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It’s wedding weekend for @hayliemaxwell and @chandlerpremo and I am SO EXCITED I CANNOT TAKE IT 💀✨ it’s gonna be a heck of a party 🥂 here’s a fav from their engagement session downtown Nashville!!!

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moonscape, but make it fashion 🌙

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brasspennyphotography. A mini tutorial on how I take photos of myself (and Luke!) using my DS

A mini tutorial on how I take photos of myself (and Luke!) using my DSLR! • • • #storytellingmama

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c l o s e r ✨

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bottoms up, Monday!! 🥂 blog with some modern day pinup blog featuring the beautiful @savannahgrimm , link in profile!

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brasspennyphotography. chillin out maxin relaxin all cool 🤘🏼✨
y’all. I can not say enough g

chillin out maxin relaxin all cool 🤘🏼✨ y’all. I can not say enough good things about these two. @kendallparsonsphoto - you and yo man are a dream to work with. you guys brought 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 energy 👏🏼 in the biggest way, and makes me SO excited for February!! How you guys handled a pop up thunderstorm , rescheduling your session, only to follow up with a second session during the worst heat advisory of the YEAR... I bow at your feet homies 🙌🏽 thank you both for being so incredible, SO fun, and as enthusiastic about PDA as I am 😜

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feel the sun on your face, his arms around you tight. for a second you can hear her laugh and it’s just as real as it was in that moment. a good photo, friend, can take all 5 of your senses for a ride ✨🌾 See more from Marisa and Phil’s e session in stories! 🙌🏽

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down to the home stretch over here! fall season, wedding season, third trimester - all here, in the swing of it. Been having the CRAZIEST dreams (any mamas ever have the one where your baby arrives speaking like a full grown adult + acting like a teenager 😅), been nursery prepping like whoah, and also having fun navigating the pregnancy commentary at weddings and events (“Are there 2 in there?! etc). So I’m mega happy to spend Mondays mostly in my jammies, catching up on emails, edits, and all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that keep everything in motion. • Speaking of - I am SO grateful to have @kaileerosephotovideo with me during this busy season helping with processing images so everything runs smoothly 👌🏽 and it’s a sweet perk to have a coworker in office! Happy Monday friends!! Make the most of it 💗

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Hindsight is 20/20. I’ve lost count of how many girls I’ve heard say- as they’re showing me photos from 2, 5, 10 years ago- “I hated how I looked... can you believe I thought I was fat?? gah I wish I looked like that again.” • Show of hands - how many of y’all take a couple selfies during the day that you deem unworthy? Only to find them when you’re scrolling through your phone a month later and you think “omg I looked CUTE that day!” • Wouldn’t it be great to love yourself as you are, right now in this moment?? Wouldn’t it be fun to eliminate that little nagging voice inside your head that follows you around telling you you aren’t good enough? To see a picture of a pretty girl on the gram and cheer her on instead of thinking “she’s so full of herself” or other derogatory inner thoughts? Do the things that make you feel strong, that make you the best version of yourself- especially when you DON’T feel like it. • Give yourself the same kind of grace you’d give your best friend, and the same kind of pep talks you’d give your daughter if she came to you vocalizing the same negative thoughts you think about yourself. There’s a lot I don’t know and things I still struggle with, but being aware that one day I’ll look back and miss being THIS version of myself keeps me appreciative and centered in the beauty and chaos that life is, that I am, in the moment. Much love to y’all on this Wednesday!

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my face when you tell me to pick the location and make it fresh AF 🥰👌🏽

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Decided 7 months pregnant was as good a time as any to start working on the nursery 😅🍼 Fun fact: this room used to be mine and Derek’s, before we realized we were gonna have to make a lil extra space 🥰 Trying to pick out designs and colors and stay in a budget all at the same time is a juggling act for sure. But it’s also really super fun because I’ve never gotten to do this before and I’m fully enjoying the process. I was young and in school when I had Luke, and was in survival mode more so than design mode 😜 I got up at 4am this morning so I could do a lil online shopping before taking Luke to school and starting work for the day annnnd got lost in the black hole that is online nursery retail... if y’all have any fav spots be it for nursery decor or cute baby girl clothes, I’d love to hear about em! Got SO much to do in the next 2 months and getting more excited by the day 💕

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baby’s a classic @savannahgrimm // HMUA @rcobridalbeautyteam

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brasspennyphotography. Lennon Catherine Oxford, we cannot wait to see your sweet face. Thank

Lennon Catherine Oxford, we cannot wait to see your sweet face. Thank you so much @jennifercodyphoto for these beautiful images of this special time. I love you, friend! h/MUA: @rcobridalbeautyteam

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stay golden ✨ happy Sunday friends!! had a blast shooting with @madeleinejuliet and @buzzpeters , give me allllll that morning light!

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Mama, you can’t remember what day of the week it is anymore, or the last time you finished an entire cup of coffee without reheating it. But somehow you’ve memorized exactly how many eyelashes she has, each little crinkle and fold in her skin, everything that’s important enough to hold onto forever, these are the details you’ve made space for.

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by the time most women I work with on boudoir come to me, their level of camera experience is somewhere between senior high school photos annnnnd maybe wedding or engagement photos? • Stop and think about that for a minute. I mean it makes sense - most people don’t book photo shoots for fun, so it gets broken down into “life events important enough to professionally document.” • Lots of times we say things like, “I’m not really that photogenic, I take such bad pictures” but really, we’re just used to seeing ourselves in poorly taken photos in bad lighting by Aunt Sharon who doesn’t know when to tell you to turn your chin or move your arm. • We do sooooo much to feel good about ourselves- we pay hundreds if not thousand of dollars per year 💰💰💰 in hair maintenance, chemical peels or Botox, shopping for the cutest clothes, mani pedis, spa days, gym memberships. But then we skimp on documenting our 🔥, when you and I both know that when you see a bomb photo of yourself how goooooood it feels! • If you haven’t really experienced that feeling much, it’s a total leap of faith. It’s scary. But like Will Smith said - everything you want is on the other side of fear. • If you have never had butterflies for yourself... girrrrrrl you’re missing out 🦋🦋 it’s addicting. it’s my favorite part of any boudoir session, seeing the girl at the beginning of the shoot transform into a completely different-but-same version of herself. • I’m not sitting here saying the only way to acquire that feeling is by having photos done, but it’s def one heck of a pick-me-up, whether its traditional boudoir photos or just shooting for fun. • One babe I saw last week literally stopped in the middle of our session and said, “I know I came here for the wedding gift, but this is so amazing. It feels like it’s for me now.” And pregnant me cried cause duh. So this is just my PSA to say if it’s fear that’s stopping you ANYWHERE in life... consider being vulnerable and letting your guard down. That’s where the magic happens ✨

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If the love ain’t worth voluntarily standing under a veil in 90 degree southern humidity and heat, I don’t want it 🔥😜 loved working with Brittany and Josh on their big day. You’ll never meet a more laid back pair, and their day was 1000% them (and perfect).

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MODEL CALL: need a cutie pie couple for a fun shoot in Nashville! Wanting to make this kinda rock n roll, kinda boho. Tag ya friends (or yourself!!). Im gearing up for 2 months of minimal shooting in November / December , so I’m trying to pack in the fun while I can!! I haven’t planned a just-for-fun shoot in AGES, and I need to be able to play a little and get a lil edgy 💕 actual models not required, but if you’re confident in front of a camera + get down w PDA, it wouldn’t hurt!!

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