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🆕 Get also inspired by: @london.vacations & @europe.vacations 📷 Picture by: @trav_ell_er ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ 📍Location: #macao #china 🔎 Chosen by: @clemi1064 ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ #⃣ Tag your pictures with: #asia_vacations

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Karst landscape around the village in the countryside of Yangshuo, Guangxi China 广西阳朔乡村喀斯特地貌. . 📸 Interested for photo workshop to Yangshuo? Check @china_phototour and send e-mail for questions. Next scheduled tour Oct 2019 or customized anytime. . 🇨🇳INFORMATION🇨🇳 South of China is a typical region of karst topography, where Guilin and Yangshuo’s hills and caves, Yunnan’s Stone Forest, and Guizhou’s Xiaoqikong are the best examples. . 💥But what is karst? It is a landscape formed by the dissolution of soluble bedrocks (mainly carbonate rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum), featuring sinkholes, caves and underground streams. Karst topography is relatively fragile and unstable in geographic ter moms, yet it creates fabulous and unique landscapes around the world. . 💥Why Guilin/Yangshuo has fantastic karst landscape? It is estimated that some hundred million years ago, the area where Guilin is located was a gulf. In the long years, the seabed was covered with thick calcareous sediments, which were slowly dissolving and shaped by the salty sea water at the same time. Thus the original appearance of Guilin’s hills and caves had been formed. Later came the movements of the earth crust, and the seabed rose, cracked and gradually formed the landscape of Guilin. After millions of years, with erosions of the wind, rain and rivers, the hills and caves developed into what we can see today, fantastic and unbelievable. ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ 📍Photo credit: @rakesh.pulapa 📍Selected by: @linas_travelphotography ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ #LOVES_CHINA #china🇨🇳 #china #ig_china #igerschina #instachina #chinatravel #travelchina #visitchina #discoverchina #mychinagram #guangxi #yangshuo #guilin #liriver #阳朔 #桂林 #漓江 #suzhou #hangzhou #chengdu #guizhou #chongqing #lijiang #kunming #zhangjiajie #shanghai #villages #field #rakesh_pulapa_lc ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊

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Lianhuashan which means Lotus Hill is a rare landscape in China and was once a site of ancient quarry by the local Chinese dated back to the Xihan Dynasty 2000 years ago #lotusmountain #ancientquarry #redsunstone #loves_china #guangzhou #Lianhuashan #莲花山 #广州

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The darker the night, the brighter the lanterns 🏮 📍West Street, Yangshuo🇨🇳 📷Photo by @felixpradjanata - Follow us to explore the fascinating world of Chinese👇🏻 #chinatrips #chinatrips✈️Guangxi - #ig_china #igerschina #nightlights

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The time we climbed an abandoned plane ✈️ tag a friend you would do this with🤓👯‍♀️

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In the past two years, under the Dongtou Granite-Bridge in Wenzhou, China, a net-red scenic spot was born. A "visit here" has become a lifestyle. Almost all people come here to take photos and then share them on social media. Some tourists even bring a few sets of clothes and a large basket of cosmetics with them in order to take better photos here. 🇨🇳

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