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S€X. Who do you fantasize about in your dreams? For me? In romantic fantasies, typically my current partner or love interest. In other? Dark-haired and edgy, but no distinct face. . Most of the time we fantasize about our current/past partners or real time crushes because there tends to be a strong emotional component. Fantasies about emotionless sex tend to be less common. When we do fantasize about famous people, we tend to gravitate towards figures who are representation of the ‘ideal’ physical figure (research taken according to American standards). Most common celebrities for straight women: Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine. Straight men: Scarlett Johanson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence.  Bi and Lesbian tend to more androgynous figures: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depth (personally I would also add @rubyrose Bi and Gay: Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who makes a guest appearance in your’s? Does it match the above? . . . #TheMonthOfFantasies . . #fantasy #guestappearance #whatsyourfantasy #guesswho #qotd #sexloveyoga #lovers #dreamon

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S€X. Confession: I’ve fantasized about s€x with people other than my partner…while we were being intimate. 😬 Does this make me a bad person? ‘Bad’ denotes shame. And what we know about guilt and shame is that it impedes our sexual pleasure potential by causing us to reject + keep hidden parts of us that contribute to good feelings. When we contract, we not only create physical rigidity in the body, but the tension cause our sensory receptors to close more, thus literally impacting the level of pleasure we can experience in our body. Imagine this for any of our fantasies: We discover something that feels really good in our body, and yet the external messages around what is ok and not ok causes a dissonance in our mind. Feels good...but this is bad. This can do one of two things, increase the desire for the thing, building stronger under the surface (forbidden), or manifests in unconscious, unhealthy, outward behaviors. So if it's safe and consensual, can we allow ourselves to dream? ON THE OTHER HAND. Fantasy about someone else while you’re engaging with someone else can also create a feeling of disconnect. Disconnect from your own body because you are elsewhere in your head. Disconnect from your partner because you are elsewhere in your head. Maybe your partner detects this disconnect. Maybe they don’t say anything for fear of how they will be perceived in asking. What we know about fantasies is that they help us navigate daily stressors in our lives + relationships. If we are finding that they are being used as an escape or distraction rather than an enhancer, here, then we may want to delve deeper into looking at the why. Self-inquire. What’s going on in my life and needs attention? What’s the true purpose of my engagement here? How is it affecting our pleasure, relationships, desire, connection? . Happy fantasizing, my sexy kittens. I have an epic treat for you to release later this week. #TheMonthOfFantasies . . . 📸 @marmurokph . . #fantasy #passion #whatsyourfantasy #psychology #lovers

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S€X. Narrating a story of fantasy to your partner while hitting it in bed? 🤤 There’s power in playing with the imagination. Emails + phone set to vacation mode. If you don’t hear from me. I’ll be right back...😈 . . . #TheMonthofFantasies . . Painting @milkmycoconuts #painting #art #passion #play #fantasy #imagination #bodylove #whatsyourfantasy #whisperinmyear #donotdisturb

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Can boudoir photography be an empowering experience or is it an objectification of the female body? I join my favorite boudoir photographer Kabir Cardenas @kabirc as we dive into the transformative experience that this type of photography can ignite. He shares with us tips and tricks for photographers and women alike, as well as, his experience being a male in the industry and the importance of making women feel safe to let go and be themselves. In this episode you’ll hear: How boudoir photography can be a powerful opportunity for self-love and liberation Tips for photographers in creating the best shots Tips for women who are desiring their own photoshoot sessions What it’s like being a male in the industry of taking sexy photos of women Strategies to help you stay safe and inquire of the photographer What makes for the best photos Dr Cat’s personal experiences in front of the lens Listen on ITunes, Spotify, + iHeart Radio . . Perfect for our #TheMonthOfFantasies . . #podcast #boudoir #tunein #boudoirphotography #womenempowerment #empower #selflove #bodylove

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S€X. Time rolls on. The echo of the tick to speak of its passage. I’m draped over the couch, imprinting my figure. Eyes roving the room, watching you flutter. Where your need for productivity fuels every limb. What can I say that would magnetize you to me? Desire me, No, Crave me. My pu$$¥ runs dry from the lack of your attention. Conditioned that she’ll go untouched. Unsought for. Famished. The pupils of your eyes dart across each page you’re on. Soaking up every word. What could I do that would elicit a response? A response of the erotic kind. A sigh escapes my lungs. My lids close over this scene. And I’m taken over by another. She’s running her hands through my hair, Nails tracing my scalp. Her kiss the sweetest taste of berries + ecstasy. My body flutters with delicious resonance. His nose trails up my inner thigh, Gentle bites along the way. Gasps escape me. Muscles contract. Succumbed by this duo. Time no longer speaks, But swirls into voiceless tones. I touch my own skin. Amid this provocative display. Over + over +over its played. Til I crave nothing more than the sweetest release. . An unfamiliar hand. Or one whose touch is quite familiar. My eyes flutter half an inch, To the fiery gaze of your face there lingering. Wordless in your expression, Yet speaking a thousand volumes. Of want. Do I dare let this preceding naysayer into my bliss? He smiles. The most devilish of smiles. My head falls back in total abandon. The password to my frame. That desire. That appetite. The strong power, Taking reign. . . . #TheMonthOfFantasies . . Real Talk: Sometimes we don’t match in levels of desire with our partner, for a multitude of reasons. Fantasies allow us to drop into our own space + pleasure. Maybe it’s an escape or distraction from what is present in our lives. Maybe it’s a tool to build desire + polarity. Maybe it’s a time well spent in enjoyment. Maybe it’s solo time + maybe it’s shared. However it serves you, it’s your’s. And beyond all the points of reason production: We do it because it’s fun + satiates our sexual soul. Happy fantasizing, lovers. . . 📸 @nicoleashley #lovers #fantasy #desire #passion #poetry #poem #poemsofinstagram

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S€X. Where do our s€xu@l fantasies come from? Our brains are important players in our s€xu@l @rou$al. Anytime we even see an item that generates an image of progression into s€xu@l activity or our brain associates with turn on, we are engaging in fantasy. While research is still attempting to understand what forms our unique fantasies, some of the theories we can see below: 1. Childhood exploration: A child we may experience ‘Don’t touch that!’, causing shame and/or simultaneously making the taboo/forbiddenness of s€x HIGHLY erot!c and desirable. 2. High state of @rous@l/pleasure/org@sm. Another suggests it could be created from a state of disgust or distress at the time of high state of @rous@l. As @rous@l levels heighten, your disgust instincts become less sharp, pain tolerance higher, and you no longer respond as strongly to either. This altered state allows us to be @rousal and tolerate things that we would otherwise be turned off by. 3. Anchor to the present. Still other theories suggest fantasies of novelty anchor us hard into the present moment and what’s occurring here in front of us. 4. There have also been beliefs that we €roticiz€ things that we would otherwise have difficulty in mentally processing or accepting. In this sense, fantasy can be seen as a coping mechanism for dealing with past trauma—a sign of resilience. 5. Coping mechanisms for current day stress. It can be used as distraction or escape from real time stressors—insecurity in relationship, low self-esteem, difficulty handling stress, attachment style, opposing our real time values. Whatever the origin, fantasies have a natural place in our lives. Just because we mentally engage in them does not make us wrong, mentally ill, dangerous, or weird. It’s a wiring. If it’s illegal, non-consensual or unsafe, keeping it in the privacy of our mind is a safe place to allow ourselves to be with it. No shame. Nothing wrong about you. And in this exploration of what turns us on, we can learn elements of our erotic map to replicate or bring safely to real time...only if we want. #TheMonthOfFantasies . . 📸 @taylorsumnerphoto

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S€X. What’s on your playlist? Share below. As we’ve been exploring #TheMonthOfFantasies , we’ve come to learn how sexual fantasies are crucial to the health of our sex lives. Yet sometimes we can draw a blank when asked what we want or what we dream about. Given everything we’ve been told not to think/do/say/desire, we could use a little help coming up with a sex fantasy storyline or inspiration for getting in the mood. The use of erotic materials like movies, books, poetry, music, or art can help connect us to our sexual fantasies or describing them to our partner. Songs can be both a powerful way to inspire, but also the beat of the music held us to embody the specific state. Some of my favorite inspiration has come from Erotic Poetry. Here are some of my favorites: Delta of Venus by Anais Nin milk and honey by @rupikaur_ Wild Open by @positivepringle Intimate Kisses by Wendy Maltz Erotic Poems by E.E. Cummings Leave Her Wild by @atticuspoetry And of course porn/erotica can be a visually stimulating + inspiring source. @erikalust is a feminist director of erotica who has taken the fantasies of women and turned them into short videos in the Xconfessions. These aren't your typical pornography, but rather EXQUISITE + artistically created, female pleasure-focused pieces. Here’s to healthy + happy sex lives both in and our of our heads + bedrooms. I can’t wait for my newly compiled sex playlist. Thank you all for serving the world with your gift of new songs. . . . #sexplaylist #songs #sexyinspiration #fuckyeah #fantasy

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YOGA. How do we embody when we have struggled with the relationship to our body for so long? How do we embody sensuality when we’ve received messages that made us wrong? How do we embody when we’ve witnessed moments where it wasn’t safe? How do we embody when we’ve experienced chronic pain, cancer, autoimmune, + other illness that felt like our body’s betrayal? How do we embody sisterhood or brotherhood when we’ve competed, hated, + separated ourselves for years? How do we embody the power of our voice when we’ve been conditioned to put up with discomfort + ‘be cool’? How do we embody self love of our image when we’ve received messages that it needed to look different? By first deciding that our body is worth the journey ahead, That it has been trying to help us, hold us, speak to us…even if it seems the most bizarre + confusing. That we need to create space + give attention to the body. That we need to quiet the nervous system enough to hear the language beneath. That we need more experiences to recondition the beliefs of old. That we need to surround ourselves with brothers + sisters who make us feel full + satiated rather than lacking + loathing. That we need to be compassionate to ourselves during those times that we are less than kind. How do we become embodied? We lean into the edge of discomfort, stay present to, and breathe. Now for opportunities to discover + expand: I’ve been honored to be a part of @goddessprovisions October box around sensuality offering my own sensual embodiment practice from my tantra tradition. The whole box is juicy if you haven’t seen it. If you’re in LA, October 21 is our next Un.done women’s sensual yoga + breath work experience with @lenaozea It’s a special vocal activation class designed to help us unlock + expand the power of our voice. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into sensuality, + sexuality, check out our Un.done Women’s Re-Wilding Retreat in Tulum November 12-17. Right now we are giving 2 women 50% scholarships to come join us. Open to women who have experienced chronic pain/illness or sexual abuse (Contin below for details)

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sexloveyoga. Desire for another can have many reasons for why it dips, but this one

Desire for another can have many reasons for why it dips, but this one may be surprising as it can be unconscious + underlying. For all my humans who have the gift of being very sensitive to the needs of others. For those who have the strong worry not to disappoint others. For those who struggle with boundaries, losing themselves in relationships, fear + love intimacy at the same time...this video is for you. Let me know your thoughts! 🖤 #relationshipgoals #healthylove #loveismyteacher #authenticlove

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S€X. Last night I had a dream that I…’ Sharing our s€xu@l fantasies with our lovers can be scary. ‘Will they think I’m weird?’ ‘Will they be disgusted?’ ‘Will they reject me?’ ‘Will they think that I’m wanting to actually act this out?’ Sometimes it can contribute to better communication around s€x needs/desires, shared excitement, and an opportunity to learn about who he/she/we are as s€xu@l beings. For others, sharing their fantasies can lead to shame, guilt, and judgement as a result of their partner’s response. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I recall once where I was sharing some of my k!nky fantasies, only to be met with a face of disgust by my partner. I immediately shut up and never talked about it again. Even though my body CRAVED that type of interaction. If I had had the tools at the time, I could have become curious about what my partner perceived about it, what misinformation they had been given, and whether there were elements of the k!nk that may have sparked curiosity or openness to try. Seven tips on how you can share more effectively: 1. Spend time exploring for yourself what the elements of your fantasies are that you can better communicate + negotiate with your lover 2. Establish a safe, judgement free space. 3. Be present and curious without emotionally laden or manipulative terms 4. Remove our own ego-driven desire to be the sole source and fulfillment of all things for our partner 5. Remember that your partner is in no way to oblige to a specific reaction. They have a right to like/not like what it is they feel is true for them. They have agency. 6. Remember and remind that having a fantasy is not the same as re-enacting it in real life. 7. Use third party objects as a source to start a conversation around—how about my Eat Play Sex podcast? :) . . #TheMonthOfFantasies . Want more tips? Want to bring your fantasy to life? There’s a more effective way of doing that. I’ve gotchu. Sign up for my newsletter and get some epic insight and tips straight to your inbox. . . 📸 @kenziekesslerphoto #fantasy #passion #play #tellmemore

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S€X. Instead of a coffee break, how about we take a little fantasy breaK? 😈😈 Exploring our fantasies can provide us the keys to better understanding our erot!c!sm + lend to material we can then bring forth into conversation + potential negotiation with our partners. Looking at the who, what, when, where, how of the episode, we can can identify the specifics. What role do we play? What are we wearing/not wearing? Where are we at? Is is public or private? What's the overall feeling we have in it? i.e. dominant, dangerous, risky, romantic, lustful Are there props? Are the other characters specific to a person or are they just hot? Is there a power dynamic going on? Is there a storyline or just a scene? What's sexy about the other person(s)? What play/positions are we engaging in? What gender do we/they embody? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sometimes having the visceral response of the body to these fantasies can be satisfying enough. Sometimes we may feel we want to or be curious to bringing it to real life. Is this something that we would like to act out in real life or keep in private fantasy? Is this safe, sane, consensual, legal? If not, are there elements that were identified in the above that we may be able to re-enact that don’t have the same consequences as the fantasy itself? I.e. power dynamics, props, story, overall feeling of risk/desire/humiliation, etc. Are there ways I can safely, legally, and consensually act them out? I.e. role play, scene with professional dominatrix or other consenting s€x worker, robot, VR, etc. . . Now we have a greater repertoire of knowledge to which we can replicate in new fantasies, communicate/negotiate with a partner, play out with a consenting partner, or re-create to be more physically safe. . . #TheMonthOfFantasies . Each day this month a new insight. Have you read the other series? Each month is something new: #TheMonthOfLoveLetters #TheMonthofUndoing #TheMonthOfRomancingMyShadow #TheMonthOfKisses #TheMonthOfVocalActivation  #TheMonthOfBodyLove #TheMonthOfHealingHeartBreak  #TheMonthOfHealthyAttachment 📸 @theboudoirbelle

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S€X. ‘Is this normal?’ We ponder as the mental story unfolds. Wondering if this is right. If this is mentally sane. If this is ‘right’. If you should abstain. Maybe it’s perverse. Maybe it’s politically incorrect. Maybe it’s so far out of your own true life that you feel a betrayal to your lived values. And we wonder…am I healthy? Am I sound? Fantasy is normal. The majority of humans engage in it, as it helps us more easily shift into a desired state. In this case, s€xu@l arousal. Where our every day life may not be laden with s€xual cues to remind us what turns us on, The mental image can evoke a very real visceral response. The trick is, can I allow myself to mentally wander there? Can I allow myself to become curious? Can I allow myself to be turned on by the truth of what it is that turns me on? Or do I guilt myself? Do I stop it?
Do I shy away? S€x researcher Lehmiller identified 7 primary categories of fantasies that Americans engage in. In the order of most often engaged in: 1. Multiple partners 2. BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, Sado-masochism) 3. Novelty 4. Taboo/forbidden S€x 5. Romance 6. Swinging/Poly/Partner Swapping 7. Gender Bending . While there are a multitude of expressions, ultimately know that your’s is ok to have. Some may not be ok to reenact in real life, especially if not safe, consenting, legal, Yet, the play within the mind is your’s may be ok. Is there an element of shame tethered to your fantasy? There lies a block to your highest potential in pleasure. And there we can dive in to discover more. Which do YOU find true for you? . . #TheMonthOfFantasies . . Want to learn more about your sexual fantasies and how they play a role in your life? Sign up for my newsletter and discover more…This month is going to be 🔥 . . . 📸 @katiedentonphotos #fantasies #dreamon #tellmeyourfantasy #lovers #passion #tellmeimdreaming #sexualhealth

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sexloveyoga. Talking about the experience of joy for one’s sexual/romantic partner

Talking about the experience of joy for one’s sexual/romantic partner having enjoyment in their own romance or sexual endeavors. I felt inspired to share these thoughts as I see them and the challenges we as humans can face. While this experience may be ideal and pleasure-filled to have, we want to be sure we aren’t spiritually bypassing or ignoring our own truth for the sake of being the perfect partner. Check it out...

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S€X. ‘What do you want?’ A loaded question for most. For how can we know what we want when we struggle with the concept of allowing ourselves to want? To desire? Labeling it as a self-centered luxury. Yet when it comes to s€x that is pleasure-filled, Is one of the most crucial. To know what we want, what we desire, what ignites our body to crave the reception of s€xu@l engagement, We turn to the images that are then created by the mind… Our fantasy. And in this internal world of the fantasy, We become that which is our truest map through our €rot!c!sm. Living out another persona, Enacting out another scene. With another person, Or the same. We can often guilt ourselves for this mental play of imagination. Fearing our partner would feel betrayed if they knew they weren’t a character. Fearing our desires are unnatural and pathological. Fearing our stories are too similar to our past traumas. Fearing our dynamics are countering our values. ‘I am a realtime feminist who loves the thought of being dominated by a man.’ ‘I am in a loving realtime partnership who loves the thought of multiple partners.’ ‘I am a realtime shy introvert who loves the thought of being taken on stage.’ In the confines of our mind, we are safe to engage, explore, be, discover. The elements that s€xu@lly activate our body. That bring us alive. That light our fire, That can only be extinguished by the cooling affect of shame. Should we shame? Should we be afraid of what we see? No, my love. While stories that are unsafe, illegal, and non-consensual, are not ok to be brought into real existence, The fantasy itself may not harm. As this month unfolds, so will your understanding… . . Welcome to October: #TheMonthOfFantasies Where we will dive into a deeper understanding of the role of fantasies in our s€xual lives, what is ‘normal’, and how to best harness their power to our s€xiest benefit. It’s going to be a fiery October. Sign up for my S€xLoveYoga newsletter to get special tricks + treats to your inbox. Pleasure. . . . 📸 @intimatelensstudio #lover #fantasy #passion #lgbt #lesbianlove #intimacy

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LOVE. Dear Body, I cringe thinking about how I ignored you yesterday. You asked for more space. I gave you my breadcrumbs. All you wanted was to be heard, Held, Loved, Space to heal. And I forced you forward. Suggesting you were wrong. That you were projecting from the past. But it was I who was projecting. As you were only protecting. I see this now. As you’ve always done. Thank you. I love you. . . All my love, #TheMonthOfLoveLetters . Real Talk: This weekend I had a moment where my body was exhausted after a really powerful processing with a loved one. My mind +body wanted to rest + process + just be held, but as I had other plans thereafter, I told my body that it could step up + be available to these people. 
And so I did. But my body stayed closed and my mind fixated and processing, difficult to stay connected + present. As the night progressed, I felt a low grade sadness come over, but I couldn’t quite pin what it was, as I had a glass of wine—not usual for me—which I believe perpetuated the fuzzy disconnect. Upon the end + driving home, I burst into tears. Not realizing how much my body just wanted to either be in it’s own space to process or be held + comforted, I did the opposite and expended more for the comfort + entertainment of others. Creating space for ourselves is crucial. Pausing to hear the voice of the needs of the body is imperative. THIS is how we re-build trust of the body. Recognizing + treating the body not as wrong—even if it’s reacting from a past trauma or distressing event—,but rather giving it the time/attention it needs to feel good + regulated again. We don’t ignore the body—that creates a greater disconnect. We don’t ‘push through’—that creates a greater betrayal + mistrust. We are present to, soothe, MOVE through the visceral experience to process. Afterward we can choose if it is kind to us to continue forward in the activity or kindly step back to create an alternate experience. Either way, our body has been honored. Last day of #lovelettertomybody contest (Contin below)

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S€X. Dear Body, Pleasuring you is favorite pastime. For half an hour, Maybe two, My attention is all yours. Fingertips roaming across your vast landscape. Discovering all your tiniest of treasures. As if I’m trailblazing something new. Curiosity + pleasure as my guides. Up your ridges and into your valleys. Through the dense forests of your mound. The time here with you is always so sweet. In between my own gasps and sounds made soft, Your smile is ever looming. And when it feels the earth starts quaking, Your dance with it, Quite bold. What a gorgeous site you are. Navigating the surrender to it. And all the pleasure you can hold. I love you. So intoxicating. Thank you. For all your gold. . . . All my love, #TheMonthOfLoveLetters #LoveLetterToMyBody . . . Self-pleasure. How often do we engage in it? How often are we fully present to it? Different than playing DJ to the turntables or starting a fire to a stick. Pleasuring is about being connected to the buildup of the arousal and how the body responds here in each stage. It’s discovering what the body enjoys for itself, maybe even shared with a partner later…or not. Some of us avoid this experience whether out of guilt, or fear of feeling, or fear of failing to reach a climax, and as a result miss the purpose of this time. It’s time + attention towards us and our pleasure. We give our attention to so many externally to us, yet when it comes to our own selves, we often skimp. Here’s to more #LoveLetters . See below for details of our #LoveLetterToMyBody IG Contest. 🖤GIVEAWAY PRIZES 🖤⁣⁣ As a thank you for your participation, 3 lucky winners will be selected to receive these amazing gifts! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. ⁣⁣⁣$400 off scholarship to Un.Done Tulum: Re-wilding in the Mayan Jungle Women’s Retreat (11/12-17) ⁣⁣ 2. Theta Healing Session With Petra Hui ($150 value) ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 3. Copy of my super juicy Love.Erotic Ebook ($22 value) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣(How to participate contin below) 📸 @lenaozea #loveletter #bodylove #selflove

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LOVE. Dear Body, This has been quite the journey, You and I. For the longest time I believed I couldn’t trust you. You spoke a language I didn’t want to believe. Drowning out each whisper with my own boisterous order. But you never truly went silent. I hated that. I wanted you to submit. Do as I pleased. Show up how I wanted. But your persistent voice, As annoying as it was, continued to give wisdom and request. Over time my own plans weren’t working. And I struggled with it all. You managed to cut through all the loud noise. Telling what was best. I began to take heed and better care. Creating space amid the bustle. It was rough + disjointed, Fearful + unwanting. To feel you felt like betraying my own power, Control over what I wanted most. Embracing anxiety made it difficult. Yet over time less than vivid. Slowly your whispers became a normal dialogue. One I oddly cringed at and enjoyed. Til we became true companions. One whose voice I’ll never wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. . . . All my love, #TheMonthOfLoveLetters . . Many of us have been rough on our bodies, believing that we knew better and we could MAKE better. We projected fear onto other people and how they saw our bodies. We projected disgust and judgement onto other people and how they were supposed to hold their own. Then many of us realized at some point that this wasn’t making us happy, That this wasn’t actually working. Some of us discovered a new relationship. Some of us are still to discover. Where ever you are at in your journey with your body, I invite you to join me on more #bodypositive talk to yourself + every other person. Even if this person ‘fits’ the socially constructed idea of ‘beauty’ and ‘perfectness’…it’s still your projection + you have NO idea what’s inside. See below for details of our #LoveLetterToMyBody IG Contest. 🖤 . . 📸 by @samir_janjua

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🖤LOVE LETTERS TO OUR BODIES 🖤⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Wow! #Themonthofloveletters has been so powerful. I’ve received hundreds of deeply touching original love letters to current lovers, ex-lovers, strangers, missed connections, love itself… And now I want to turn our attention to the greatest and most important love connection of all: Our relationship with ourselves. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #Bodyshaming is a huge issue in our society, and it is something that only we have the power to shift. What thoughts and beliefs do you have about your body? Are you speaking words of love or words of not enoughness to yourself?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This is why I am on a mission to catalyze more #bodypositive conversations that give voice to #selflove #bodyacceptance and beauty in all shapes and colors. Will you join me in this movement? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🖤GIVEAWAY PRIZES 🖤⁣⁣ As a thank you for your participation, 3 lucky winners will be selected to receive these amazing gifts! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. ⁣⁣⁣$400 off scholarship to Un.Done Tulum: Re-wilding in the Mayan Jungle Women’s Retreat (11/12-17) ⁣⁣ 2. Theta Healing Session With Petra Hui ($150 value) ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 3. Copy of my super juicy Love.Erotic Ebook ($22 value) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 🖤HOW TO PARTICIPATE 🖤⁣⁣ 1️⃣ LIKE this post⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2️⃣TAG your friends in the comments (each person you tag counts as 1 entry) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 3️⃣SHARE your #LoveLetterToMyBody in an IG Story or Post (can be videos or photos) and TAG @sexloveyoga on your post ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Giveaway rules: Following all 3 steps will give you 1 entry. Each friend that you tag will qualify you for an additional entry. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🖤WINNERS 🖤⁣⁣ Prize winners will be randomly selected & announced on sexloveyoga’s IG Live October 1st at 12 PM! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ All my love,⁣⁣ Cat ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #selflove #bodyimage #bodylove #giveaway #igcontest

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