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Serving up some @laneige_us goodies for the holidays 😏. They brought out quite a few holiday sets and I’m a sucker for sets. I did a little post on my blog talking over the sets! Excited to have a mini Cream Skin to take with me on my upcoming travels 😬 — *gifted . . . #laneige #laneigesleepingmask #laneigelipsleepingmask #holidaygifting #kbeauty #kskincare #beigeaesthetic #parisianstyle #parisianvibes

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Just booked our honeymoon (we’re going to Europe!!) and need ALL the recommendations. We leave in less than a month 😬. Head over to my stories and help us brainstorm! — #TOMCHYforever #lovelybride #mwlsasha #mwlgirl

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AD // As a pet owner, it’s no surprise that I find dog hair anywhere and everywhere. Corgis in particular shed a T O N and I can find an Ollie hair on me pretty much at all times. You can imagine the chaos it is to clean up after him in our home. As much as you all love the #CHYatHome content, you guys don’t see all the BTS cleaning that goes into making the space presentable for the gram lol. Thanks to @sharkcleaning , their pet pro vacuum with a self cleaning brush roll (!! I know) makes cleaning up our home that much easier. If I spot a dust bunny of Ollie’s fur building up I can just quickly suck it up. The suction on this feels much stronger than previous vacuums we had, and the actual vacuum also does a better job than our old one at cleaning our rug (hubby approved). Extra plus since I don’t have to worry about sitting there to clean out the brush rolls after (glorious). — #sponsoredbyShark #SelfCleaningBrushRoll #SharkCordless

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As someone that doesn’t wear lipstick everyday, I have a shit ton of lip products. Definitely gearing more towards glosses and whipped lipstick formulas these days so I did a massive clear out a few weekends back. Thought I’d share an obligatory arm swatch for #texturetuesday (although I’m not sure it even counts) 😅 — . . . #CHYbeauty #bbloggers #beautygram #beautycommunity #byrdiebeauty #intothegloss #allurebeauty #voguebeauty #makeuplover #beigefeed #beigeaesthetic #mybeigelife #effortlesschic #luxebeauty #lotd #lipstickswatches #beautyobsessed #postitfortheaesthetic

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I’m excited to be kicking off the holiday season with a fun giveaway with one of my fav candle brands, @otherlandco! We’re giving both you AND a friend a complete set of the new holiday candles from the Manor House Weekend collection (candles in the second photo). . 🍂 Dappled Wood / sandalwood, toasted walnut, sweet hay 🍂 Mountain Lace / elderflower fizz, anjou pear, apple blossom 🍂 Crisp Cornflower / corn silk, golden husk, water lily . This giveaway is open to US residents only (must have a US mailing address). — How to enter! 🍁 Follow @chyism, @otherlandco and @alphagail (founder of Otherland) - we’ll be checking! 🍁 Like this photo 🍁 Tag a friend who would love the candles and tell them your favorite thing about them. You will BOTH be entered to win a set of these fall candles (Unlimited entries! One friend per comment = 1 entry. If you tag multiple friends in one comment it will also only count as 1 entry.) 🍁 Optional // for additional entries, share this post in your stories and tag me (your profile must be public for me to see and confirm) — The giveaway will end on Sunday, November 17 at 10PM PST. Tags including celeb accounts/giveaway accounts will not be valid. Overly spamming the giveaway will also disqualify you + you will quickly be blocked from my page. Both Otherland and I are not responsible for the package after it has been shipped. Good luck! 🍂🍁☕️

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Algorithm is trash right now so posting whatever I want. Daylight savings isn’t fun when it gets dark at 5pm, but I will say weekends are great when this Fall light hits just right☀️. TGIF! — #CHYatHome

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Willing it to be sweater weather with this hazelnut tree (noisetier) candle that was gifted to me from @diptyque 🍂🍁 — . . . . . #diptyqueParisgiftedme @diptyque #diptyqueparis #OctolyFamily #rodinoliolusso #summerfridays #itgtopshelfie #byrdiebeauty #intothegloss

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These days I find I have a lot of time on my hands not having to plan a wedding 😬 I don’t know about you, but I always love time lapse cleaning videos. So this past weekend when I was home alone, I decided to film one as I removed everything from my shelf, gave everything a good wipe down, and really sifted through all the products I had. The shelf is looking a lot better now and the friend/fam giveaway pile is looking reallllly full (IRL friends please come over and take stuff). . & peep @ollieforshort who was there for moral support (but mostly to sunbathe) 🐶☀️ — #CHYatHome

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Two weeks 🥰👰🏻🤵🏻

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If you’re as obsessed with hair accessories as I am, be sure to check out @hermine_hold for some cute pieces! Save 20% for one week using the code ‘CHYISM20’! — *gifted from brand . #herminehold #hairaccessories #beigefeed #neutraltones #parisianstyle #beigeaesthetic #theparisianchique #mybeigelife #detailsoftheday #beautyinfluencer #ismellbs #mejuri #thefinecrew

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So I’ve been borderline obsessed with trying out products from @sunniesface , so when I found out that I could order them through @pnybeauty I jumped at the chance. I’ll admit this was a stress purchase ahead of the wedding and I just went ham lol. Partly bc there was a deal where I could get a free pouch if I ordered so many products 😬. I picked up a few of the fluffmate lipsticks, lip dips, and airblushes and color 👏🏼 me 👏🏼 impressed 👏🏼. The lipsticks all wear comfortably and I’m enjoying adding some color to my lips. Also a big fan of the blushes - they’re like a cream to powder formula and it’s really hard to overdo it. Have you been eyeing these for as long as me? 😂 Do you have any and love them too? — #pnybeauty #sunniesface #lipdip #airblush #fluffmate

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Fall is my fav season - the drop in temperature, bundling up, and berry hued everrrrrything. Was super excited about this sugar lip treatment that @freshbeauty gifted me. It’s a fun bright berry that can be blotted in for easy day to day wear. Fun facts: @ingridnilsen was one of the first YouTubers I watched back in the day and the Fresh sugar lip treatments were one of the first blog posts I ever wrote. It was meant to be 🥰 . Also swooning over these new @emilieheathe polishes* - look how cute! Can’t wait to get my current nails off so I can test out these colors ✌🏼 — #freshbeautygiftedme #sugarlips #freshbeauty #OctolyFamily

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AD | I struggle a lot with dry lips and for the wedding my biggest fear was having dry crusty lips. I was really good about staying hydrated (particularly in the days leading up to our wedding) and these lip gels from @patchology were a life saver. Packed with hyaluronic acid and petal infused aromatherapy, these were quite a treat to use. I am already a huge fan of the eye gels so pairing these together and kicking back on the couch was definitely a treat! Plus I always feel like a chic Mrs. Potato Head when I use these 👄 — Available at Ulta.com & Patchology.com! . #ad #sponsored #mymood #patchology

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Currently in that post wedding state of mind of closing out all the wedding things and resuming life. Thought I’d share an outtake of real life that was not tidied up at all // Surrounded by all the best dried florals from the wedding and all the lovely PR products I’ve been kindly sent over the last few weeks. I’m so excited to get back into taking photos, blogging, and generally testing all the products! I’ve been so cautious these past few months and haven’t really tested new things and there’s a lot on my to-try list! Thinking of a few wedding series posts so if there’s anything you want to know, let me know 😏 — #CHYatHome

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#AD | When I first started consuming content the world of beauty blogging and YouTube, one brand in particular I always wanted to try due to the UK content creators was Soap and Glory. I tried them about 7 years ago and to this day I am still a fan. If you know and love the classic S&G scent, it’s probably one of my favorite fruity scents out there! I often repurchase body products from them now that they’re easily accessible and at a very affordable price point. — This new line from S&G contains their CHILL-X formula which gives a cooling sensation. I can attest that their lotion does feel almost watery cool when you work it into your skin! The scent lingers for hours without being overpowering and the lotion sinks so quickly into your skin and is never sticky - win! — @soapandgloryusa @ultabeauty #SoapAndGloryUSA

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#diptyqueParisgiftedme this beautiful rose scented oval which I’ve left on my vanity area since I got it. It adds a soft and light fragrance to my room and I am obsessed. can you tell I love Diptyque and their rose scent? Surprisingly in the midst of wedding prep craziness, I took out my camera last weekend and took some shots of things 🌾 — The countdown is on. Had my last day of work today and have the next few days off until the wedding. Will be doing ALL the relaxing and just ticking off all our lists to finalize last minute details! Excited for it to finally be here and to finally be done with some vendors who have been a touch rude 🙃. More on that later. — @diptyque #diptyque #GivediptyqueRoses #OctolyFamily

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New set of bb pearl earrings * to add to my growing collection. I’ve always loved pearls and love all these fun and modern styles that make me more inclined to wear them ✨ . *gifted #mejuri #thefinecrew @mejuri — Shop with me and save 10% // crew.mejuri.com/Cindy

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The @drunkelephant trunk 3.0* is coming! And this time it’s housed in this mini fridge that is quite a statement. I’ve never had a mini fridge (almost jumped on the hype last year but decided against it), so I’m excited to test this out with my products. I’m probably most excited to put some eye gels in here 😇. — Overall the trunks have always been quite pricey, but for the products that you get in it there is an overall discount. Pre-order is available for the trunk 3.0 and it is priced at $450 - - the products are valued at nearly $650 (the price of the fridge isn’t factored in and is considered a free gift). What are your thoughts? Will you be picking this up? — *gifted #drunkelephant #drunkinlove #drunkelephanttrunk

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A little bit of a different type of post today! Aside from all the wedding bills I’ve been paying, most of my $$ has been going towards new pieces to help me live a greener lifestyle. I’m so fortunate to receive as many PR packages as I do, but I always feel guilty with the amount of waste I produce and want to find ways to be better and do better. I’ve made a few lifestyle changes over the last few years and overall just try to be conscientious of choices. — I saw @first_fig feature a baby @baggu which I then knew I needed to get. I had a Baggu bag for a few years and always loved how durable it was and the convenience of the little pouch they come in to tuck into your bag/car/etc. (I have no idea where it went 😬) So when I spotted this fun patterned one on sale, I jumped on it. And it’s so cute! I use it to tote products around to friends and to take my lunch at work! — I also ordered a few pieces from @grovecollaborative for our kitchen and was surprised to see that they had a whole lotta goodies that were included as a GWP. Since it’s just T and I, we don’t go through cleaning products too fast but I like the idea of buying refillable products to cut down on as much extra plastic as possible. My kitchen sink area also looks so much better with these additions! I’m excited to expand into other areas of our home as well. — What are some ways you try to be more green? . #CHYatHome

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Possibly the closest I’ll ever get to posting a selfie on here 🙃

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Digging through my archives since I haven’t had time to take any new photos. But I can’t believe it’s been about 2 years since Glossier You has been released! I always associate fragrances with events or times of the year, and this one always evokes a warm feeling inside. I got this fragrance when T and I first moved out and this just always reminds me of new beginnings. And it just smells SO good. I would not be opposed if they brought this out in candle version 👀 — Remember to shop with me and save 10% on your first order! Glossier.com/reps/Cindy ! I make a small commission on every order 🍂🍁 — #Glossier #GlossierYou #GlossierRep

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PSA to all my friends in SoCal! The permanent LA Mejuri showroom is now open @ 8404 Melrose Ave ! Their hours are from 11-7pm ✨ Glad the West Coast is getting a brick and mortar of one of my favorite jewelry brands! — #mejuri #thefinecrew #goldjewelry

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