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This Thursday, I'd be on this Megaminds sponsored event tagged "THE PATHWAY". I'll be sharing my story to inspire someone. This event will be on WhatsApp so to be a part of it, kindly use the link to register.

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What's life without Love? The Fusion NG brought together blessed minds in one song #Family_Affair. Glad to be part of this Family. Download, Listen and share. #FusionNG http://www.madeinkrockcity.com/2019/05/music-family-affair-fusion-thefusionng.html http://www.krockcitydegreez.com/2019/05/the-fusion-family-affair.html?m=1 #familyaffair

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rymboxx. Together, forever!

Together, forever!

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Yesterday i drove to Zaria to collect my certificate from Ahmadu Bello University. When i got it, i looked at the piece of paper that practically sum up my 4 years in ABU and couldn't help but remember how i struggled with JAMB & admission so badly that it became shameful especially cos the least i ever scored was 235 and i was applying for "an easy to get course" mass communication. In total, i wrote JAMB 8 times! Every year, different story- different reason to give up- the only thing constant was the fact that i never get admitted. I remember how I'd go through each day with so much energy and vigour but I'd cry at night. At some point i accepted that getting a degree was not for me but i just wanted to get the admission to prove to myself that there was nothing wrong with me- i needed to know that i wasn't cursed. I would pray, fast, beg God, cry, plead, cry some more & nothing! Not even a single word of assurance that everything will be fine. I remember one time i traveled to write postUME and met some friends at a wedding afterwards. They laughed at me to my face & said i needed to accept that school is not for everybody. I also remember the day i got home from basketball practice & saw my uncle & his wife in our house telling my parents that my case was a spiritual and they wanted to take me to a prophet to cast and bind. I cried ehn... people, i hear wheeeen! Kai... i don cry for this life! Anyways, in 2014 i finally got admitted to study mass comm and 4 years later, my case is no longer shameful! I can beat my chest and say "that mountain- i climbed it! That hurdle that seems insurmountable- i jump am pass! Village people dinnor win this battle! Their fada!" Through it all, i understand that we are all on a journey and everybody's journey is unique and so is our speed. Mine might not be as fast or smooth as someone else's but i am going to enjoy every phase & step of the way. Kindly embrace & enjoy yours. Challenges will come, problems might come but through it all, trust in God, believe in the process and enjoy the ride. I came, i saw, (dem see me too), i conquer & i steady stepped out with a 2.1 plus a giant swag that says IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

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The way these @itv_abuja people just carry my matter for head ehn... they've been playing my videos on steady rotation!!! I am soo grateful. This means soo much to me and I'll never take it for granted. God bless you big big!!! **link to full video in my bio**

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God bless the OAPs at @nigeriainfofmabuja for steady playing my songs on the radio. Una too much!!! The love and support i get from OAPs everywhere is mind blowing! I love you guys and i am forever grateful. Shout out to @hrhsambo for this one.

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Sister. Best friend. Partner. Crush. Lover.

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*Now Out* Rymboxx- I No Fit Pay. This is a song of total gratitude to God for life and all-round blessings. **Link In Bio**

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*OUT NOW* Rymboxx- I No Fit Pay **Link in my bio**

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New #MusicVideo dropping on Wednesday 10th April, 2019 #anticipate #iNoFitPay

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rymboxx. So some days ago, i recorded a song titled DEAR JUDITH CALEB and I'm h

So some days ago, i recorded a song titled DEAR JUDITH CALEB and I'm happy she likes it. Kindly check it out on @judithcalebblog www.judithcaleb.com

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Ladies and gentlemen, i just shot a music video that I'd love to share with you.... #anticipate

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I just made the biggest move in my entire career when i gathered over 60 people at a location for a video shoot that started from 8am and lasted till 4am the next day. The love and support was overwhelming. Thank God for a successful video shoot.

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As we await the results of yesterday's election, here's a picture of your's truly and the North Side Kings!!!

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This morning, i woke up feeling tired and decided not to go vote... but then, the thought of having El-Rufai rule Kaduna state for another 4 years is enough motivation to go out and vote so... heading to my PU now! Whatever the outcome of this election, El-Rufai has one less vote and that vote is mine! #ElRufaiMustGo

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See ba, my brothers are maddd... just see wetin dis wan dey talk abeg!!

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Dear future daughter, on the 23rd of February 2019, daddy voted!

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CEO of @magvoile have voted... patiently waiting for my turn! #NewNigeria

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