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As you guys know I travel a lot...So many different adventures and @samsonitebulgaria has been with me throughout it all. And this one isn’t any different had one long hike and an epic sunset to finish it off with ☺️☺️

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Yin Yang Fusion with my Gemini girl

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Capturing them pictures and btw always photo ready thanks to @naturalbodycosmetic#35mmfilm #35mm #filmcamera #contax

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Best ice cappuccino’s and hummus in town 🤤🤤 and I swear by it sooo good. 🙌🏼

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Hotline Miami ☎️🌴

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Week or two before she started stunting 🙈😅 (long story)

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I wonder when will I have enough film photos?? Gotta love the old school way 🤤💕

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Haven’t planned this one... but unplanned things are sometimes the coolest 💕

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H2O just add water...🧜🏼‍♀️

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My inner self lives in a constant fight between being a city person or island girl... seriously. Seeing the odds and the perks of both... what are you a city person or island person?

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I love you, I love travelling with you and I love sharing every moment with you💕

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I love exploring Bali’s beaches... so many different places to visit. Can’t believe more than a month has passed by

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