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Paris Hangover is a real thing. I am back stateside but my heart is in Paris. The only food craving I have is for a warm fresh baguette straight out of the oven. To be honest, I am feeling a little off these first days back. I know it won't last long. I am throwing myself into editing images from my latest trip so I can hold onto Paris a little while longer. Can anyone else relate? #everydayparisian Photo @meghandono Coat @sezane http://liketk.it/2H9Yr #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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The Francophile Gift Guide 🎁 is Live! Shop for yourself or your favorite Francophile friend (from the entrepreneur to cook). You will find everything from books, sweaters, and beauty. ❤️ A variety of price points for all budgets! Click the link in profile and happy shopping. #everydayparisian #holidaygiftguide #francophile #francophilegiftguide

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I came home from Paris with a very full ❤️, full iPhone and a full computer. My computer 💻 is on its last leg :( I took the only Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I can’t wait to see the images from last week. I know a lot of people have been asking too. The plan is to have everything edited and up by next Friday if all goes well. 🤞 #everydayparisian #mylittleparis #doitinparis #travelerinparis

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Good morning! Sunday Reading is up with links I love. It was a very full week in Paris. My Hong Kong flight was eventually canceled and I am safe and sound back in Chicago. Grab your coffee and croissant and join me on the blog. (click the link in profile to read) ❤️ Some of my favorites include: 1. Why You Should Go to Paris this Winter according to @afarmedia 2. The cast of Modern Family including my friend @jesselbaum is having the time of their lives in Paris. 3. For those of you waiting for a great deal on @nespressousa , I found you one. 4. Café Kitsuné expands to the West Village 5. French Baguettes from a vending machine? #everydayparisian #mylittleparis #parisinthewinter #doitinparis Also, 5 protests in Paris are planned over the next 4 weeks. What you need to know.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Paris. The trees have their lights in Place Vendôme. I was so happy to see the start of Christmas in Paris. 🎄If you are looking for Christmas inspired ornaments for your tree, I rounded up my favorites on the blog. Click the link I profile to read ❤️ #everydayparisian #christmasinparis

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I am feeling at home in Paris, photographing my favorite city. ❤️Paris is at the end of Fall and transitioning to colder weather. I have been keeping warm in my @sezane coat. If you are headed to Paris soon, don’t forget your gloves and scarf. A lot of you have been messaging me about my camera. I linked all details in this post. Click the link in profile. #everydayparisian http://liketk.it/2GUga #liketkit @liketoknow.it Photo by @katiedonnelly_

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Sunday reading is up with links I love! I hope you enjoy a croissant or glass of wine while enjoying this Fall day. ❤️ Some of my favorites include: 1. There is a metro/rail strike planned for early December. What you need to know if you are traveling to Paris. 2. Francophile Gift Ideas to kick off the holiday season. 3. The best places for coffee and cake in Paris according to HIP Paris 4. The Eiffel Tower is now home to an Urban Winery. 5. Knowing Paris by It's Bridges Click the link in profile to read. #everydayparisian #mylittleparis #sundaysinparis #doitinparis

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I am currently waiting at my gate to board my flight to Paris. This is the latest I have been in the calendar year and I can't wait to see hints of Christmas in my favorite city. 🎄I have a few projects planned this week including doing something way out of my comfort zone. More on that a little later :) ❤️ The question that everyone always asks me, "What are your Paris plans?" is answered in this latest blog post. (click the link in profile to read) #everydayparisian Photo @katiedonnelly_

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Good morning! It is daylight savings in the US. We all got an hour extra of sleep or an extra cup of coffee ☕️ (that would be me!) Sunday Reading is up on the blog with links I love. (click the link in profile to read) ❤️ Some of my favorites include: 1. The word that encapsulates 'Frenchness' 2. The latest French Food Trend 3. How Grocery Shopping like the French can save you $$ I have been shopping this way for years. 4. Who to kiss in France, how many times and what cheek 5. My marble bistro table from @worldmarket is $102 with Free Shipping! #everydayparisian #parisinthefall #mylittleparis

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💕 GIVEAWAY Closed congratulations @mrs.davis0 💕 2020 will be here before we know it! These adorable Marie Claire Paris notebooks and planners will help you start the next year off in the best way. I am giving away one of each to a lucky follower (US based only) with the help of Galison Gifts. Here is what you have to do: ❤️ Like this post 👉🏽Follow @everydayparisian and @galisongift 🇫🇷Tag your favorite Francophile friend. Winner to be announced on Monday at 5pm.

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Hello November! If you are headed to Paris this month, this post is for you. What to expect with the weather, the exhibitions to check out while you are visiting, and where to get this view while ice skating for FREE! Also, all the details on when the lights turn on in the city for Christmas. 🎄 (click the link in profile to read) #everydayparisian #parisinnovember

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The countdown to Paris is on. I leave next week. 😳 I am prepping, planning and packing. The weather calls for rain. ☔️ If you are headed to Paris soon, don’t worry I have you covered. Click the link in profile to read my ideas for what to do in Paris when it rains. I am getting lots of DMs about footwear and I am including my favorite waterproof boots. #everydayparisian #jcrewalways Trench @jcrew Photo @jenniferclairewatkins

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Happy Sunday! Weekend Reading is up on the blog. Grab your coffee and croissant and enjoy this Fall day wherever you are. (Click the link in profile to read) Don't miss some of my favorites: 1. Cedric Grolet is opening his bakery in the next month. All the details you need to know. 2. The start to my holiday wish list. A few items I am asking Santa for ;) 3. Where to Eat near the Eiffel Tower. I am always stumped by this one. Bookmark for your next trip. 4. Leonardo de Vinci shines at the Louvre 5. The natural remedy French women rely on to fight colds. Bonus: The Rise of Getting Real on Instagram (I would love to know your thoughts on this one) #everydayparisian #jardinduluxembourg #parisinthefall #doitinparis

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Less than two weeks until I am back in Paris…not that I am counting the days. ;) ❤️ Speaking of countdowns, I rounded up the best Advent Calendars for Christmas on the blog. I started this post a few years ago and readers ask for it to come out earlier each year. I have been watching the sites, and these calendars just launched but they sell out fast. If you have your eye on one, I would grab it now before they are gone. Click the link in profile to see all my favorites. #everydayparisian #parisinthefall

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everydayparisian. I have been a full-time photographer since 2011. I starting selling my

I have been a full-time photographer since 2011. I starting selling my work at Farmers Markets in Chicago in 2009 after I got laid off. I bought a camera at Best Buy and taught myself through trial and error. I am constantly learning and improving my skills after all these years. I remember my very first sale and I still feel the same excitement and gratitude when someone has purchased my work. I always ask customers to send me photos once they frame and hang my pieces. This blog post is way overdue, here are a few from over the years. (Click the link in profile to read) ❤️ Thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me on this journey. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you!! #everydayparisian #rebeccaplotnick #parisinblackandwhite

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Sunday reading is up with Links I Love. I am writing this from Florida where I finally am getting the chance to visit my sister and niece and nephew for the weekend. I am getting in as many snuggles as I can. ❤️Grab your coffee croissant 🥐 and meet me on the blog. (click the link in profile to read) Don't miss some of my favorites: 1. 39 of the coolest French Brands you should know. 2. The new series on Amazon you have to binge-watch. It made me cry 3.@caudalie is running 20% off for friends and family. This is one of my favorite skincare brands that I use daily. 4. A new hotel is opening on the grounds of Versailles and a stay here is on my wish list. 5. Why your next Louis Vuitton may come from Texas instead of France. #everydayparisian #sundaysinparis #mylittleparis #doitinparis

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If I haven’t convinced you to visit Paris in the Fall yet... this next blog post will change your mind. ✈️ 🇫🇷 Click the link in profile to read The 10 Best Places to see Paris in the Fall 🍁 #everydayparisian #parisinthefall #mylittleparis #doitinparis #cntraveler

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Good morning! I am up early due to two jumping monkeys. 🐵 🐵 Grab your coffee and croissant and join me on the blog for Sunday Reading. (Click the link in profile to read) Some of my favorites include: 1. Cheese, wine and other E.U. foods will now face a new 25% tax. 2. Where French Girls Shop for Decor 3. Vegetarian Restaurants in Montmartre by @jetaimemeneither 4. The new fractional apartment by @parisperfectrentals you have to see 😍 5. A new Julia Child documentary is in the works #everydayparisian #parisinthefall #doitinparis #cntraveler

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Earlier this year, I wrote what to do in Paris in the Fall which included September and October. I was asked by several readers about November. On the blog, I am sharing suggestions on what to pack, exhibitions to check out, and what the Fall colors will look like in Paris in November. (click the link in profile to read). #everydayparisian #parisinthefall

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Last week in stories, I asked for a neighborhood that you wanted to know more about in Paris but you haven’t explored much. Montmartre was the clear winner. With a few runners up, I made sure to note. Montmartre was my first neighborhood in Paris and will always hold a special place in my heart. It has changed so much since 2013, and there are finally have a few good coffee spots. 👏🏻 If you are curious to explore Montmartre, what would you like to know? Where to eat, drink, and shop? Comment below and I will work on a guide when I am back next month 🇫🇷 #everydayparisian #parisinthefall #montmartre

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The weather forecast for October is a mixture of sweater weather and Indian Summer. How do you dress for this? 🤷🏻‍♀️🍂 I am sharing my go-to transitional jacket that you need for Paris this Fall, for this in-between weather. There are splurge options, budget options and I even include a mini-me version if you have someone that wants to dress like you 🙋🏻‍♀️ Click the link in profile to read. #everydayparisian Photo @iheartparisfr

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Good morning! It is another crisp Fall weekend. Links I love are up with Sunday Reading. Grab your coffee and croissant and join me on the blog. 🥐 (click the link in profile to read) ❤️ Some of my favorites include: 1. 15 Books that Inspire us to Travel 2. Macron dedicates $165 million dollars to keep small cafés in France in business 3. French Whiskey is becoming the new chic drink in France 4. Paris's most famous bakery spills the secret to a perfect loaf @painpoilane 5. The hottest new hotel openings in October including a very unique one in Paris. #everydayparisian #fallinparis #sundayinparis #doitinparis #wheretofindme #thisisfall #cntraveler

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Fall weather is officially here which means it is time to stay in and get cozy on the couch with Netflix. I am sharing 5 shows to binge-watch this Fall on the blog. (Click the link in profile to read) ❤️ Since I am all caught up on these shows, I would love some of your suggestions too. What is your favorite show to watch? #everydayparisian

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Fill in the blank... my favorite thing about Fall is... 🍂 I will go first 🙋🏻‍♀️. Apples, the colors of the leaves, and sweater and boots. #everydayparisian #parisinthefall

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