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Hey Leute, habe gerade alles zum Thema Maca in meiner Story erzählt. 😌 Warum ich dieses Supplement liebe und ihre Wirkung. Ich werde euch in nächster Zeit ein paar meiner liebsten Supplements (die fast alle pflanzlich sind) zeigen und vorstellen 🤗 Habt ihr schon Erfahrungen mit Maca gemacht? Schreibt mir gerne hier oder per DM ich freue mich auf eure Nachrichten!! 🤗

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Keep dreaming big and keep training hard 😌💪🏼💭

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she talks about you like you put the stars in the sky

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Happy Monday! Hope you started your week happy and productive😌💪🏼

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Paradise is a state of mind 💜

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Quick little Bodyupdate 💪🏼 . My little summer shred is over. This is my shape now but now it’s time to start putting on some weight back on. This winter I really want to bulk...like a lot. We’ll see how that goes. At the moment I cannot lift very heavy (I’ll tell you more when I know more) so that’s really annoying. But instead I do more reps and really burn out my muscles.🔥 My goal is to grow my legs and booty more (obviously) and I also want to get stronger on my upper body! - Don’t forget that fitness and bodybuilding is a lifestyle. You’ll have ups and downs, like in every other part of your life. Don’t stress about times where you don’t have the best shape or you’re not the strongest at your training sessions. It’s okay and you’ll have better times🙏🏼. Just continue, be consistent and give your best☝🏼. I love seeing the results of the hard work I put in. 💪🏼That’s what I love about it and it keeps me going. I’ll have weeks where I’m not motivated and that’s normal!! But then I have weeks where I can’t wait to go to the gym😛 Just go with the flow. You can achieve everything you want, you just have to do it 🙃 . . . #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #gymgirl #strongisbeautiful #fitnessmodel #fitnessblogger #fashionblogger #fitgirl #healthy #inspiration #bodybuilding #gains #muscles #lifestyle #style #bootybuilding #fitness #shorts # #gymlife #lifting #weights #bodytransformation #summerbody #shred #abs #bodyupdate #form #definition #shredded

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When you focus on the good, the good gets better ✨

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Throwback to exactly one year ago 🙃

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People with passion make the impossible possible 💗

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I wish the weather here in Germany would be like that right now but it’s getting cold here and I’m not ready 😩 I feel like this summer was so short. Time flies. In 4 months is Christmas like?! . Whatever today was a normal day, went to work then babysitted and did an hour of yoga and that’s it🙃 Now I’ll be doing some Me-time/ Beauty-time doing my nails 💅 putting on a hair and face mask💆🏼‍♀️cleaning my makeup brushes and listening to some good music ✨ . Hope you’ve had a great day?🦋☺️

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Take me away

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Outfit of the day 🦎

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Be afraid. And do it anyway.

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I really believe in the law of attraction. I’m sure some of you heard from it. Basically it means what you think is what you attract. When you think positive, positive things will come to your life and the same with negative.🦋 . Also we should be more thankful. Be happy about the little things. We should take nothing for granted. I’m so much happier and more grateful since I pay attention to the little things in life.✨ . Visualize everything you want to achieve, your dreams and goals. 💭 . Our mind is so much more than we think! Mindset is everything. Every situation is what we make it in our minds. Try to see things from different perspectives and see what you learn from it.💭🙏🏼🌸 . Everything happens for a reason and I really believe in that ✨ . Tell me what you think about this in the comments 🤗⬇️

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Passion, happiness, growth, mental health, physical health, self esteem, escape, strenght, power, me-time - that’s what fitness and bodybuilding means to me🙏🏼 . 3 years ago I started training at the gym and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It is the first journey where I see the hard work I put in💪🏼. You literally get what you put in and that’s what I love about it, nobody else than you can control your results. And that’s making you feel like you’re able to do anything. And you are, you just have to believe in yourself and work your a** off💥. . I could actually get so emotional when talking about it and I think some of you will understand it. For me it’s a part of my everyday life and I never want to miss it.❤️ . I hope y’all started your week productively! Don’t give up and stay strong. If you’re having a hard time, just know that it will get better☀️ . . . #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #gymgirl #strongisbeautiful #fitnessmodel #fitnessblogger #fitgirl #healthy #inspiration #bodybuilding #gains #muscles #lifestyle #style #bootybuilding #fitness #gymlife #lifting #weights #bodytransformation #summerbody #shred #abs #passion #back #lifestyle #krafttraining #muskeln

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