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Kimetsu no yaiba! - A short one for y’all🤡 Dt: @gain.vfx @felayx.ovn - - Squads: @darklxrds @cursedgxng @bakaboys.grp - - - #kimetsunoyaiba #kinetsunoyaibaedit #demonslayer #demonslayeredit #demonslayeramv

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IODINE - The most studied mineral in science yet the least understood and recommended by doctors.⠀ .⠀ 📢 If I could emphasize the importance of optimizing your body's iodine levels before conception to prevent miscarriage and increase the IQ of your future baby, then let me scream it out loud now.⠀ .⠀ 🗣Talk to your doctor about iodine and look at the Japanese kiddos with the highest IQs. Yep, it's all the #seafood and sea vegetables and mamas who have their iodine stores all packed up.⠀ .⠀ 😇Iodine is a halogen. There isn't much iodine in that salt you left out on the kitchen counter or the drops you put in the water to take later; it has all evaporated by the time you ingest it.⠀ .⠀ 🚼Your baby's brain, growth and brain function depend on your iodine levels. Your thyroid hormone makes T4 - that's 4 iodine molecules. And during pregnancy this demand increases by 50% and then even more is used up in breast milk. Your baby's iodine comes from breast milk.⠀ .⠀ ❓How do you know if you might have low iodine?⠀ -.⠀ There is no accurate gold standard test. The skin test isn't accurate. Some docs do urine testing, but I've used serum levels for 10 years and do see a correlation and find it useful. I also use urine. - Do you sweat less than you used to? You know the people in your gym class who barely break a sweat and you're drenched? They are probably low in iodine.⠀ - Do you have dense breasts?⠀ - Do you form cysts like #ovarian cysts or fibrocystic breasts?⠀ .⠀ 🗣Talk to your doctor about optimizing your iodine before pregnancy to prevent miscarriage, help your energy, immunity, and baby's growth and brain function.⠀ .⠀ (Always seek professional Medical Advice from your Doctor)⠀ Schedule a consultation with Dr.Demeri⠀ 🖥 http://www.aimforwomen.com/bookings⠀ 👉Direct link in IG Profile @drdemeri

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whitbyhockey. #wildcatsgiveback - All of our Novice Rep teams came together this wee

#wildcatsgiveback - All of our Novice Rep teams came together this weekend and collected 1,017 non-perishable food items for #feedtheneed in #durham to contribute to the #townofwhitby Hunger Action Month Challenge!

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cuppizza1. سوشي نوتيلا فواكهه

كوب بيتزا

بان  كيك 

سوشي نوتيلا فواكهه كوب بيتزا عصائر بيتزا باستا كريب وافل بان كيك زورونا تجدوا ما يسركم .. استعداد تام للحفلات والمناسبات للتواصل ٠٠٩٦٦٥٣٤٤٣٠٤١١ الرياض - ضاحية لبن - شارع عسير الرياض -شارع النجاح -مقابل جامع بانافع للتواصل 0555243711 #كوب بيتزا #تصويري #حب #ذكر_الله_هو_الأجمل

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20th Annual Moparty On The Blvd! September 14th. This is an all MOPAR car show. 3pm - 8pm. Proceeds support our local children's charities. 16 categories to enter & 31 trophies to win. RAFFLES - FOOD - LIVE DJ.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ @avmoparclub@cityoflancasterca@visitcalifornia@desertbloommarketing ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ @discoverla@destinationlancasterca@desertbloommarketing

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"В каждом наброске, в каждом черновике учитель продолжается в своём ученике..." Я никогда не была идеальным учителем и всегда опасалась, - какими станут мои ученики? Честно говоря, до сих пор об этом думаю. Каждый раз воспринимаю критику в их адрес, как в свой:) все мы не идеальны, но если постоянно искать изъяны и видеть только плохое, то скоро вообще перестаёшь замечать в людях хорошее. Да, мне бывает с вами тяжело, да, были и слезы, и огорчения. Но я не перестаю в вас верить. И доверять. И, я думаю, вы поняли, насколько я вам доверяю, когда я полностью отдала инициативу в ваши руки в организации сего мероприятия:)без лишних слов - Это был один из лучших наших совместных дней ❤️ Спасибо Вам. Люблю Вас. А. А. ❤️

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niqab_lala. niqab salwa (hidden eyes) ade 3 dsign tau korang jgn tertukar plak.  y

niqab salwa (hidden eyes) ade 3 dsign tau korang jgn tertukar plak. yg ini namanya niqab salwa nostring ala ala arabian gittu Andd yg paling bestt 😍😍 niqab salwa nostring sama function mcm niqab salwa,blh buat gaya lain jugak . 😍✨ material heavy chiffon mudah di pakai kain soft and tak lemas pon ✔. korang patut ade selai tau 😘 Measurement Niqab: Muka 14 inci x 18 inci Tali 40 inci x 3 inci Details and order clik link di bio ya! 💋✨ . #niqab1layer #niqabvshape #purdahmalaysia #niqabmurahmalaysia #niqab #niqabis #niqabmurah #niqab #niqabmalaysia #niqabbasic# #niqabstyle #niqabpurdahmurah #niqab1layermurah

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