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simonkingrealestate. It’s the weekend! Time to stop by our open house. #Weekend #OpenHouse

It’s the weekend! Time to stop by our open house. #Weekend #OpenHouse

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¡Estoy READY! 🤩 Este es mi momento. Modo estudiante 🤓✍🏼 Fin de Semana de Liderazgo de Puerto Rico 2019 Día #1 . . “La educación formal te dará una manera de ganarte la vida. La autoeducación te hará ganar una fortuna.” -Jim Rohn✨💚 . . ——————————•••••••••••••••—————————— #focusonthegoal #dreams #goals #success #positivemindset #discipline #consistency #organization #nutrition #fitness #mundomassaludableyfeliz #hardworkpaysoff #herbalifenutritionpuertorico #soydecaoba #somoslasinergia #healthylifestyle #bossladypuertorico #joinme #youcandoit #ameterlesandunga #chrismichelleteam #luisjennyfamgoals #businesswoman #networkmarketingpuertorico #leadthewaytosuccess #conelcuchilloenlaboca #fslpr2019

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CD25 📆 • To be honest I’ve lost track of my cycle- this is the first time in a long time that’s happened! - I suppose it’s because my focus has changed, but my ultimate goal is still the same- B.F.P. It’s going to take approximately 4 months to lose 13kg & get to my goal weight. Head down bum up! #focusonthegoal - I’m going to stop with the OPK’s for the next few months and continue with my daily morning temps & just keep chugging along the weight-loss-TTC-train 🚂💨 #allaboard . Official week one weigh in & measurements on Tuesday! #losingweightforababy

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insideofmysoul. Начинаю готовиться к #breaking3 #sub3 
Сегодня 6к разминка + 5к в темп

Начинаю готовиться к #breaking3 #sub3 Сегодня 6к разминка + 5к в темпе марафона из 3х. + Заминка 5к. #nohumanislimited #focusonthegoal

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ernelita_d. Discipline and going the extra mile.

These are just the 2 valuable in

Discipline and going the extra mile. These are just the 2 valuable information shared to us within our community on top of everything else that they teach us. If you have been following my page, I am a member of CEO movement. CEO movement is a community of selfless, positive minded, knowledgeable, empowering, motivating, helpful... the list just goes on and on and on... Entrepreneurs who helps... -Individuals who wanted to make a difference in their life. - Individuals like me who felt stuck, who felt like time is passing me by and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be. -Individuals who are willing to invest and commit to start his or her business regardless of his or her current situation. Being a part of the community for a few months now awakened my purpose which is wanting to make a difference in the lives of others while earning an income online. And now, I'm willing to share the knowledge I've learned and I would like to start by sharing the secret to being successful which is Discipline and Going the extra mile. Discipline- Doing the things you need to do to move the needle, to get to the next level especially on the days when you don't feel like it. This could be categorized as "Mental Toughness" too. Doing things consistently even when you don't feel like it requires discipline and mental toughness. "Going the extra mile" Now, I am willing to work and improve myself and go the extra mile everyday. One perfect example is sharing value without expecting anything in return. I am committing myself to doing this everyday starting today! Because, I've learned that in order to succeed, it has to start with me. Taking action, doing the work consistently regardless of the situation. I will do this because my goal of having freedom! Financial freedom and being able to earn money anywhere I want (location freedom). Remember, no one else will do it for you. Just as @josephjmichael_ said, "You are the multimillionaire who can make you rich!"

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mesograteful. Stay Focus on the goal!! #neversettle #focus #focusonthegoal #grateful

Stay Focus on the goal!! #neversettle #focus #focusonthegoal #gratefulheart #mesograteful

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simonkingrealestate. Want to be the next happy client? You know what to do. ✨

Want to be the next happy client? You know what to do. ✨

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Everything is figureoutable according to @marieforleo and after attending a talk with her last Thursday I have to agree! If you haven’t heard of Marie before then she is the most enthusiastic and encouraging entrepreneur with a great way of simplifying messages 💛 My top takeaways from her inspiring talk include: 💫 • Embrace the motto that everything is figureoutable. The alternative is thinking it’s not which is miserable! It’s not all going to be rosy but keep reaching for the answers 💫 • Feel your fear or anxiety but give it an absurd name like ‘Noonie’. Then when you feel anxious you can say ‘Noonie’ is here and it sounds ridiculous! 💫 • Perfection is rooted in feeling not good enough and inadequate. Have high standard but strive for progress not perfection 💫 • Help others and shine a light on them. Especially if you’re feeling imposter syndrome. You take the attention off yourself so there is no room for self doubt

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Always put yourself first!!! Make yourself a priority in your life!! If it means loosing friends & family then so be it, those who are meant to be around will be around.... . . . #prioritizeyourself #goals #reachinggoals #hitthemgoals #inspo #inspiration #2019 #focus #focusonyourself #inspodaily #instadaily #ownlane #stayinyourlane #focusonthegoal #instagram #igdaily #igs #reachforthestars #bossbabe #boss #beyourownboss #fortmill #carolinas #south #sothernliving

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Hey, let's talk about your brand for a minute. With the world around us constantly changing, I've found that varying external factors affect the projection of our brand. So how strong is your brand today? Does it still underpin your vision and mission? To test your brands rigidness, fall back on these questions: - Who are you?
- What do you set out too achieve?
- How have you made a difference and what do you want to change? - Where is your value and how often is it realised?

Remember, your brand is as unique as you. Stay true to its core.

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simonkingrealestate. Home is where the bed and pillows are. 🤪 Have you seen our current li

Home is where the bed and pillows are. 🤪 Have you seen our current listings? One of these might be the perfect home you’re looking for. Check out our feed and get in touch with us today! #ListingsBC

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Yep its its officially ME TIME Working on me BY ME So I thank me for being ME

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chelsiannreid. “I think what you’re doing is ________ “⁣⁣
“Oh, make sure you consider

“I think what you’re doing is ________ “⁣⁣ “Oh, make sure you consider ______.”⁣⁣ “You aren’t doing _____, are you?”⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Fill in the blank with whatever BS people in your life have said to you in regards to what you’re up to. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Whether it be a career choice, personal choice or any given decision you’ve decided to make in YOUR LIFE (emphasis on that), people are going to feel the need to chime in. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Opinions are like a$$holes & everybody’s got one, but you don’t have to let anyone’s affect you and your life. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I really urge that you don’t let it affect you, period, actually. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ When people chime in about what I’m up to, I can confidently say “thanks for your opinion, but I’m happy with my decision.” 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I used to let people’s opinions (both brought forward to me or not) drive my decision making, and let me tell you that led me down a road of regret. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Once you learn to let go of the worry of what other people think, that’s when life begins my friends. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What are some super delightful opinions people in your life have shared about your lifestyle choices ?! 🤔

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happyhealthynutritious. 🛑 Why do we have such a hard time accepting a compliment? 🛑
I know

🛑 Why do we have such a hard time accepting a compliment? 🛑 . I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time taking a compliment. You either, don’t believe it, or feel so uncomfortable that you deflect or comment back with something silly. When you look in the mirror or when you think of yourself, what do you think about? Do you look for the flaws or do you find all the AMAZING THINGS that make you YOU? So here’s the challenge, I want you to comment below and tell me your favorite thing about yourself. It could be your hair, your personality, your smile, whatever it is, tell me what you love about YOU. Then, I want you to tag a friend and tell them your favorite thing about them. Social media can be such a downer sometimes let’s spread some love today!

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