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Mornings at the thermal pools🧖🏼‍♀️🧖🏽‍♂️ an Italian countryside dream #Tuscany #Italy

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happy 4 month birthday to my best friend 🥳 is that even a thing? Any excuse to celebrate you I guess! Thank you for making all my days better, & giving me endless love and cuddles! Think it might be time for @oreothedoodle first haircut 🧸

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Always take the scenic route 🦅 Guys, I’ve never explored Java, crazy really it’s damn close to Bali, but I get stuck in my bubble here! we’re planning an epic trip there soon! so tell me your hottest travel tips (mainly easy/Central Java) 🇮🇩

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safe to say i’m more of a dog person 🥺 what are you? dog or cat? 🙈

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“act confident & no one will question you” i heard this on @sarahs_day podcast the other day & it’s really resonated with me, i’ve been using it as a daily reminder when i am feeling insecure, and it’s honestly helping me switch my mood & give less fucks 👊🏼

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every woman deserves to dress up in beautiful lingerie, doesn’t have to be for anyone else, but yourself, for me its a way of self love & empowerment 🌹
@nette_rose & I want to give you all the chance to win 3 sets of these dainty & gorgeous intimates by simply following me, @nette_rose & leaving a comment tagging a friend
every-BODY is welcome to enter ❤️

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Silly mornings out in the jungle 🐒🍃 #Bali

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This place will forever be one of my favourite destinations, That’s why I keep coming back. What’s your fav destination? #Turkey #Doyoutravelpresets

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The Grand Mosque in @visitabudhabi The most beautiful mosque I’ve ever visited, we came here a few times on our recent trip to Abu Dhabi, and also managed to be the first tourists inside which was such an incredible experience, if you are visiting the Grand Mosque I recommend getting there 15-30 minutes before opening so you can experience the speechless moment I did! #InAbuDhabi #Ad

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Living on the edge 🖤 #Amalfi #Italy

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My squad 👊🏼💜

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That deep jungle glow 💜 Spent the morning back in nature, recharging the soul- this is my meditation, being in nature, creating images & moments with friends #Bali #indonesia #doyoutravelpresets

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