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I finally changed my username to Ecologically! @ecological.ly • I had an issue making the change & it took longer than anticipated but it’s done now and I’m so excited! • I wanted to mention that the content I create won’t be changing. I’ll still be doing Eco OOTD’s, sharing sustainable life swaps and featuring companies doing good things for the world. Ecologically is a name I feel I’ve grown into and will continue to grow with me. 💚💃🏻💚 ••• 👗@stylelend 📷 @franvonwongphoto

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AD: Have you checked out my blog post featuring @TenThousandVillages yet? Ten Thousand Villages works with thousands of disadvantaged artisans in 38 countries. Their team builds transparent relationships with artisans that help them establish a stable income. • The selection on @TenThousandVillages’s website is the largest I’ve seen for any eco store platform. You’ll find jewelry made from left-over bombs (the bombshell collection), hand block printed robes made using ancient techniques in India, and bags by @TheToteProject. • Aside from my cute Meow Mug you can see keeping me company, I selected my five favourite pieces from the website. A lot of items are made with sustainable or recycled materials through environmentally-responsible processes. • SWIPE to see a few of my faves. You’ll find: • 1. A recycled sari cat basket 2. A cheese knife made in the shape of a mouse 3. A marble and wood cutting board in the shape of a pineapple 🧀 🐁🍍🐈

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Two of my favourite things: Pineapples and face masks 🍍 • One of my favourite masks is the @lushcosmetics Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask. • I’m a sucker for a scrubby masks and this one smells delish. My tummy rumbles every time I use it. Despite the scrubby aspect of the mask it also packs some good hydration in. • I like to follow the mask with some @pixibeauty DetoxifEYE eye patches for extra perkiness. Mind, I only do this when I have lots of time in the morning. Not every day😅 • Fun fact - the DetoxifEYE eye patches are biodegradable so I’m experimenting with seeing if they break down in my home compost system. • What’s your favourite mask?

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ecolookbook. When you wear vintage, you never have to worry about showing up in the

When you wear vintage, you never have to worry about showing up in the same dress as someone else [Jessica Alba] . 📸 @englishlassinla . We are in 💚 with sustainable fashion blogger Jessica🍍English Lass in LA and her hand picked preloved collections . ✓ sustainable fashion . ✓ conscious living . ✓ cruelty-free beauty . #englishlassinla #ecolookbook #preloved #vintage #prelovedfashion #vintagefashion #ecoootd #madewell #consciousfashion #slowfashion #choosewell #wearyourvalues #goodfashionguide #la

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-Earth is not flat -Vaccines work -We've been to the moon -Chemtrails aren't a thing -Climate change is real -Stand up for science • I got this amazing tee from @RedBubble. Do you remember me mentioning that @Redbubble would be donating $1 for every sale made on the 23rd of September (the day the climate strikes started), to 350.org? • I’m excited to share that they raised $20K for Climate Action! • I think @GretaThunberg would be proud. 💚 • Did you take part in any of the climate strikes/marches? ••• #AD #ClimateReactionRB

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#SeaGlass the only trash I celebrate finding on the beach 🏝 • It makes me cringe when I remember my trash dropping phase... • I went through stage of trying to act like the cool kids. I’d nonchalantly toss wham wrappers, quaver packets and lollipop sticks on the street whilst waking to school. • I’ve tried to make up for that phase but I still feel bad that I did that. Did you do something you’re not so proud of when you were a younger? 😬

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Where do you store your bath bombs? My bath bombs are dual purpose these days! • I’ve noticed a lot of eco washing powder doesn’t have much scent. I don’t mind too much but sometimes I miss that fresh laundry smell. I don’t like “essential oils and dryer balls idea” as I worry I’ll stain my clothes with oil and that also requires using a tumble dryer. • I’ve started sorting my bath bombs in my clothing draws and it makes my clothes smell good! Just wrap them in some paper (or use the brown paper bag you usually buy them in) and layer some clothes on top of the bath bomb. If you compost, you can then chuck the paper bag in there! 🛁

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As it’s #FairTradeMonth, I wanted to suggest you give @thetoteprojects new lines a peek. • The Tote Project have some adorable designs for Autumn such as, “Free to Forage” which shows all the yummy things you can find when foraging 🍄🍏🍓

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AD: Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? Today, I’m sharing my go-to store for fair trade goodies called @TenThousandVillages which is one of the founding members of the World Fair Trade Organization. • @TenThousandVillages (TTV) is a non-profit retailer with an online store and 55 brick and mortar shops around the US and Canada, two of which are in LA (Redondo and Pasadena). You can see on the website how much TTV cares about the artisans it works with. • I picked the Meow Mug, which was made in Nepal by Sana Hastakala artisans. I love that the mug has a lid because it keeps my tea warmer. The mug also has an internal strainer to steep tea leaves. Loose leaf is now the best way to avoid plastic tea bag shed in your cuppa 😬 • Head to the blog to learn more about Ten Thousand Villages and to check out my five favorite pieces of theirs (one may be pineapple themed).

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T and I went to a friends wedding last weekend, and I wanted to share a his n hers #EcoOOTD. We had some “failures” and some successes. • I want to share how our outfits weren’t “perfect” because recently, there’s been a surge in the eco world where people have been making harsh comments and tearing others down because they deem them hypocritical for doing something like, “promoting ethical fashion but then using multiple single-use coffee cups everyday.” • Learning to live sustainably isn’t a competition and instead of attacking each other, we should celebrate the good stuff people do. • 🤵T’s tux: Thrifted @joshuakanebespoke from @ebay. We love Joshua Kane’s suits and as this tux was used for a film, we snagged a beautifully handmade piece for much less than something brand made my someone else. The tux was pretty much T’s size. We just had to let out the waist a bit and voilà! A velvet beauty that T will be able to wear for many years to come. 👔: Alas, we left packing T’s dress shirt till the last minute, and we had to Amazon prime a new one as we couldn’t find his old one. It isn’t very good quality but we’ll take care of it and hopefully it’ll last a while. • 👗Dress: From H&M’s conscious collection a couple of years. I no longer support their conscious line but I altered the dress straps to fit me better and so I might as well use it and enjoy it! 💎 Earrings: @li.lah.studio
🎩 Fascinator: My cousin gifted me her lovely fascinator as the end of my brothers wedding 📿Necklace: A reuse from being a bridesmaid . Fun fact - I had to wring out this dress at the end of the night. I sat on some boards that I thought made up a table. Some VERY large vases we’re resting on the table and as I sat down, a big one tipped and poured water all over me. My hubby must’ve seen this happening in slo-mo as he caught the vase and stopped it from smashing on the floor and hitting me. You can’t take me anywhere… 🙈

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Frid😴y My first full week studying again has definitely kicked my lazy summer holiday ass! • I don’t have any fun facts to share today, this is just a reminder that I’ll be changing my name to @ecological.ly soon. (I’ll be changing my username so I won’t be going anywhere) it’s just time forEnglish Lass in LA to retire ♥️ • Got any nice plans for the weekend? ••• #EcoOOTD Skirt: Thrifted @shopwasteland Jacket: @coalition_la Bag: @shopsaintlavie ••• 📷 @nicolehostudio

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🐚☀️Happy Monday!☀️🐚 Today, I wanted to share some positive plastic news for a change! • 1. An engineer at De Montfort University has developed a prosthetic limb socket made from recycled plastic bottles and it’s cheap! It only cost about £10 to produce, compared to the industry average of £5,000! • 2. The Grand Pier, in Weston-Super-Mare, has introduced reusable Eco Cups which will prevent more than 120,000 plastic cups from entering landfill each year. • 3. The success of the California bag ban has resulted in 86% of all customers bringing their own bags to use at the store. • Do you have any positive plastic news?

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✨New beginnings✨ I have two exciting things to share with you. Today, I had my first class(es) @UCLA and it was exciting, scary and even better than I’d hoped! Go Bruins! 💙 • On the subject of new beginnings, I also wanted to share that I’m going to be rebranding. I’ve LOVED sharing my journey as English Lass in LA, but we change. Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in our relationship and interaction with our surroundings and environment. I’m also growing more interested in living regeneratively rather than just sustainably. I’ll still be doing Eco OOTD’s, sharing sustainable life swaps and featuring companies that are doing good things for the world. It’s just time for a name change that fits who I am now, and can hopefully grow into more! • In a few weeks, my new handle on here will be @ecological.ly (I’ve already bagsied the name and plan to just update this profile) and I’ll be changing my blog to www.ecological.ly 💚

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Over the past few years, there’s been a resurgence in the idea of foraging for food. Recently, various chefs have been promoting the idea and urban foragers will often go to extreme lengths to find wild food in big cities. • By nature, we are hunter gatherers and have always collected food to eat. Maybe that’s partly why I’ve really enjoyed gathering a lot of blackberries and apples recently. • It’s really satisfying to tap into a delicious food source that could potentially go to waste. I find it meditative to pick one berry after another and watch my basket fill up. • Do you like foraging? Are there things you can forage for near you? 🍏🍇🍊🍋

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AD: Did you know that the world has already lost half of its biodiversity since the 1970s!? 🤯 Today, @GretaThunberg is speaking at the United Nations Global Action Summit to address the Climate Emergency. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish student credited with raising global awareness regarding our need for climate action. • In support of the summit, Global Climate Strikes will be taking place from the 20th to the 27th of September. Millions of people all over the world will be demanding immediate action on the climate crisis. • Today, I marched in the city I went school in, Canterbury. SO many people took part. It filled my heart seeing the amount of people taking peaceful action to show support for the next generation’s right to a safe future, and highlight the government’s inaction towards to climate emergency. • I marched with my mum and sister and whilst we were listening to speech’s I felt a lump in a throat thinking that I was sitting in a City where I studied for seven years and my sister’s children may not get that same luxury. • This is the first march I’ve attended and initially I felt a bit hypocritical due to not having been to previous ones. If you feel that way and want to go to any of the strikes/marches over the next week, I implore you to go. It doesn’t matter what you haven’t done in the past, it matters what you do now. • I want to give a shoutout to @Redbubble who are showing their support by donating $1 of every sale made on the 23rd of September, to 350.org. Their hope is that this will contribute to eventually solving the climate crisis. • Will you be joining in any of the strikes? Give a 💚if you support the strike and tag a friend to spread the word and help a difference! • #ClimateReactionRB #GlobalClimateStrike

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Cuppa tea? I was at the hairdresser yesterday, and whilst I was in the chair, I overheard, “wanna cuppa tea!?” The person being asked had been in the salon for less than 30 seconds. I love that a cuppa is such an integral part of society in Blighty. If we’re feeling blue, we pop the kettle on. Had a hard day at work... Pop the kettle on. Someone’s just walked into your house, Pop 👏 The 👏 Kettle 👏 On👏! • Does tea make everything better where you live? Do you have something else that acts as an equivalent? 🍵💕☕️

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It’s estimated that 50% of the world's plastic is used once and, only 9% of that is recycled. • The other day, I visited the @therefillroomltd and I’m a big fan! The Refill Room offer a tonne of zero waste food, homeware and beauty. You can buy package free chocolate, pasta, spices, shampoo, tea, bread and more! • I wish refill rooms were more ubiquitous but I’m hopeful more stores like this will pop up ❤️ ••• 👖@swapsociety 👚@for___days 👠@rothys

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These shoes were made for walking • You may know that I’m a massive @rothys fan. They’re the comfiest flats I’ve ever worn and so of course I brought some with me to Blighty. As flats go, Rothys can seem a tad expensive. However, as a believer of “quality not quantity,” I can share that my first pair have lasted over three years, and they’re still going strong! • Rothys are made from recycled plastic bottles. With this in mind, I wanted to offer some advise. When washing Rothys, I’d reccomend putting them in a guppyfriend washing bag to catch the micro plastics that’ll probably shed from the shoes. I think the bag also protects the shoes from unnecessary damage (similar to how a lingerie bag protects lacey bras etc). #RothysInTheWild 👠

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Airport #EcoOOTD ✈️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 • What do you wear when you’ve got a long flight ahead of you? • I always wear comfy trousers, lots of layers (hoody & coat not pictured), & a hat to hide my eye bags 😴 • My @thetoteproject bag is packed with manyyyy snacks and some huge pink fluffy socks for sleeping in 💁🏻‍♀️

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Hands up if you love the beach! 🙋🏻‍♀️ • Saturday September 21st is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers all over the world will be getting together for beach and inland cleanup events. • Angelenos, @healthebay are the official coordinator for all LA County sites. Last year, my sister and I volunteered with Heal the Bay for CCD and it was really fun! So many people turned up (over 13,000 volunteers) and almost 60,000 pounds of trash was collected. It was really heart warming to see so many volunteers. Whole families turned up and parents were teaching their children as they picked up beach rubbish. • Unfortunately, I won’t be in the US for CCD but as it’s International, my sister and I are planning to take part in England. • If you’d like to sign up, head to Eventbrite and type in Coastal Clean up day 2019. This should work for places that aren’t in the US too 💚 (The below link is for LA). https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coastal-cleanup-day-2019-tickets-52766781865 • I’ve also included a few videos from last year. All the people you can see are at just one of the clean up sites. There are over 70 to choose from in LA this year. 🏖🌊🐙🦈🐡🐋 ••• #CoastalCleanupDay

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I’ve been getting lash extensions for over two years. I’m not exaggerating when I say I L❤️VE them! They make me feel happy and confident. I can roll out of bed, brush my teeth, slather on some sun screen and I’m good to go! • These beauties were created by @lashedlaine Elaine is an amazing lash artist. I can say this because I’ve “got lashed” by a bunch of peeps. Elaine is a total perfectionist, something you want when someone’s doing your lashes! • I’m wearing a Classic Full Set. The lashes Elaine uses are special as they’re Synthetic Silk Mink. They’re strong like silk lashes but still as soft as mink. • If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m a fan of Elaine 🥰 She recently opened her own business - we met at a different salon -and I love supporting an entrepreneurial women ❤️ • You can use the code “JESS” for 25% off your first service ☀️

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Left leg: Beach treasure featuring cute shells 🐚 • Right leg: Beach trash featuring: 1. Heineken bottle top 2. Random piece of red plastic 3. Two pieces of lego 4. Toy soldier 5. Whistle • I know I’ve said it before, but, just in case you’re like me… I wanted to share that I used to fear the cooties on pieces of trash. I didn’t want to even pick up a crisp packet outside my house if I couldn’t wash my hands straight after. However, I never thought about the possible cooties on sea glass or shells. I gleefully scooped them up and put them in my pockets. • With that in mind, if you like picking up shells, sea glass and stones at the beach, I would love it if you picked up and removed some plastic also. There’s always some lying around. I’m sure the feesh and sea birds will appreciate it and it’ll prevent the plastic from turning into microplastics hopefully! 🐬🐙🐟🐡🐳🦀🐬🦑🐋🐠🦈

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AD: Today’s #EcoOOTD features @truthandalleyewear’s frames that were handmade using 100% biodegradable acetate! • @truthandalleyewear are on a mission to make conscious consumerism mainstream by proving sustainable fashion is not only possible; it’s accessible, available & looks good 💚 • Thank you to everyone who responded to the poll on my story and helped me decide which frame style to choose. I’m wearing the Dolphin, in the Havana colourway. • I love the shape of my new sunnies. I have a small head & it’s really handy that @truthandalleyewear frames can be adjusted at any glasses store. My sunnies weren’t as snug as I like and so I took them to my local opticians. They used a machine to heat them & this meant they could bend them a bit to fit ma wee peanut (opticians often do this for free) 🥰 ••• #truthandall #consciousfashion #sunglasses

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I’m posting this here partly as a reminder to mend this romper. Does anyone else like to build up a mending pile and then sit for hours sewing? I find it so satisfying! 🧵 Bonus points if you consume multiple cups of tea and sing along to 80’s ballads at the same time! 🎶 ••• Romper @buffaloexchange Jewelry @aid_through_trade

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Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Lives are sold, traded, abused and exploited.  This violation of human rights is an uncomfortable subject. I remember watching the film “Taken” but, despite its controversial storyline, “Taken” is better remembered as a slick action film rather than a piece that raises visibility on the human trafficking situation. • I find it hard to comprehend some of the stats surrounding human trafficking. Currently, there are over 20-30 million victims worldwide. It’s the third-largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking) and generates a $32 billion profit every year. • @TheToteProject donate 10% of their gross profits to @Two_Wings, a non-profit which empowers survivors of sex trafficking through education and mentoring. This sweet “Free to Dream” pouch is one of their many beautiful pieces made with love. Go and check them out y’all! 🌴💚

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Mini Review: @TarteCosmetics very kindly sent me their “Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation” and I’ve been using it for the last two weeks. It’s a water based foundation with SPF 15☀️ • The formula is really lightweight and breathable but I can build up a good amount of coverage. I’d recommend this foundation to my fellow warm climate residents as my face doesn’t feel cakey in the Summer heat 😍 • For my clean beauty lovers, this foundation is free of parabens and phthalates. It’s also vegan and gluten-free. Right now, it’s the only “clean” SPF foundation available at Sephora 💕 • As someone who loves fish and the sea I really wanted to like this foundation. When I want to like something, I sometimes worry that they won’t meet my exceptions. This baby didn’t disappoint and it’s my favourite foundation right now! • Wearing: 275 Light Medium Sand • ⬅️Swipe for seaside views ➡️ ••• #Gifted with no obligation to post

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#AboutLastNight 🛁 I made some cheeky bath art. Courtesy of the bath bomb, “Groovy kind of love” @LushCosmetics 🌈💕 • This baby bubbled for a good couple of minutes and smelt delicious! The scent reminded of “flying saucers” sweeties. YUM. • Do you have a favourite bath bomb?

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There are some new faces here and so I wanted to take a second to re-introduce myself! • My name is Jessica and I moved to LA three years ago, with my husband, Ted. I originally started English Lass in LA as place to share my experience exploring a new country. Over time, it’s evolved to include my explorations trying to live a more sustainable life. • I wanted to share my journey into the ethical fashion world with you. I was brought up to value local businesses and high quality. I took after my grandpa and studied handcraft tailoring at the London College of Fashion. • After a year, I traded school for a job at one of the UK’s last shirt factories. I eventually took a job heading a school uniform division at TESCO, the UK’s largest corporation (akin to Wal-Mart in the US). I was proud of my business’ growth and the direction of my career but realised that I had strayed from the ethic of local, high-quality, sustainable commerce. Instead, I was working for company that perpetuated a lot of the issues related to fast fashion. • After relocating to LA, I took the move as an opportunity to reground myself in what I care about. I spent a lot of time researching ethical fashion and I also decided to go back to school (I’m halfway through my bachelor’s in Geography). • I thought I’d also share three random facts about me and would love to hear one, two, or three about you! 1. I love pineapples 🍍 2. My hometown (Faversham) has the highest number of pubs per capita in the world 🍻 3. I breed rare betta fish from Borneo and take care of a gargoyle gecko named Cooper, a bell’s hingeback tortoise named Cor and five yellow banded poison dart frogs named Carter, Calypso, Mason, Isotope and Emma 🦎🐡🐢🐸 • It’s so nice e-meet you! I’d love to learn something about you 💕

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The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that H&M have started selling Guppyfriend washing bags online (just their English website). I love that products that catch microplastics are becoming more well known. • The Guppyfriend is one of the items you can use to catch microfibres/microplastics that shed off clothing made from synthetic fibres such as workout leggings. • Did you know that you can also use a Cora ball or Filtrol to catch Microplastics generated when you wash you clothes? • I’ve only used the Guppyfriend but I’m really curious to hear if you’ve used the Cora ball or the Filtrol. How well do you think they work? • ⬅️Swipe to see what each item looks like ➡️

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Gorgeous jewelry alert! 🐚✨ • As much as I love sustainable fashion companies, I’ve found that particularly clothing lines, can be very alike. • @lil.hah.studio is anything but samey. They have a bunch of unique but wearable pieces and I love how these seashell hoops were designed to swing as you move. They were also made in LA and give me serious Little Mermaid vibes! • #gifted #futureheirlooms

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