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michele_juliane. Adivinha o que que \"cê\" é  no meu céu☁?
Chuta... A Lua.🌛🎵🎶

Adivinha o que que "cê" é no meu céu☁? Chuta... A Lua.🌛🎵🎶

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🤰🏼Today’s #preggomods come from @crossfitwod 180424 “Otis”. The nice part was I didn't have to modify any movements, just the loading and breathing! There is no set in stone weight recommendations, but Ill tell patients and clients to reduce the load to where they never feel like they need to strain, and all reps should be symptom free of pain, pressure, abdominal coning, or bladder leakage. These recommendations are great not just for pregnancy, but also post partum, or for any athlete dealing with prolapse, incontinence, or diastasis. A small adjustment to my typical valsalva breath while I lift is a must here. Ive been incorporating @juliewiebept Piston Breathing…or “blow before you go” to help allow my pelvic floor, diaphragm and abs to work together to promote optimal function of my core. You can look this up on Julies website or find yourself a local Physical Therapist with experience in women's health to help you out! Being able to continue to incorporate barbell work symptom free has felt so good and empowering for me…way lighter than I would normally lift…but there is something very therapeutic about that barbell! 💪🏻 #crossfitpregnancy #stongmama #physicaltherapy #womenshealth

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rachelmbright. *YOU GUYS* 
My little sister has really already been Belle her whole l

*YOU GUYS* My little sister has really already been Belle her whole life but she’s playing Belle right now and its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Rosie has been talking about “Princess Lauren” all day every day and will now only wear princess dresses so if anybody has need of any clothes for a one year old, lmk. We no longer have use for any practical clothing. @laurenpope7 💛💛💛

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Who would have thought these road and railway tapes could turn into wonderful art pieces? Indeed, each art journey at @lyttlespace is one where all things impossible come alive in imagination, and then on paper. Thanks @lyyeow for sharing these lovely memories. You’re the kind of art teacher I wish I had when I was a kid ❤️

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momohitoby. 連投 失礼します🙇‍♀️
実は 旅の目的が #さいちのおはぎ だったママ👩
勝手に 好みの
おはぎ が好きなのでは

連投 失礼します🙇‍♀️ 実は 旅の目的が #さいちのおはぎ だったママ👩 勝手に 好みの #おはぎベスト4 ・ おはぎ が好きなのではなく 甘さ控えめの #無類の小豆好き #絶対つぶあん派 ぜんざいも 好きな訳ではありません 勝手な好みなので 御容赦 下さい🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ ・ No.1 #さいちのおはぎ #秋保おはぎ本舗さいち #秋保おはぎ No.2 #資さんうどんのぼた餅 福岡県北九州市が本店 因みに うどんは食べた事ないです🙇‍♀️💦🤭 No.3 #ヤオコーのおはぎ No.4 #さざえのおはぎ ・ おはぎのpic😧持って帰るまでに 潰れてました😢 (形を整えて 撮りなさいね〜インスタ映えしないよ〜💦と1人でツッコミ😢) ①② 1日5000個 売れてるおはぎです 当日が賞味期限ですが 公表出来ないくらい買ってきました😅 冷凍して 自己責任で食べます 近くに住んでて 毎日食べられる人達が 羨ましい〜😭😭 #納豆おはぎ(5月5日までの販売でした) #ゴマおはぎ #きな粉おはぎ #ズンダおはぎ ⑤前に投稿したウニpicが 残念ながら切れてたので 再投稿💦💦

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iamsupremecee. $100🔥🔥🔥 men and women 5.5-11

$100🔥🔥🔥 men and women 5.5-11

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