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megamarzie. T-5.5 days until I head to Columbus, OH for our annual conference 💃🏼

T-5.5 days until I head to Columbus, OH for our annual conference 💃🏼 I'm soooo excited to see all my sisters and hear from some amazing speakers - John Maxwell :: Les Brown :: and Tim Tebow to name a few! ✨ Even more exciting, Monat is releasing a 🆕 product line!! We have NO information about what it is, but they are offering new team members 2 of the new products as GIFTS when you enroll by the 12th! If it’s 𝚈𝙾𝚄, you know you'll be one of the first to try the new line, for 🆓! Make sure to check my posts so I can show you ALL the things coming, as they unfold!!! 🖤 Eeeeeeeek!!!

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Watch out world - OTF Castle Hills is about to take over 💁🏻‍♀️🙌🏻 SO pumped to have an AXO sis as my new Head Coach! [we also have the same birthday!] Congrats Tricia!!!! LITB. ❤️💚

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A Step Ahead ⚡️ . If you are a business owner, don’t just build your business. Look ahead, and think beyond. Don’t sell yourself short. . Just like a team is only as strong as the weakest player, a business is only as strong as the weakest process. . Your business is simply a chess piece. If the business is weak, it’s a pawn. If the business is strong, it’s a queen. Still a chess piece 🤷🏻‍♂️ . At Myodetox, my role as COO is to build the business model, not the business itself. The clinics are simply proof of concept. The model has been in development for years. It’s getting close, and I’m very excited! . If you’re interested in learning more, I have a business workshop series for clinic owners planned and ready to go. Will be dropping 3 workshops total, followed by a summit in the fall with our CEO @scottmarkk 👌🏼 . Learn how we did it at Myodetox and apply it to your own practice. If you’re interested, just slide into the DMs 😏 . #myodetox #futureproofyourclinic

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Arenal 🌋 - 3rd most perfect conical shaped volcano in the world and one of the top ten most active volcanoes in the world ❗️

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irreplaceable_nunu2011. Name a bitch that can replace me 💯

Name a bitch that can replace me 💯

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kennyym. Cheers🥂


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В #Беларуси прошла вторая конференция по вопросам безракетного освоения #космоса С основным докладом о проекте #SpaceWay выступил Анатолий #Юницкий 21 июня в Беларуси состоялась II #Международная #техническая #конференция #Безракетная индустриализация космоса: #проблемы, #идеи, #проекты». Она прошла недалеко от столицы, и в ней приняли участие #изобретатели, #представители #академических и #научных кругов, общественных организаций из #Беларуси и зарубежных стран, включая #Великобританию, #Германию, #Перу, #Индию, #Объединённые #Арабские #Эмираты, #Молдову, #Россию, #Украину, #Латвию, #Словакию и #Эстонию. Первая конференция, посвящённая вопросам безракетной индустриализации космоса, состоялась в 1988 году и собрала около 500 гостей из #СССР и зарубежья. Спустя 30 лет эта тема стала ещё более актуальной.

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