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A hoe says "hello"! . Since our little family has been consistently growing, I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself: My name is Pia, I'm 23, living in Berlin. When I'm not shitposting on this hellsite,I'm working on my BA thesis. My research focuses on men's rights activists and their twisted ideologies. On here I am hoe and mom combined, with my content ranging from sex ed to navigating the dating world. All the good memes I find I share with y'all in my story! The most important thing about this account for me is to create a safe space, a kind of online community that each of us can turn to for support, advice or just a laugh! I want our little family to be founded on mutual respect and appreciation for one another. Of course, sometimes mom's gotta moderate the comments and send hateful people their way to protect what we're building here, but as long as your words and actions aren't harming one of us, you are welcome to share your thoughts on the topics we discuss. I wanna encourage all of us to use this safe space as a means to practice some (self)critical thinking and challenge otherwise accepted narratives. Controversy is welcome here! So is anyone else! I'm incredibly grateful for y'all, children and the platform you give me! Writing for this and maintaining this account brings me the greatest of joy! Thanks for sticking around! Mom loves you! 📷: @andrejrusskovskij

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watercolourcosmos. Alberta Gold

Alberta Gold

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Happy Birthday Daddy 💪👔💖💕💓

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MAHA-DAY ! 💙😆🥇🏆 congrats gengz ; Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan 2019 🌸

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A couple of years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of stunt/fight coordinating the pilot for Deadly Class. I had a blast on the show, as the the writers, cast, producers, director (@ltkrieger ) -- the whole crew, really, was such a pleasure to work with. This sequence -- the introduction of @lanacondor / Saya -- was cut down for narrative reasons in the final cut of the show -- something I was sure was going to happen, but it's always better to have more and cut down than to have too little. Lana was the final person cast on the show, so she had the least amount of rehearsal time -- and kicked ass anyway (along with her stunt double on the day, @laurenmarykim ) It was a fun project, putting together the animatic sequence (based on the actual location) and combining it with the live action fight. I built all the 3D assets here in #Cinema4D, true to scale based on aerial photography and photographs I took on location scouts. Thanks to the awesome performers here: @keanu_lam , @tysonarner , @camhilts , and Melissa Jin! As I said -- this show is great, and I have so much affection for the people involved. It is searching for a new home. Fans should continue to make noise, because it deserves one! #deadlyclass #savedeadlyclass #lanacondor

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