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betonmanufaktur. Ich freue mich, den jüngsten Neuzugang in meinem #etsy-Shop vorzustell

Ich freue mich, den jüngsten Neuzugang in meinem #etsy-Shop vorzustellen: Feder Girlande im Jute - Look personalisiert / Vintage Hochzeit Blüten Geburtstag Baby Party Namensgirlande / Geburt & Taufe Wimpelkette #hochzeit #babypartygirlande #geburtstaggirlande #jutelookfahnchen #jutelookwimpel #wimpel #wimpelkette #Baby #babyParty #Babygeschenk #Girlande #fähnchen #wimpel #name #NamensGirlande #VintageHochzeit #romantischedeko #romantischehochzeit #Girlande #kinderzimmerdeko #hochzeitsfeier #hochzeitdeko https://etsy.me/2JHJxhX

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lovemelovemymeow_shop. Let's go shopping!!!
Tote Bag / Large Tote Bag / Carry All / Weekender

Let's go shopping!!! Tote Bag / Large Tote Bag / Carry All / Weekender / Travel bag / Unisex Shoulder Bag / Leather Tote Bag / XL Size / Handmade $ 159.99 USD Shop Link In My Bio!!! . . . #lovemelovemymeow #etsy #etsyseller #totebag #largetote #leathertotebag #largesizebag #leatherbag #shoppingbag #shoulderbag #workbag #leathergoods #leathercrafts #handmade #etsysellersofinstagram #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #supporthandmade #shophandmade #supportsmallbusiness

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Happy Saturday! Super excited about these stickers, especially the two Hawaii themed ones! 🌺 I ordered them in all in a super small batch so be sure to pick one up if you're thinking about it!

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sansahash. Sea’s life is #beauty and so is this #cutie don’t you agree! 🥰💦🌊 #s

Sea’s life is #beauty and so is this #cutie don’t you agree! 🥰💦🌊 #sansahash #sansahashpatterns #sansahashsoray 📸 by @liselena2010

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One of my favorite things to draw are old gothic cathedrals because it reminds me of my mission &makes me feel nostalgic which is a feeling I like 🧐😂 I’m also a little obsessed w/old architecture, anywho, there are two different cathedrals based in France up in my shop ready to find a home. Check’m out &snag one! They are ready to be shipped out of the good ol’ state of illinois 🖤 link in bio

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This guy is inspired by Stranger Things 3 ✨ This season is so crazy sick &im probably gonna rewatch it like 5 times once I finish it except I’m only on ep. 4 so no spoilers bb. If you can guess who has this tattoo put your guess in the comments! Thanx for the luv ✨

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Two of my favorite things to draw out 💀🌸🌿 A quick doodle before heading to work yesterday. Also, happy fourth! &happy Stranger Things 3 day! 🇺🇸🎉🌭

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In honor of Stranger Things coming out with the new season in two days &me having something else to distract me from my responsibilities here’s a little throwback of a demogorgon flower boy that I drew up during Inktobers challenge last October 🌸

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Ok just because I can’t contain my excitement &don’t feel like waiting another day to share here’s the piece I started yesterday that you might have seen on my story. This is what I initially had pictured in my head & I’m stoked it turned out better than I had imagined. As you can see I had some ideas &they weren’t my favorite. Swipe to see the second half of the process on my iPad you saw on my story yestuhhdayyy ✨

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I was thinking about summers in Mexico at my great grandmas house when I was little. Me &my cousins would climb up the ladder that was leaning next to her house, get on the roof when no one was looking &pick some granadas (pomegranates) from the trees that were taller than the house ((we almost always got caught)) &then we would run to the kitchen, pick out all the seeds & put them in a cup. Add lots of lime, salt, chili powder & valentina &we would be set for a hot summers day 🌶 some of the best times spent

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A quick little scullie before I get ready for work. 🌞

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Just bored. Thanks for checking out my work 🥀

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The Grand Tetons. A place I spend a whole heckin lot of time as winter in Rexburg is close to 9 months out of the year 😂 Mountains is where I feel closest to God &its one of the most beautiful feelings to me, unless I’m stuck at the top of a lift in complete fog &terrified to find my way down.. then not so much. I decided i don’t love the sketchy look so i switched to precise pen on my iPad & I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out. Thinking of doing a series of different mountains in different colors. Let me know what mountains you’d love to see 🌞

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Okiiiiieeeee it’s #artvsartist time of the year again. This is some of my favorite work from the past year. I’m super stoked to see what next years looks like. Here are a couple of facts about me for those of you that want to know more about the gal behind this account ✨ 1. My name is Angela McKee &im 23 years old. 2. I’m in my last year of college graduating with a Bachelors in Art Education &minor in French Ed at BYU-I (but I’m hoping to design & freelance on the side) 3. I’m married to my bff @sithmckee & we are currently living in the outskirts of Chicago till the next fall semester of school. 4. Im trilingual. 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇫🇷 My dream is to learn german &possibly japanese once I find the guts to learn a completely new alphabet. 5. I work at a coffee/ boba/ bingsoo shop & I’m the only person working there that isn’t asian LOL. 6. I love to travel when ever I can. I served an 18 month mission in France & will be in China next year teaching English for 4 months w/my husbn. This year I was blessed to see Manhattan, Hawaii, Boise &Chicago. I’m hoping to see more of the smaller cities in the U.S. this upcoming year✨ 7. I love creativity. I love to see it, do it, and think about it. I mainly work in ink and oils but always love branching out to my iPad for digital work or sculpting when I’m at school but I honestly just like using tons of different mediums ✨ Thanks for following 🖤

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Ben &Jerry the double headed corn snake at @snakebytestv 🐍

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Anemones. White ones specifically. There’s something about them that’s so pure and a little dark at the same time that I quite love ✨🖤

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Day dreaming about these colors & this texture. ✨ Trying to get back into it after packing &moving and finding a good summer job and doing online classes but I finally set my easel back up and I’m feeling pumped to finish some paintings in my spare time 😌

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Finished! (Finally) I have been wanting to draw out the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris for quite some time and it seemed like last week gave me a reason to. This place has meant so much to me. It was the first place I started my mission in France and the last place to finish my 18 month service. I know it means a lot to many people there and all around the world and I’m grateful many people have contributed to rebuilding it from the fire & before I hear another person tell others about how and where their money should go or be used, please think about where you are spending your own money and make some changes in the world yourself before speaking. Also, think about what this place is and means to others. Thanks for hearing me out and following the process on my story. Stoked to have finished this piece and it might go up on my shop here soon so keep an eye out 🖤

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A little throwback of my first semester of college before my time in France when I was working a lot with charcoal all the meanwhile not able to resist cross hatching in ink 🤪 I want to make more scullies

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First layer of this piece somewhat down. I started it in black and then decided midway that I want the background to be mainly white and so it’s all over the place but I know exactly how it’s gonna look in my head and I’m very stoked to work on it. We are in Vegas for the break and I brought it with me cause I want to work on it. Here’s to hoping that I do... if not back at it next week 🤪

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Next portrait of one of the sickest women coming right up. Trying to get a couple of pieces finished before the move and for the month of April. Very stoked to show you guys!

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ang.mckeeart. “Ellen” I got her back from the gallery today. Thinking about listing

“Ellen” I got her back from the gallery today. Thinking about listing her up on my Etsy shop. She’s my first official portrait in oils so I obviously still have a lot of learning to do with the composition of the face but I’m pretty stoked w/how it turned! I also had a lot of fun doing something different w/textures &am planning on doing it on more works this year 💕 also used @ellyeah as my reference model & it was so much fun!

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(Edit: right is SOLD) ✨ Fitz Mystical Eyes ✨ they are posted in my shop and ready to find a new home. Get them before they’re gone :) Link in bio for details. Also I’ll be in Vegas for all of next week so if you’re located there you’ll get it asap.

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My lil corner ✨It’s a little all over the place but it’s one of my favorite places to go to come back to my self &create. Still trying to brainstorm ideas for my big new canvas. Hopefully that comes to me this week so I can start it and hopefully finish it before we move to Chicago. I hope everyone has their favorite little spot to realign.

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Happy General Conference weekend! Trying my best to fix this oval while me &Jonah listen to the talks✨ it’s a good time

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