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You find what you focus on. . Yesterday (and today to be honest) I was met with a lot of roadblocks. . When it comes to your children, that can be incredibly frustrating. . My default setting is to blow up my day, cash in my week #human. . “This week sucks.” “Nothing is going right”. “I’ll never find someone to help us.” . That 💩 right there. It manifests itself. If I keep looking for wrong things this week. They will find me. . Much in the same way if you keep thinking you messed up your diet with that one meal, you’ll continue to blow it. . Much in the same way if you say, “I missed my workout so I’ll skip the whole week bc what’s the point”. . Much in the same way if you say, “the scale didn’t drop, so I give up, I never lose the weight anyways”. . It will all happen. . If you live your life with an all or nothing mentality, that one bad thing means it’s ALL bad. One bad meal means it’s ALL over. One missed workout mean it ALL makes no difference. One day of no progress means you’ll never progress. . Then you’ll get exactly that. Nothing. And more and more of it. . Yesterday I had to choose abundance. I had to choose that while this moment was bad, the next one could be good. . I had to do that because this smiling face requires that her Mama keep pushing. If I give up, if I manifest the negative...she suffers. . So I turned it around. I willed it to get better. . And it did. . And so can you. No matter what is in your way. . You’ll find what you focus on. . I hope you focus on the bright side ♥️.

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2 glade på hjemmebane 🐸 🐸

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missyghormley. This is how Everett says \"Booby time\" I'm feeling pretty ready to stop

This is how Everett says "Booby time" I'm feeling pretty ready to stop nursing, but I don't know that this guy is ever going to be ready to stop. I struggle with weaning him because he loves it so much but also I need sleep back in my life! #boobytime #soundon #thestruggleisreal #breastfeedingmama #breastfeeding #babies #silly #hescute #milkmaid #imnotamachine #imtired

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Hot game🔥

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