOD product I hear most about. This is a collagen-boosting, anti-aging serum made with pro-repair copper peptides & other pro-collagen peptides. It’s originally $60 for the smaller 15ml, which feels SO expensive, but if this is really as skin-changing as everyone says it is, it’s probably worth it. I just hate falling in love with such expensive products. 😩 ⠀ ⠀ 🧪Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC2): This hyaluronic acid serum contains a whopping 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds to plump & hydrate the skin. This original price of the 15ml serum is more reasonable at $35. ⠀ 🧪Survival 0 (S0): The Survival line is composed of serums that protect the skin from environmental- and lifestyle-related stressors like free radicals, pollution, smog, stress, infrared, blue light & more. NIOD offers versions with SPF 10, 20, or 30, but since I have a sunscreen I love I decided to go for the non-SPF version. The ingredients list is insane in the best way, and it’s only $25 for 30ml!

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