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The pacific northwest never stops amazing us with beautiful sunsets and mountain ranges. Great shot, @scott_kranz.

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In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light – Hans Hoffman. Love it, @alliemtaylor.

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Keep your balance. Wonderful shot, @harry.lenz

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The worlds most beautiful glacier captured by @jasoncharleshill

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Switzerland's glaciers bring breathtaking pictures! Fantastic job, @alliemtaylor.

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Bumpy roads through the green Caucuses mountains! Excellent shot, @alexskalin

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The Knik Glacier stretches far and beyond - it’s almost 25 miles long. Excellent shot, @alexstrohl

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Look beyond the obvious. Nice shot, @kent_johns

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Waterfalls in Iceland are on fleek.

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We’re all packed and ready to make a whole circle around Iceland.

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It looks so grand from below - you fear it will tip over like a domino and squish you in the same manner an elephant picks up his foot and takes a leap leap forward.

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The famous New York City hot dog stand: it’s ubiquitous and functional. It quickly fuels the busy lives of millions of New Yorkers.

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bindebros. A beautiful place that will make your eyes tear up. Great shot, @sarah

A beautiful place that will make your eyes tear up. Great shot, @sarah.bethea

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Street artists showcase their work in front of the MoMA museum in New York.

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The old town is almost empty during the evening in Stockholm.

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What a beautiful blue!

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A man pulls a snack cart in the capital city of Costa Rica.

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bindebros. Who’s enjoying these long summer days?

Who’s enjoying these long summer days?

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