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Selamat Pagi. 🚩Gunung Agung, Karangasem. 📷Photo: @mademnk ==================================== Mau di Repost? Follow, Mention atau Tag @adadibali dan teman-teman mu dan beri hastag #adadibali foto terbaik kamu. ==================================== #bali #nature #village #jembrana #buleleng #tabanan #denpasar #badung #bangli #karangasem #klungkung #tourism #spot #photography #culture #place #travel #trip #lake #beach #mountains #river #forest #road #clouds #fresh #heaven #holiday #explore

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A walk through the woods is a wonderful thing isnt it? It's good to spend time in nature. It's where we came from, it's where we belong, it's where we will return to one day. So why are we so absent from it? It takes me off guard a bit when people tell me they dont like being in the wilderness. Why do we have so many issues? So much obesity, so much pain in our bodies. Is it because we eat food that's not really food? Is it because we sit for the majority of the day? Exactly the opposite of what our bodies are designed to do? It also amazes me how reliant on technology we are, how addicted to the internet and television we have become. So few of us could survive if the world came crashing down. All it would take is a few key points on the power grid to be attacked and the entire country would be without electricity, without heat, without a/c, without food, without water. It's not impossible, as a matter of fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. Where would we be then? How many of us would last? How many of us would turn from civilized human beings into monsters hellbent on the survival of only ourselves and the ones we hold dearest? Each and every one of us. That's the answer. So dont be afraid to take a walk in the woods. It's where we belong, and it's where we will disappear to again one day ⚫

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These elusive and secretive creatures are extremely challenging to locate in the wild; and many wildlife enthusiasts globally travel to great ends, to locate this specimen. However, fortunately, it is not the same in Sri Lanka. #leopard #forest #animals #srilanka #lovesrilanka Thank you for the amazing pictures @_shenel_ 📸 Follow and DM your pictures to be posted as sponsored content.

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shaunkroschel. Bobcat tracks on a freshly frozen river! I’ve learned to read animal t

Bobcat tracks on a freshly frozen river! I’ve learned to read animal tracks from being outdoors a lot and from books. It’s amazing how in tune you can get with the wild when you pay attention and just observe. You are always learning and gaining knowledge with every set of tracks you come across! #wildernessskills

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dotoi. ㅤ
이번주에 가기로했던 캠핑장이
무슨 논란으로 폐쇄되어 버렸따..
이번주엔 어디로 가야하나

ㅤ 이번주에 가기로했던 캠핑장이 무슨 논란으로 폐쇄되어 버렸따.. 이번주엔 어디로 가야하나 ㅤ #충성핫팩🤭

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rockingtherainforest. Did you know?⠀
Information via https://www.conserve-energy-future.

Did you know?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Information via https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/various-tropical-rainforest-facts.php

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#Coelogyne beccarii Rchb.f., from section #Speciosae, is a #epiphyte found #growing in #montane #forest (0-1400m). These #plants, which are #blooming now, prefer shaded positions while my C. fragrans are happy both in direct #sun and shade. Within the species the #flowers can vary a bit in #colour and shape. Of the three species of Coelogyne I have growing in my #garden, this is the largest and probably most #attractive. #amazing #orchid / #orchids of #papuanewguinea = #nature

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Trip out to Washington to see some of my oldest & best friends. Nature, hiking, reminiscing. So grateful for all the shared memories of our past and the memories we continue to build with one another. #adventure #friends #friendship #nature #hikewashington #hiking #mountains #beach #hike #getoutside #findmeoutside #optoutside #pacificnorthwest #pnw #pnwhiking #outdoors #ocean #waterfall #forest #foggyforest

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book.dweller. Currently in Salem, MA, so of course I had to bring this book even tho

Currently in Salem, MA, so of course I had to bring this book even though it takes place in Summer and on the West Coast, but regardless I just I had to bring it with me. ⁣ ⁣ The Wicked Deep is an absolutely stunning book that I cherish. I remember reading it last year, and being completely entranced by the eerie atmosphere, the mystery, and of course the characters. Honestly, I just love how @sheaernshaw writes. The way she writes actually makes you visual everything you read and makes you feel as if you’re in the story. It’s stunning. ⁣ I’m ranting, but I can go on and on about how much I adore this book and how I don’t get tired of re-reading this dark, mysterious and at times spooky book. It will remain as one of my favorites 🖤. ⁣ ⁣ I also can’t wait to receive my copy of WINTERWOOD. I just know I’ll love it.

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