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kotomyau. Пример для подражания, какая должна быть дружба ❤️✊🏽

Пример для подражания, какая должна быть дружба ❤️✊🏽

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I love how the clouds reflect off the building, but in person the building camouflages into the sky. #iphonepic #applepicture #irvinespectrum #sky #clouds #blue #photography #notfilm #buyfilmnotpixels

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The "WHY" is just as important as the "HOW"! • WHY you train and try to improve your nutrition is every bit as important as the actual strategies you implement. • Why do you want to tone up? Is it because your clothes don't fit like they used to? Is it because you felt embarrassed when you went on holiday? Is it because you know your current lifestyle is leading you closer to diabetes, heart disease and various forms of cancer? Is it because you've got aches and pains and you're fed up? Do you just want to feel amazing? Do you want to improve your performance level? Do you feel weak and want to get stronger? Do you want to be around for your kids? Do you want to improve your mental health or even your general mood? • What problem is it that you want to solve through exercise and sensible nutrition habits? • What is the source of your "pain"? It can be difficult to think about but it's incredibly important to acknowledge your deep personal reason and remind yourself regularly. • WHY is this? - After your initial enthusiasm and motivation inevitably fades, your "WHY" is what will keep you going. • Your "WHY" will help you push through, even when you don't "feel" like it. Reflecting on the problem you wanted to solve in the first place will enable you to find the strength to overcome whatever discouragement comes your way, no matter what your motivation level looks like and even when you're pushed for time.

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kar._.ani. Daddy's Love🙏👨‍👧💕

Daddy's Love🙏👨‍👧💕

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wiktoria_wisniewskaa. ☀️


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amaandafk. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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shungitmilo_akma. Керемеет👍👍


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