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Not everyone can/No todos pueden 🙌🚶‍♂️🗣 Caminan mucho? O poco? Me encanta caminar , y cuando viajo mucho más, pero sin depender del tiempo.No hay nada que me desconecte más 💆‍♂️ Investigar el lugar para mi es fundamental.Esta foto es el camino al final del túnel 🛣 Se acuerdan de la vista del anterior post? Bueno los que conocen Chicago entienden , pero los que no les cuento.Esa vista está del lado del río 🌊 El río tiene todo un camino , muy largo y ustedes pueden ver distintas vistas panorámicas de la cuidad 🏙 Ese día no se cuanto caminé , pero lo disfruté tanto.Me fuí de una punta a la otra, pero valió la pena 😍 Al final del camino me encontré con este túnel , y la luz estaba justa para las fotos. Les dejo esta postal , y quiero que si se animan , me cuenten si caminan mucho 🙆‍♂️ Para mi caminar tiene ese privilegio, conocer.Prefiero mil veces caminar por mi cuenta que depender de un tour turístico 🗺

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Love vs. appreciation. It’s kind of like staying true to your beliefs, but not necessarily forcing them on other people. 🖤

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When @smartlinginc approached me and asked if I’d be interested in spending nearly two months shooting a photo series on a dozen of their translators all over the world, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s been dramatically different from any other project I’ve ever produced, and I was curious to learn more about the language industry, which generates a staggering $40 billion in global revenue each year. I knew what interpreters did, but up until this spring, I assumed most translation was automated, and that’s simply not the case. While machine translation certainly has a purpose in the digital age, it’s the talented men and women translating our favorite apps, websites and media who are truly enabling us to connect. They’re also translating medical texts, ad campaigns and working with nonprofits, so their hard work and incredible attentional to detail are truly changing people’s lives. I just arrived in Argentina to wrap up this photo series, and I’m very excited to be presenting it at Smartling’s Global Ready conference in San Francisco next week, with 30+ large prints on display, plus a Q&A about this journey. The images (shot in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, America, Brazil, Argentina and Spain) will also be printed in a book later this year. I am honored to be telling the stories of these individuals — all while giving a global audience a peek at the places they call home. #movetheworldwithwords

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piligrim_photo. Продолжаю серию фото с плато Мань-Пупу- Нер, Северный Урал. Высота кам

Продолжаю серию фото с плато Мань-Пупу- Нер, Северный Урал. Высота каменных останцев 30-42 метра. Russia, northern Ural. Manpupuner Plateau. The height of the rocks is 30-42 m.

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🏆 Our World in Focus is proud to present the winners of our 2019 Perfect Moment Photo Contest! . . 🥇 Grand Prize Winner: "The Perfect Fear" by Francisco Negroni @francisconegroni_fotografia . . 🌋 Francisco's winning image is a long exposure of the Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile. He won $2,000 cash, his choice of a Tamron G2 f2.8 lens, a 30" Metal Print by Metalprints.com, Topaz Labs AI Gigapixel and $200 Lens Pro To Go Credit! . 🥈 2nd Place: "Eye to Eye" by Bence Mate @bence_mate_photography . 🥉 3rd Place: "Showtime" by Bence Mate @bence_mate_photography . 🏅 4th Place: "Nebulus" by Brandon Yoshizawa @bay.photography . 🏅 5th Place: "Pasarela" by Eliseo Miciu Nicolaevici @eliseo_miciu . . 👏 Congratulations to Francisco and all of our winners on your outstanding images! | To see all winning images and view bonus judge videos by @maxrivephotography, click the link in bio! . 🌎 The Perfect Moment Contest received entries from over 50 countries across multiple genres. We were astounded by the variety, ingenuity and quality of entries in this year's contest. We want to thank all entrants for your participation this year. We hope to see your images again in a future contest! . 🏆 The Perfect Moment Photo Contest was judged by international award winning photographers @maxrivephotography & @whereisweatherby . 📸 Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors @tamronusa @authenticmetalprints @topazlabs & @lensprotogo . #ourworldinfocus #tamron #authenticmetalprints #topazlabs #lensprotogo #nationalgeographic_ #natgeohub #natgeophotos #natgeoyourshot #natgeoyourshots #chile_natural #chile_shots #chile🇨🇱 #travelchile #fotografoschile #volcano #volcanoeruption #volcanoes #volcancalbuco #eruption #activevolcano #lightning #lightningstorm #lightningstrike #natgeoadventure #natgeophotography #natgeoinspires #outdoorphotographer #perfectmoment #theperfectmoment

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A sunset view from camp last month. Getting here required driving on a road that was a bit beyond my comfort zone (sketchy switchbacks, big drops, and at one point one of my rear wheels was a few feet in the air 😂) but I was with a friend who knows quite a bit more about 4x4ing than I do, so it was a great learning experience. Floating in the lake, knocking back some beers and enjoying this scenery at dinner was pretty much the perfect car camping experience.

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elisabethontheroad. Much like astrophotography, there is so much more to see after you hit

Much like astrophotography, there is so much more to see after you hit the shutter on a storm. Lightning is fast, but sometimes you can catch it, and sometimes it really does have a pinkish-purple hue to it. After shooting some video, I kept my camera on my tripod and fired off a few shots at 1/30s, so these two were a fraction of a second apart. I’ve gotten a few good snaps of lightening by setting the interval timer to 1s and letting it run for several minutes at a time, but sometimes the bolts are too fast, and I’ve gotten just as lucky shooting handheld from the side of the car. The first shot is a bit grainy and overexposed, but I love the colors, and it’s closer to what my eyes actually picked up. However, I love the clarity and cooler color palette in the second shot, so that’s my favorite capture from this set. In case you’re curious about other settings, I cranked the ISO up to 1000, and this was shot at 16mm and f/7.1.

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See the world.🗺 It’s more fantastic than any dream.😚 • Hellow ihr Lieben 🥰 heute war bei uns ein Strand Day 🏝 sind schon seit heute Mittag am Strand 😄 Morgen Abend ist hier zufälligerweise am Strand ein Konzert von Wincent Weiss hihi bin gespannt werde auch da sein vllt sieht man sich ja💕😛 • Bei wem wollt ihr mal unbedingt bei einem Konzert dabei sein ?🙈 Me: EdSheeran😍 ___________ Foto by @rmkhnert__ #dubai #travel #travelling #visitdubai #smile #happy #photography #photooftheday #summergirl #ootd #holidays #beachgirl #beach #summervibes

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Hallo ihr lieben 💕 • Glaub ihr an KARMA oder eher nicht❔ Also ich bin definitiv der Meinung das jeder seine gerechte „Strafe“ bekommen wird oder bekommen hat. Tu GUTES und erhalte GUTES. 💕 Werbung wegen Markierung. • • • #travel #travelling #travelblogger #styleinspiration #styleinspo #styleblogger #inspo #instagood #malia #meer #beach #beachwaves #beachbody #blondesandcookies #americanstyle #anajohnson #carmushka #torismicommunity #griechenland #greece #santorini #santorinigreece #goals #love

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