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The only reason to pause your Disney+ binge

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Doodles of home provided by @______s777___ 💖

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TFW you branch out from your normal order… but always end up coming back 😏

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Mama always said don’t cry over spilled milk… but she never said anything about Caramel Hōjicha

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The appropriate time to start your Christmas wish list is RIGHT NOW!

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Magic hour here > golden hour elsewhere

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We forgot to talk about our Alfred Tea re-brand earlier this year, but alas, so is life. Enjoy responsibly!

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👅🌈💐⚡️Yes, kombucha counts!⚡️💐🌈👅

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Happiness is realizing your barista gave you a little bit more boba than usual 😘

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If you don’t take a pic, did the tea date really happen?! Yes or no, sound off below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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November in LA in 4 words: still. drinking. iced. drinks.

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You hear that, Melrose Place parking enforcement!?!

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts 😉 That’s why we suggest @oatly with our Caramel Hōjicha 👅

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AlfredTea. “The opportunity to expand the Alfred Tea Room brand into Japan was si

“The opportunity to expand the Alfred Tea Room brand into Japan was significant for so many reasons. Firstly, we took an LA tea concept to Japan (the Mecca of tea culture, by most accounts) which immediately validated our mission: to create the blueprint for a modern tea room! Secondly, it enabled our team to learn so much (from design to creative specials to cultural nuance to customer service) from a best-in-class Japanese operation, both in person and via constant collaboration on email/Skype/phone. And thirdly, Alfred Japan allowed for us to broaden our reach and share Alfred internationally energizing an entire country, one carefully prepared milk tea at a time.” — @joshfromalfred 🎈 Happy 2nd birthday to @alfredjapan! Here’s to many more 💖

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No Face Tune required 👅

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We heard it’s cuffing season 😉

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Loading up on our greens 🌱 Hōjicha gets its dark green color from being roasted, unlike traditional green tea and matcha 💚 Think of Hojicha as matcha’s woodsy, toasty, low-caffeine younger sibling!

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We’ve been invaded. Send help! OUTTA THIS WORLD TEE OUT NOW! 🛸👽💙

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Not your momma’s butter tea 😉🍑 When creating the Honey Butter Peach Tea, our Food and Beverage Director, Jordan notes “originally inspired by Himalayan Butter Tea, this peachy twist feels just right for the season.” #HoneyButterPeachTea

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🍂OUT TOMORROW🍂 Get to know our new #AlfredTea ~ fall specials ~ aka the only way you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling of autumn here in LA 🍎🌱🍑 From left to right: Honey Butter Peach Tea (peach blossom white tea, milk, honey, butter), Caramel Hōjicha (roasted Japanese green tea, vegan spiced caramel, milk of choice) and Chai Cider (housemade chai, apple cider, coconut cream, cinnamon). All of course — and as always — made with ❤️

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BRB booking a flight to visit ALL 🖐 of our locations in Japan ✈️

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When the day ends @ Alfred Tea, you know it was a good one ☺️ #AlfredTeaRoom

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HAVE YOU SEEN OUR SEASONAL TEA PAMPHLETY MENU THINGY? 🍵 Available at both Alfred Tea locations, our menus feature everything that’s offered at the Tea Room. Plus a fun fact: every. single. drink. can be made vegan 👅 #AlfredTeaRoom

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